Sharpstone Hand Crank Herb Grinder Review

We break down this amazing, Hand Crank Grinder that is for those that need, or want an easier method to grind up dry herbs. No need to twist and grip, just load and turn the crank to mince any herbs into smaller, evenly ground pieces.

by: Greg H. | 09/10/18 1:30PM


The Sharpstone hand crank herb grinder is a 4 piece herb grinder designed for grinding dry herbs so you don’t have to do it with your fingers. Grinders are perfect for getting the most out of your dry herbs and not letting any of it go to waste. Equipped with a hand crank and pollen catcher, this grinder provides the usual high quality Sharpstone experience that their customers are used to. It has a very sharp blade and along with the hand crank, this makes for a much easier and less demanding process. The grinder is great because the herbs are ground into smaller pieces which creates more surface area for an even vape or smoke.


Top Attribute – The Hand Crank

Sometimes gripping around a grinder and twisting it left and right is difficult for some people, especially if you don’t have sharp blades or have really stuffed the herbs into the grinder correctly. In either case, the hand crank provides torque and an easier way to use a grinder for grinding even the most dense dry herb down to a fine and fluffier pieces. Be sure to not try to force large nugs of herb into the grinder, as this will cause it to become stuck and if you force the crank too hard, it is possible for it to snap. The crank is great for allowing you to grind down large amounts of broken up herb into a much finer consistency, which makes for a more full flavor profile and burn capability.


The Herb Grinder Specs:


This grinder is 63 x 50mm in size. This is slightly larger than the typical grinder.

4-Piece Grinder

Outfitted with 4 separate pieces that include the cap with turn crank, the middle layer with razor-sharp diamond cutting blades, stainless steel pollen screen, and the pollen catcher at the bottom.

Overall Weight

The grinder has some slight weight to it due to the diamond grinder pieces in the middle layer, but overall it is only about the standard weight of a heavy-duty herb grinder.

Grinding Blade Sharpness

As mentioned, the middle grinding piece is outfitted with diamond grinding pieces that are razor sharp. These grinders are guaranteed to get your herb ground down to finer particles that will burn much more evenly than simply trying to burn the dense pieces. Smoking without a grinder can waste your flower and result in uneven burns that do not capture the full flavor profile of the herb.

Kief Catcher

The pollen catcher helps you collect precious pollen from every bit of herb you collect. With the fine diamond blades it is outfitted with, this grinder will collect a lot of pollen from every ounce of herb. After just a few vaping or smoke sessions you can be sure that you will have pollen ready to go.


How to use the Hand Crank Grinder?

Using the hand crank herb grinder is very simple. It is made up of 4 pieces that can all be separated in order to access the grinder as well as the screen and pollen catcher. Begin by breaking up the nugs into small pieces that fit between the teeth of the grinder piece. Once you have loaded the desired amount into the grinder without overloading it, place the hand crank piece on the top, push down and twist back and forth as needed to get the top in place so it can be screwed in. Then begin grinding the herb with the hand crank. After a minute or so, unscrew the top portion of the grinder and you should find the finer herb particles in the compartment under the blades. After multiple uses, unscrew the screen piece to reveal the kief catcher that collects pollen and enjoy.

Maintaining and Cleaning the Hand Crank Grinder

Grinders do not require much cleaning - other than simply making sure it does not become clogged. The best way to ensure longevity with your grinder is to just make sure to clean the corners of the grinders. This can be easily done by using a some sort of tool or wire brush to scrape out the random places where herb may have gotten stuck. By doing this as needed, you can not only get more herb out of the grinder, but over time, you will also reduce the amount of residue that builds up on the surface. After a couple months of use, you can use cleaning solution to really clean it and make it feel brand new again, however this can ruin the coating of the grinder if you decided to soak it or really scrub some surfaces. Over time, the blades of the grinder may become dull but, this process takes a very long time with the high quality grinder pieces used by Sharpstone.


Is the Hand Crank Grinder for me?

Finding the perfect grinder for you is a matter of preference or perhaps need. The sharpstone grinder is a step above most run of the mill grinders you will find at many smoke and vape shops. But most smokers, and vapers, will agree that it is worth the purchase. The majority of garden-variety grinders are outfitted with either plastic or simple metal grinder pieces, whereas the hand crank provides much sharper and fine-tipped pieces that will not only grind the flower better but will also last much longer. More importantly, using this hand crank Sharpstone is a lot easier on the hands and wrists when it comes to grinding the herbs. If you have issues with arthritis or something similar, this grinder would be a great fit for you.

In general, using a grinder is much easier than just using your fingers. It is faster, does not leave the fingers sticky with residue, and results in more evenly ground herbs for vaping and recommended for smoking. Overall, this grinder streamlines the vaping or smoking experience and makes it much more enjoyable.

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