Vape Tricks for Adults

Despite government regulations on vaporizers, vaping does not have to be boring for adults to enjoy it. There are plenty of cool vape tricks that were made already, and plenty more to be created still. We’ve outlined some vape tricks for beginners if you’re looking for a new way to pass the time.

by: Amy B. | 01/20/21 2:30PM

Even though vaping is only for adults, that doesn’t mean vaping has to be boring. Adults aren’t boring, we just have lots of responsibility. So, when you want to kick back and enjoy a nice long vape session at the end of a workday, it does not have to be boring either. This is why we have some tricks to share with you to keep yourself entertained.


If you are new to vaping then these classic “smoke tricks” can seem intimidating to achieve at first. But with the help of large clouds of vapor, you’ll be able to master them easier and with more impact than with a cloud of smoke. The first trick is to make sure that your vaporizer is set to produce a lot of vapor. One way of doing this is to increase the temperature of the vape battery so that the material is heated faster and produces more vapor from the start. If you’re just in it for the tricks though, then purchase an e-liquid that has a high ratio of VG, or vegetable glycerin. When vaporized, this ingredient produces fluffier, fuller clouds of vapor than an e-liquid with a high PG, or propylene glycol, ratio.


After you have your vaporizer all set and your e-liquid is loaded, it’s a matter of practice and patience. It’s also a matter of following the instructions we’ve outlined below. Here are a few beginner-levels vape tricks to get you started:

The ghost blowing vape trick

1. The Ghost

Take a nice long inhale on your vaporizer and gather the vapor in your mouth for a moment. Then exhale in a short burst, to push the vapor cloud out of our mouth in a ball shape. It might take a few tries to get the vapor ball perfected though. Finally, you’ll want to inhale the vapor ball again, quickly. The final quick inhale is what creates the “ghost” effect.

2. The Dragon

This trick is all about how you shape your mouth, so it’s is pretty easy to get the hang of. Start by taking a long pull on your vaporizer and hold the vapor in your mouth, instead of your lungs. Then hold your tongue or the center of your lips to create a divide in the opening of your mouth. Then exhale, with some force, out of your nose and both sides of your mouth. You might feel awkward while doing this trick, but you will look like a mighty dragon.

Man performing a french inhale to perrfection

3. The French Inhale

The French inhale is one of the most popular and oldest smoke tricks and is even easier to accomplish with a vapor cloud. The idea is to exhale the vapor from your mouth while inhaling it through your nose, almost like a reverse waterfall. Start by inhaling a large cloud of vapor from your vaporizer and holding it momentarily in the back of your mouth. You can use your tongue to help trap it in the back of your mouth if needed. The next step is to open your mouth slightly so that vapor can sneak out instead of exhaling in one push. It also helps to push out your lower lip a bit. Next, use your tongue to push the vapor out of your mouth, moving it from the back to the front slowly. While you are pushing vapor out of your mouth, simultaneously breathe in through your nose. You are not really exhaling through your mouth and inhaling through your nose at the same time, but the French inhale makes it look like it.


The perfect long O being pushed out

4. The “O”

Blowing an “O” is probably the most common smoke trick people work to achieve. Although it looks simple, it can be a bit tricky and take some practice. You should start by taking a nice long drag on your vaporizer. Hold the vapor in your mouth instead of inhaling deep into your lungs. Then push your tongue to the bottom of your mouth and make your lips into an “O” shape. Then you will want to exhale like a short cough or sigh. It is less of an exhale and more of a push with your throat, which can feel awkward at first, but you’ll get it with practice. The key to this trick is in the exhale and the shape of your lips.

The tornado will rip through the smoke trick industry

5. The Tornado

This final trick takes a table and more practice than the rest. You’ll want to make sure you are near a flat, empty surface. Then get your vaporizer ready and take the longest pull you have ever taken, without inhaling the vapor all the way into your lungs. Then crouch to the level of your designated flat surface, such as a table, and breathe the cloud of vapor carefully on top of it. Then gather your fingers together, on one hand, place your hand in the vapor cloud, and pull your hand up quickly. The drive of your hand moving vertically will make the vapor rise and spin upwards like a tornado! For obvious reasons, this trick is also best done inside, or in a place where there is little to no wind.

These tricks should be enough to keep you safely entertained for a while. But if you mastered them already or are a natural when it comes to vape tricks, then there is a slew of vape trick videos online you can check out. Or if you’re really a vape trick master, you can make one up of your own!

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