OHM Vaping Measures Explained

Over the years, vapes have gotten more and more sophisticated. Today, sub ohm vaping is perhaps the best form of vaporizer we see people using. When it comes to vaping, sub ohm vapes produce the biggest and thickest clouds possible. Of course, having the right vape juice is essential to this, though only truly capable while using a vaporizer that utilizes sub ohms. In this article, we will be going over what ohms are and how this style of vape can produce the best hits for any vape session.

by: Anthony E. | 07/07/22 1:30PM


What is an OHM?

An ohm is a unit of measurement for resistance in a vaporizer. The resistance in a vaporizer from ohms is how difficult it is for the electrical current from the battery to pass through the heating coil to provide you with a hit. The lower the resistance, the faster the coil will heat up. This in turn can provide you with some pretty massive hits.

During a vape session, users will often find that they need less concentrated forms of nicotine in their vape juice as these types of vapes produce huge clouds. In fact, using these vapes exclusively has allowed people to quit smoking and get off nicotine completely thanks to the sheer volume that these vapes can produce in a hit.

Controlling the resistance in the vape’s coil is the key to regulating your vape sessions and having a great experience. By comparison, ohm vaping is superior to regular vaping as this gives the user more control and offers a much more satisfying experience during their session. Unless you have an old model of vape you prefer, using one that utilizes ohms would be your best bet.


OHMs and Vapor

OHM is the unit of electrical resistance in the International System of Units (SI), according to Wikipedia in this article about OHM. There was no such thing as controllable ohm vaping back when vapor cigarettes were introduced. Earlier models were made to replicate the look and feel of regular smoke and made for some pretty harsh vapor. These models were inconsistent in their nicotine delivery, however, and strides were made to improve on these.

In time, newer models were made with more powerful batteries and less resistant heating coils. The amount of vapor that can be produced is directly tied to the vape’s resistance. The lower the ohms, the bigger and denser the vapor becomes. Vaping mods soon altered their functions to be able to produce massive clouds that rival those beyond what is capable with a cigarette.

While the discharge rate for batteries was affected by this, lowering the ohms was being noticed as having a direct impact on the amount of vapor one could take. This has developed into a definitive niche that is dedicated to further refining this feature. Thanks to this technology, more and more people are making the switch to vapor and getting off the unhealthy habit of smoking cigarettes.

The 2 Main Vaping Methods

Mouth to lung hits is what you can expect from a sub ohm vape. This entails taking a hit through your mouth, much like how you would with a cigarette, and then inhaling it into your lungs from your mouth. The other type is a direct lung inhale where you draw in your breath and the hit goes straight to your lungs instead.

The standard resistance for a mouth to lung hit is anything above 1 ohm, whereas those who prefer a hit straight to the lungs will want something below 1 ohm. Smokers and former smokers will find some familiarity with a mouth to lung method and would do well to make the transition this way. This habit of smoking makes this style of vaping seem very natural.

Inhaling straight to the lungs is a bit different and not achievable (comfortably) from a cigarette, thus is better reserved for the serious vape user. Of the two, mouth to lung is the most popular as it feels the most natural and easiest to utilize. Either one of these can be a viable option depending on what your experience is and what style you wish to use.


Sub OHM Vaping

As the name implies, sub ohm vaping uses ohms with a resistance less than 1. This is the most popular type of vape and produces the biggest clouds. They create much higher temperatures due to the lowered resistance on their heating coils and thus can produce thicker volumes of vapor and a much better vaping experience all around.

Care must be taken not to overdo it, however, as the higher temperatures can result in a burnt taste or can even make you sick if you happen to vape too much nicotine for example. Nonetheless, sub ohm vaping produces a superior experience and is considered the gold standard for modern vaping.

The coils themselves play a huge role with sub ohm vaping as they can be modified and twisted to create much more complex coils. These in turn allow for a much better flavor and can be preferred over standard coils. Sub ohm vaping has many more opportunities for modifications within your vape to take place to allow for a truly tailored experience.

Final Thoughts

Vaping ohms, and particularly sub ohms, provide users with a way to modify their vapes to fit their style. One could essentially build their own coils and utilize a temperature control feature that is prevalent in much newer models today. Sub ohms as low as 0.05 are possible with today’s technology.

It should also be mentioned that the potential downside to all this is the possibility of burning out your atomizers and coils through dry hits. This is especially dangerous if you happen to have low resistance coils that heat up super-fast. If you have a vape that starts to auto-fire with sub-ohms, this could potentially spell disaster.

When it comes down to it, choosing a vape will be a matter of whether or not you want to go with big clouds from a sub ohm vape, or something a bit lighter but still capable of delivering a good experience.

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