Unusual CBD Edibles You May Want to Know About

You may have noticed some crazy trends out there when it comes to consuming CBD. Some of them are popular for a reason and some are popular just for the sake of it. Read on to learn about what unusual CBD edibles are worth a try and which fads you can skip.

by: Amy B. | 03/16/21 1:30PM


As CBD edibles become more and more popular, there are more types of edibles offered. CBD edibles range from cookies and brownies to olive oil and sauces. Although some of them might seem a bit odd at first, I would argue that a lot of unusual CBD edibles are worth a try. However, there are more factors to consider than just the type of snacks you are consuming. You should also look into the ingredients list, type of hemp-derived CBD extract, and the total amount of CBD in each bite. Read on to learn more about what exactly you are looking for when it comes to CBD edibles.

Common CBD Edible Ingredients

You may already be used to checking the ingredients list on packages if you have certain dietary restrictions. However, this should also become a habit when picking up a CBD edible too. There is a lot to be learned from an edible’s label since it usually mentions more than just sugar, flour, and CBD. The first thing you will want to note when looking at the label of a CBD edible is what kind of CBD extract is included.


CBD Extract

There are multiple methods when it comes to extracting CBD from hemp plants. These methods fall into two general categories of solvent-based extraction and solvent-less extraction. All of these methods work to separate CBD and other natural plant compounds from the plant matter itself. In the end, an extracted oil is produced that can be used to make a variety of CBD-infused products. Each method will result in a slightly different end product though. the extract can contain CBD as well as additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and residual by-products from the hemp plant. Be sure to make note of which extraction method is used so that you know what other potential by-products might be included as well.

You will also want to make note of how much CBD is included in the entire edible, and how much is included in each bite. For example, a cookie is intended to be eaten all at once and might have a CBD content of 10 mg total. However, a chocolate bar can be broken down into smaller pieces to be consumed, so the whole bar might have 50 mg of CBD but a single piece has 10 mg of CBD in it. This can make a big difference in your experience with CBD and you should work to find the right dose to fit your unique needs and body.

Natural Hemp Plant Compounds

The next thing you should note on the label of the CBD edible is where the hemp plants were sourced before they were put through the extraction process. Hemp is known to be a bioaccumulator, which works to pull toxins and nutrients from the soil it is planted in. This also means that depending on where the hemp was grown to make the CBD edible, there could be residual toxins or contaminants in the plant. Be sure to look for hemp growers that practice organic or responsible growing practices, so that you are not getting unwanted by-products added to your CBD edible.

Depending on the type of extraction method used, various parts of the hemp plant are included as well. To what extent these ancillary compounds are included depends on the type of extract included in the CBD edible. In the most basic sense, a CBD isolate will have no additional plant compounds. While a broad-spectrum extract will have just some of the additional plant compounds such as terpenes, and a full-spectrum extract has all of the potentially beneficial compounds included. Further research is being conducted to clearly outline the potential benefits of these other common hemp plant compounds. There is a growing belief that full-spectrum, or whole-plant medicine, is more beneficial than consuming isolated CBD. However, that depends on who is consuming the CBD, what effects they are looking for and what else is included in the edible’s ingredient list.


Other Tasty Ingredients

Finally, your CBD edible will include the ingredients needed to make the treat you have in hand. This can include sugar, flour, baking soda, and other common ingredients for baked goods, candies, or treats. However, it can also include artificial ingredients or flavorings. Depending on your dietary restrictions there might be some common CBD edibles that won’t work well with your stomach. Thankfully, there are a ton of new CBD edibles coming out and a lot of them fit a variety of common dietary restrictions. For example, vegan gummies are gaining popularity, as well as the following unusual CBD edibles we’ve outlined below.

CBD Honey and Sauce

One of the more popular alternatives to CBD baked goods are CBD-infused products that you can cook with. One popular alternative is CBD honey, which also goes great with the CBD teas that are growing in popularity. You can use the CBD honey as an alternative ingredient in homemade vegan baked goods or get them in stick form to snack on as a nice, sweet treat.

If you’d rather just add a dose of CBD onto your favorite dishes or eat it with your favorite snack, then there are CBD sauces for you to try instead. These kinds of edibles are growing quickly in popularity, since they allow you to eat the same food you prefer to have daily with a touch of CBD added. There are sweet sauces like chocolate hazelnut or savory sauces that go great with everyday dishes. Some of the CBD savory sauces include hot sauce, marinades, BBQ sauce, olive oil, steak sauce, and even the American favorite, ketchup. CBD sauces are great because they also allow you to incorporate larger doses of CBD into your regular meals than an average edible treat contains, with as much as 200mg or more of CBD included in a bottle of infused sauce.

CBD Trail Mix and Bars

If you’re looking for an especially hearty and healthy CBD snack, then you should check out CBD trail mix. Manufacturers are now infusing CBD into the mix and everything that goes into it. There is CBD-infused dried fruit, nuts, popcorn, and even granola. They are great for micro-dosing CBD edibles throughout the day in a healthy way.

If you’re looking for even more substance in your CBD snack, then a protein bar might be a great choice for you too. These bars come packed with ingredients like peanut butter, hemp protein powder, chocolate, and common superfoods like chia seeds, sunflower seeds, and more. These snacks will not only satisfy your need for CBD, but also some of the hunger in the pit of your stomach.

CBD Drinks

If you are really watching what you’re eating, then a CBD-infused drink might be a better alternative for you. There are limited-ingredient drinks with zero sugar and all-natural ingredients, such as CBD sparkling waters, kombucha, or cold brew coffee. You can also make your own CBD smoothie by adding a dose of CBD-infused fruit juice. Or, if you’re a complete coffee addict then the CBD infused coffee creamers might make the perfect match.

No matter why you are taking CBD, there are now a variety of products to meet your other needs. The more unusual CBD edibles being created are made to meet common dietary restrictions and preferences. But if you still can’t find what you are looking for then making your own CBD edible with CBD-infused oil or butter might be best. Then you can use your favorite recipes and improve them with a healthy dose of CBD.

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