Vaporesso Luxe X Vape Kit Review

Dive into the comprehensive review of the Vaporesso Luxe X Vape Kit. This cutting-edge vape combines sleek design with advanced technology to deliver a great vaping experience. From its stunning aesthetics to its intuitive user interface, we delve deep into every aspect of the Luxe X, exploring its performance, features, and versatility.

by: Joe C. | 10/25/23 1:30PM


The Vaporesso Luxe X vape kit is the best vaping brand in UK. This vape comes in Pink, Yellow, White, Silver, Gray, Red, Black, Blue, Green, and Purple. It’s a unique type of pod system that doesn't require you to replace your coils. The Luxe X transparent body shows its modern and hi-tech look. Its technology is based on the COREX tech and AXON CHIP to give you some tasty, huge clouds, being small sized pods. Vaporesso Luxe’s SSS leak-resistant technology means the kit won't leak when you are vaping. It can be easily used simply and conveniently, as well as each puff gives great satisfaction.


Leak-Free and GTX Coil Platform

vaporesso vapor flavor diagram

The LUXE X is a compact and simple pod system that is used to inhale vapor in a Mouth-to-lung style. Its measured size is 30.9*33.5*21mm and it is easy to take with you everywhere because of its pocket-friendly size; but still has a lot of features that will amaze you. The distinctive flavor of the vape is improved by its special flavor boosting technology. The Vaporesso luxe x pro pod kit looks very modern, and it can stop leaks because of the special feature of smart control. In addition, it is easy to manage, suits different types of coils, can also be used in Vaporesso Luxe Q, and has the GTX Coil Platform.


Advanced Technology with Innovative Coil Design

diagram of vaporesso vape coils

The Vaporesso Luxe X Pod Kit uses a brand-new heating technology called COREX Heating Tech. Customers love it because it gives them the option of how they want to vape – like by inhaling the vapor directly into their lungs (0.8 Ohm Pods) or taking small puffs in the mouth (0.4 Ohm Pods). Do this with pods that have internal wiring coils and various resistance levels. Having materials like Morph-MESH and Cumulus Cotton allows the technology to heat the liquid in the pod very quickly and evenly. The leak resistant SSS Technology foundation with the built-in coil guarantees a cleaner experience. This innovation improves the vaporization efficiency ratio by 50%. Being able to keep flavors for up to 50% longer allows vapers to always enjoy the same quality of vaping experience no matter how many puffs they take.

Powerful Battery Performance

vaporesso vape battery close up and diagram

The Vaporesso Luxe X Vape Kit comes with a 1500mAh 40W AXON chip and a high-power battery that can get you through the entire day. With its deep-lung inhalation capacity at 40W, it can provide a more direct-to-lung vaping experience. The AXON chip smart control senses the POD resistance and its tough coating resists scratches and stains. All in all, it's a perfect choice for those who love it.


The design of LUXE X looks has a strong appearance. It's been heavily tested, and its new structure is much stronger than before! The triple-layer coat on the body prevents it from easy scratches and drops. It is a very robust and cool vape suited for everyday use. Although it may look tiny and easy, the LUXE X has a powerful Direct-to-Lung vaping experience that seasoned enthusiasts would agree on. It's works great is a UK top choice for Vapers.

Efficient Airflow System

The Vaporesso LUXE X kit has an e-liquid tank of 2 ml and a 1500mAh battery so don't need to recharge frequently. It comes with several different coil options like the 0.4Ω MESH POD which is capable of strong vapors at 32W. For a bit less at 21W you can choose the 0.6Ω MESH Pod. At 16W you go with the 0.8Ω POD. It won't be a problem to charge the e-cigarette as there's a USB Type-C charging port that enables quick charging.

In the Kit

vaporesso vape and kit contents

The Vaporesso LUXE X vape kit comes with two different pods: one is for Direct-to-Lung vaping and one for Mouth-to-Lung vaping so you can use whichever style fits you best. You also get two different GTX coils: two cells consisting of the one with a resistance of 0.4Ω and the other with a resistance of 0.8Ω, both filled with 2ml liquid. Moreover, there is an extra Type-C cable for charging and a user manual and warranty card.