What is the Point of CBD Chapstick and the Benefits

CBD topicals are becoming more diverse every day. One of the more popular products right now is CBD lip balm. But what does CBD in your lip balm do to help with chapped lips? Read on to learn why many people are now carrying around this CBD topical in their bags.

by: Amy B. | 03/24/21 1:30PM


There seems to be CBD included in almost every kind of health product produced these days. It is not only added to brownies, but also drinks, tinctures, oils, and a variety of topicals. There are many reasons why you might take CBD or incorporate it into your health routine. But does CBD belong in your skincare or beauty routine as well? Why are they making CBD lip balm and why are consumers buying it? Read on to learn more about why CBD is added to topicals, including ones you apply to your lips.

What Is a CBD Topical

What is a CBD Topical?

A CBD topical can range from a standard lotion to a thick salve designed to penetrate the skin in a concentrated area of the body. These topicals are infused with a few different kinds of hemp plant extract containing the plant compound known as "CBD", or cannabidiol. Although CBD is found naturally in more than just hemp plants, it is often derived from hemp in the United States due to the legalization of industrial hemp cultivation in the 2018 Farm Bill. The hemp plant is put through one of two processing methods, either solvent-based or solvent-less, to produce an extract that has varying levels of CBD, as well as other natural plant compounds.


There are three different types of CBD that will be listed on the label of a CBD topical. These include full-spectrum extract, broad-spectrum extract, and CBD isolate.  Each contains varying levels of CBD as well as additional hemp plant compounds that provide the “entourage effect”. This effect occurs when natural hemp plant compounds combine within the body and provide a stronger set of effects than a single compound on its own. Here’s a quick reference guide for the common types of hemp plant CBD extracts and the differences between them:

  • Full-spectrum Extract: All cannabinoids of the hemp plant
  • Broad-spectrum Extract: Some cannabinoids of the hemp plant, commonly including terpenes
  • CBD Isolate: Pure isolated CBD without other cannabinoids

These different types of CBD extracts are combined with common ingredients in lotions or balms to make it into a product that is applied topically. You can apply a CBD topical to a concentrated area of your skin or spread it across large areas, depending on what your needs are and the type of topical it is.


What Are the Benefits Of A CBD Topical?

Researchers are still looking into the facts behind CBD and the way it interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system. It is commonly accepted though, that CBD will not make a user feel “high” but still provides a sense of relief for the body. When applied as a topical, CBD works against inflammation and can relieve any skin-level irritation at the same time. It can also provide potential relief to sore muscles as well. The type of results you can expect will vary on the topical the CBD extract is mixed with.

When CBD is combined in a standard lotion or body oil, it can be easily applied to large areas of the body. CBD lotion has a thinner consistency, and CBD body oil even thinner, allowing a small amount of topical to be applied all over. In the form of a balm though, CBD is intended to be applied to a small surface area of the body to provide targeted effects. So why do people prefer an ultra-concentrated form of a CBD topical that can be applied to your lips?

CBD Chapstick being applied to a womans lips

Why Do People Use CBD Chapstick?

People are beginning to take advantage of the potential benefits CBD has on skin, including acting as a moisturizer. CBD-infused lip balm can not only provide relief to chapped lips but also provide the effects of CBD in the same fashion as other CBD topicals. CBD Chapstick is believed to reduce inflammation and irritation, which can be especially beneficial if wintertime is hard on your lips. However, not all CBD products are made the same and it’s important to look into the details of how the CBD lip balm is made.

It’s best to take a close look at the label of any CBD product you are considering, first to see how the CBD extract is made. It can make a real difference when it comes to the affects you will experience, depending on the additional plant compounds included. Also, the growing methods for the hemp plant matter. It can be best to stick to products made by craft or organic hemp farmers in the United States, since they carefully manage what makes it into the soil and what is absorbed by the hemp plant.

You should also look at the label to make note of what other ingredients are included in the CBD lip balm. This type of product has the potential to be accidentally ingested, so you should be extra careful about what is included. It’s best to ask for a third-party laboratory analysis of the product, in order to be certain about what is in the product. Any reputable manufacturer will be able to provide this information, but if they can’t then it’s best to look at the next product available.

A lab analysis will also tell you exactly how much CBD is included in the product, as well as the ratio of it to other natural plant compounds. This information should be completely transparent, and readily available since it makes a huge difference when it comes to dosing properly and consistently. It will also tell you what other ingredients are at work to heal your chapped lips, such as cocoa butter, vitamin E, and or coconut oil.

So, lip balm will relieve chapped lips, to begin with, but the added touch of CBD may help resolve any unusual irritation. CBD works with your body in a variety of ways that are still being studied in more depth. It’s safe to say that trying a bit of CBD in your Chapstick will not hurt your lips. However, it’s even safer if you check with your dermatologist before adding CBD Chapstick to your daily skincare routine.

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