Where Can I Find Delta 8 Vape Juice?

Vape juice is one of the most readily available vape products on the market. Everything from nicotine to THC, CBD, and delta 8 vape juice can be purchased in a variety of different flavors. Delta 8 is making a buzz as being an alternative to traditional delta 9 THC derived from the cannabis plant. Delta 8 is not extracted but is converted from delta 9 and other cannabinoids to synthetically create delta 8. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at delta 8 and where you can find delta 8 vape juice.

by: Anthony E. | 04/20/22 1:30PM


The Legality of Delta 8

Delta 8 falls under a gray area with the law. On one hand, you have many states that have banned delta 8 outright and its derivatives, whereas some states allow for its use, sale, and possession. The tricky part is how delta 8 goes into the market. Many states have banned cannabis and makes getting delta 8 a bit more difficult.

Even though delta 8 is not extracted from cannabis, delta 9 THC remains illegal on a federal level and restricted in states where THC can only be acquired through medical means. Making delta 8 from delta 9 or other cannabinoids is illegal. Some states do not allow for the sale, purchase, or possession of delta 8, even if bought from an online vendor.

Delta 8 is legal in a sense, though very risky to consume. This is because delta 8 is unregulated and made from some rather unscrupulous dealers and chemists. There are legitimate sources for delta 8, though they are hard to find in a saturated market looking to jump on the bandwagon to make a quick buck.


Online vs Local Stores

It is much more convenient to buy your delta 8 online, though it is also much riskier. This is because online vendors are not always vetted and can simply fill in an order once it is placed. It can then be sourced from China and other places where quality control is all but nonexistent. Going local might limit your choices for delta 8, though this can be a good thing.

Word of mouth and local brick and mortar locations can only carry so much inventory on their shelves at any given time. This means that what goes on there is usually a reputable product, but not always. Your chances of coming across a good quality delta 8 product is better from a local standpoint.

While there are some online vendors who sell legitimate high-quality delta 8, you run the risk of getting a bad product much more often. If you are going to shop for delta 8 online, make sure you thoroughly research the product and the vendor prior to making a purchase. More and more physical stores are stocking their shelves with delta 8 vape juice products.


Different Types of Delta 8 Vape Juice

Delta 8 vape juice can come in several different varieties such as just delta 8 and delta 8 blends mixed with CBD and other terpenes. The high from delta 8 is much more mild and shorter lived than its delta 9 counterpart, making it desirable in the vaping market. Some users prefer a delta 8 vape juice that is just solo with no other compounds.

It should be noted that delta 8 in vape juice form is much more concentrated and can still produce a moderate high based on how much you vape and at what strength. How often you vape delta 8 vape juice will also greatly determine how long the high will last and how strong it will be. Some Delta 8 vape juice comes without a precise dosage labeled on the bottle. Always be wary of these.

Vape juice in general is usually flavored and comes with a specific dosage right on the label. Being as how delta 8 is somewhat of a novelty, it is harder to gauge in actual units and easier to just label it based on weight. Whichever delta 8 vape juice you happen to be interested in, just make sure that you get a flavored version to avoid any synthetic aftertastes.

Delta 8 Vape Juice vs Other Forms of Delta 8

As previously stated, delta 8 vape juice is much more concentrated and can potentially produce a much stronger high, which can be quite undesirable. Starting out slow and taking delta 8 in the form of an edible or joint can be a much better idea if you have never tried delta 8 before. Keep in mind that because it is synthetic, it may or may not contain other chemicals and byproducts.

Taking an edible made with delta 8 will take just as long as an edible made with delta 9, provided it was made correctly. Other forms of delta 8 may or may not be metabolized by the body as efficiently. If you take delta 8 in an edible, you can rest assured that it will likely metabolize slower if you had it with a fatty meal.

Vaping delta 8 will hit you quicker and metabolize quicker. While there may be some products out there that have delta 8 as a topical, it is well known that they do not penetrate the skin far enough to cause any noticeable effects. Potential byproducts make this an undesirable alternative.

Final Thoughts

Delta 8 vape juice is getting much easier to find but much harder to purchase in certain states. In time, more and more studies will be made around delta 8 to give us a clearer picture of whether or not this synthetic cannabinoid can have therapeutic value without posing a health risk. As of now, stick to a local dispensary or business that sells delta 8 if possible.

If you look online, you will find many more products and will have more time to research them, though this may or may not be a good idea since these products are not thoroughly vetted. In any case, strive to procure your delta 8 vape juice from a reputable source.

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