Top 7 Disposable Vapes to Stock Your Vape Shop with in 2024

As the vaping industry continues to evolve, keeping your vape shop stocked with the latest and greatest products is essential for attracting customers. In 2024, disposable vapes are more popular than ever. This blog post highlights the top 7 disposable vapes to consider for your inventory this year. From sleek designs to innovative features, these selections will ensure your shop stands out in a competitive market.

by: Joe C. | 05/01/24 1:30PM

As we know the vaping industry keeps on changing and the only way to stand out in this industry is to always be on trend and offer the newest, most popular disposable vapes. Throughout the vape store, its good to have the best vape products so that your customer can be happy and you can increase sales in the vape shop. Here are the 7 best disposable vapes that are bound to be in demand in 2024, each of which has its own distinct qualities and outstanding standards.

1. Geek bar Pulse Disposable Vape

The Geek Bar Pulse Disposable Vape is a one-of-a-kind disposable vape product that strikes the right balance between the stylish and the powerful. This vape has a strong and long-lasting flavor and battery life, which is why it is much loved by the vapers. Its small and cool design guarantees that it is easily portable, and its top-notch e-liquid offers a smooth and pleasurable vaping experience.

Why Stock Geek Bar Pulse Vape ?

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • 15,000 puffs per device
  • Dual Mesh Coil
  • 2 different modes Regular and Pulse Mode
  • LED screen
  • High-quality e-liquid
  • Compact and stylish design

When it comes to wholesale disposable vapes, the Geek Bar Pulse is a very good option because of its reliability and vaper customer satisfaction.

2. Raz TN9000 Disposable Vape

Besides the Geek Bar Pulse, the RAZ TN9000 Disposable Vape tops the list of the top fifteen disposable vaporizers with a whopping 9000 puffs per device. The raz vape is the ultimate choice for those who want a lasting flavor experience without the need of numerous replacements. Its solid structure and the higher quality of vapor propel it to the top of the list as the best item for any vape shop.

Why Stock Raz TN9000 Vape ?

  • 9000 puffs per device
  • Superior vapor production
  • Durable build quality
  • Anti Leak Technology
  • Mega 0.96" HD Vape Animation Screen

The RAZ TN9000 will be the ultimate asset in your vape shop inventory since it is the asset that will create a positive image among customers who are searching for disposable vape that will last for a very long time and also give them the same performance every single time.

3. Digiflavor Geek Bar Disposable Vape

The Digiflavor Geek Bar is a fusion of beauty and usefulness, which results in a smooth vaping experience for the users. Well-known for its smooth draw and rich flavors, this disposable vape is meant for the people who love to vape without any trouble of maintenance and are also high-quality vapers.

Why Stock Digiflavor Geek Bar Vape?

  • Smooth draw
  • 20,000 puffs
  • Rich flavors
  • Elegant design

For vape shops, the fact that they are offering the Digiflavor Geek Bar which is a combination of the style with the substance can be a way through which they attract customers.

4. LOST Mary MO20000 Pro Disposable Vape

The LOST MARY MO20000 PRO Vape has been able to create a new standard by having its 20,000 puffs capacity. This vape that is gone after one use is made for the heavy users who need a durable and long-lasting vape device. Its advanced technology guarantees the evenness of the flavor and vapor during its entire lifetime.

Why Stock LOST Mary MO20000 Pro Vape ?

  • 20,000 puffs capacity
  • Constant taste and steam output are the hallmarks of a reliable vape device.
  • Advanced technology

By dealing with the LOST MARY MO20000 PRO your vape shop can be an institutional source of high-end, durable vaping solutions.

5. NORTH 5000 Disposable Vape

The NORTH 5000 Puffs Disposable Vape is a compromise of the perfect solution, as it provides enough puffs and flavors. This product is ideal for customers who seek a trusted device that can be used for a long time and is suitable for daily use.

Why Stock NORTH 5000 Vape?

  • 5000 puffs capacity
  • Variety of flavors
  • Dependable performance

By bringing the NORTH 5000 into your vape shop product portfolio, you will be able to meet the demands of vapers who are after both versatility and reliability.


The LOST MARY MT15000 TURBO EDITION is an upgraded version, which boasts of 15,000 revs and turbo-charged performance. This device is perfect for vapers who require a strong and efficient vape but at the same time, they do not have to compromise the flavor.

Why Stock Lost MARY MT15000 TURBO Vape ?

  • 15,000 puffs capacity
  • Turbo-charged performance
  • High flavor quality

Through the introduction of the LOST MARY MT15000 TURBO EDITION, your vape shop can attract customers wanting to have the latest vaping technology.

7. RAZ DC25000 Disposable Vape

Furthermore, the RAZ DC25000 Disposable Vape features a very high number of puffs, which is about 25000, hence it is one of the most durable disposable vapes on the market. Its good structure and excellent performance are the reasons why it is a famous pick for the serious vapers.

Why Stock RAZ DC25000 Vape?

  • 25,000 puffs capacity
  • Exceptional performance
  • Robust construction
  • Mega HD Screen

The RAZ DC25000 has a large capacity of room to store the stock products which will definitely attract the customers who are interested in the vape product that provides the maximum value of disposable vape.


The appropriate selection of disposable vapes that you will sell in your vape shop is very important for the success of your business. These top 7 disposables for 2024 are the best fitted for the needs and preferences of the individual customers. stock theses disposable vapes from wholesale vape partner like the Geek Bar Pulse and the RAZ TN9000, to the high-battery vape products like the LOST MARY MO20000 PRO and RAZ DC25000, each one has something to offer that is different from the others.