How Vape Lovers Can Benefit From Trying Delta 9 Edibles

We highlight why consumers are incorporating delta-9 THC edibles into their routine. From a slower onset, or for a more controlled and prolonged experience, it has become an appealing option for those seeking a different way to enjoy THC. We provide insights into the unique benefits and considerations of delta-9 edibles, so read on!

by: Joe C. | 03/05/23 2:30PM

Vaping has become a popular way for cannabis enthusiasts to quickly and discreetly enjoy the soothing effects of delta-9 THC. However, for those accustomed to vaping, trying edible delta-9 products can provide some intriguing new experiences and benefits worth exploring.

As a vape lover, you might initially be skeptical about delta-9 edibles. You may think that the effects would be underwhelming compared to the rapid relaxation you are used to from vaping. But you might change your mind after this reading. Here's why vape aficionados may want to give edibles a chance:

A Long, Slow Rise

One of the biggest differences with edibles is the extended time it takes to feel their impact. Rather than instant effects from vaping, edibles typically take 30 minutes to 2 hours to fully kick in. This is because edibles must pass through the digestive system before delta-9 is absorbed and reaches the bloodstream

While the wait can feel frustrating at first, it leads to a longer, steadier high that lasts 6-8 hours. This can be great for chilling at home on days off without constantly re-vaping. The mellowness that edibles provide is a nice change of pace from my usual intense vape sessions.

Ultimate Discretion

Another major perk of edibles is how discreet they are. Public vaping comes with logistical hurdles, like finding a private place away from crowds to take a puff. Edibles like the VIIA Hemp Co's Delta 9 gummies avoid this issue entirely. 

Eating a gummy, cookie, or candy is very low-key. There's no smoke, vapor, or smell that could draw unwanted attention. Edibles can be handy if you are always on the go—may it be hiking, concerts, or any situation where vaping would be problematic. They provide a simple, sneakier way to get your delta-9 that won't attract prying eyes.

Gentle Experience For Your Lungs

Inhaling vaporized cannabis, while less harsh than smoking, still irritates your lungs over time. This is especially true for heavy vape users taking many puffs per day. The heated vapor causes minor lung inflammation that can take a cumulative toll on your health.

Ingesting edibles avoids this lung irritation completely since the delta-9 is processed through your liver. You may notice less coughing and lung congestion when you give your vape a rest and switch to edibles. Your lungs may also feel soothed after a break from constant inhalation. If you're concerned about lung health, edibles offer a safer route of administration.

An Ever-Growing Variety

Another huge advantage of edibles is the vast range of tantalizing options available. Gummies, chocolates, baked goods, candy, drinks—the selections seem endless! Compared to vape cartridges, edibles provide so much more variety and customization of one's experience.

You can even match your mood to a specific edible. Fruity gummies for an afternoon hike, mints for alert focus at work, calming tea to wind down before bed—the choices make consumption feel specialized and fun compared to my usual vape routine. The range of flavors, textures, and intensities edibles offer makes it easy to keep things exciting.

Precisely Controlled Dosing

One common concern about switching to edibles is uncertainty around proper CBD dosing. How do you know you're getting the right amount of delta-9? With edibles, you know exactly what you're getting from the start.

Packages clearly state the levels of THC and CBD per piece or serving. This takes the guesswork out of dosing. You'll know exactly how much to take based on your tolerance and desired effects. It also prevents accidentally taking too much, which is easy to do as an edible novice.

Start with just 5-10mg of delta-9 until you understand your ideal range. The ability to precisely control your dose makes edibles appealing to safety-conscious consumers.

Lasts Long After You Open It

Another frustration of vaping is that once you open a cartridge, the quality slowly declines over the following weeks before it's spent. The vapor quality dims until it's time to replace it entirely.

With properly stored edibles, they can maintain peak quality and potency for over a year after opening. This longevity makes edibles a smart long-term investment. As long as you keep them sealed in a cool, dark place, the edibles you buy today can still pack the same punch months from now.

A Healthier Change Of Pace

As much as you love vaping, it's important not to let any single consumption method dominate your relationship with cannabis. Relying too heavily on vaping can lead to increased tolerance and one-note effects.

Trying edibles periodically provides variability that prevents these issues. The change in duration, intensity, and delivery gives your endocannabinoid system a fresh reset. Just as eating an edible instead of vaping avoids lung irritation, switching up how you consume delta-9 altogether can be healthier long-term.

Final Thoughts

When giving edibles a first try, the most crucial rule is to start with a very low dose and be patient. Consider cutting your usual vape dosage in half or more when choosing an edible to avoid taking too much. Additionally, wait at least two full hours before taking more as the effects build slowly. Rushing into higher doses before fully feeling the edible's initial impacts can cause you to go overboard. Be conservative at the start until you learn your tolerance.

While edibles may seem underwhelming at first to vape enthusiasts used to intense effects, their unique advantages make them worth exploring. The extended duration, discretion, and added health benefits can make edibles a valuable addition to any cannabis lover's roster. Approach them with reasonable expectations and dosing, and edibles can open up new horizons.