Why is My Disposable Vape Pen Leaking?

There can be many reasons why a disposable vape pen might end up leaking. Knowing exactly what type of leak it is will help you decide what to do about the vape in question. In this article we will be discussing why a vape might leak and what you can do to mitigate the situation.

by: Anthony E. | 10/19/21 1:30PM


Types of Disposable Vape Pens

Most disposable vape pens on the market are designed to vape e-juice. Some are made to activate upon drawing in the breath while others turn on with the simple push of a button. No matter what type of disposable vape pen you get, the result is still the same. In the end, your vape will be made to be disposable at which time you can replace it with a new one.

Disposable vape pens are convenient because they are made to be thrown away after they are used up without the need to adjust or learn anything, unlike some other high-end vapes on the market. With a disposable vape pen, there is no loading, no adjusting, and no cleaning maintenance to be done, making them incredibly convenient to use.

Most disposable vape pens are sleek and simple, taking after a thin profile to accommodate most vaping sessions. Traditional vapes are usually a bit bulkier and heavy depending on its inner components and features. Disposable vapes offer more in the way of luxury for those who are on the go or for beginners looking to try their hand at vaping.


What Can Cause a Disposable Vape Pen to Leak?

There are multiple reasons why a disposable vape pen might end up leaking. The first reason might simply be due to manufacturer error. Some vapes that leave the assembly line might be subject to poor or faulty standards that might have inadvertently caused a major malfunction in the vape. While not common, this can be the reason why your vape pen leaks.

Naturally, if the error comes down to a fall or accident of some sort, then it is only reasonable to assume that may be the reason why your disposable vape pen started to leak. Falling from a high place, or onto a hard surface might loosen or crack the inner tank or other components and cause them to leak.

One other reason why a disposable vape pen might leak can be due to temperature control. If you leave a vape in a hot environment or under direct sunlight, this can cause your vape pen to leak out. Always remember to store your disposable vapes in a pocket, purse, or other compartment away from extreme temperature fluctuations.

The Types of Vape Pen Leaks

The two main leaks can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience to a trip to the hospital. Luckily, the latter is quite rare and not much of a concern. Most leaks come directly from the tank itself which houses the e-liquid. When a crack or opening of some sort befalls this part of the vape, leakage can occur.

The other type of leak is not at all common but can be rather serious, which is when a battery leaks. This can be caused by a faulty unit or leaving the vape out in extreme elements or sunlight. Battery acid can burn clothes and skin and cause injury when left in a pocket. Damage to the unit from a fall can also cause this to happen, so be very careful.

Disposable vape pens are often very secure and sealed off quite well. Always remember that a disposable vape pen is just that, disposable. It is not recommended that you try to open or otherwise recharge the battery from a disposable vape pen once it has been spent. This may cause the battery to leak or even explode.


How to Handle a Vape Pen Leak

Having a disposable vape pen leak is an uncommon occurrence. If it does happen, there are some steps you might want to take. The first one is to identify what type of leak it is. If you find the leak inside of a purse or other compartment that is not touching your skin, then simply smelling, and taking a visual peek at the leak can help to identify the liquid in question.

Since e-juice is rather oily, taking a rag and soaking it all up will be the main method of cleaning up the mess. Always make sure to remove the vape pen prior to cleaning up to minimize the impact. If you find the leak in your pocket, then you might find the oil could potentially stain your clothing, otherwise, it is as simple as just washing your clothes.

A battery leak will result in burns and damage to things that the acid comes in contact with. If this happens to be your skin, then applying first aid while contacting a doctor will be your best bet. Do not further handle a disposable vape pen that has a battery leak as this can result in additional injuries.

Final Thoughts

Vape pen leaks from disposable vape pens are not as common as vape leaks from traditional vape pens, as more can potentially go wrong due to user error. Traditional vape pens are meant to last in the long run, hence why more people experience issues along the way. While these are also uncommon, disposable vape pens remain much safer in this regard.

No matter what type of leak you have from a disposable vape pen, it should be immediately addressed to avoid any potential hazards or further damage to you or your belongings. Most vape pen leaks are nothing more than the e-juice contained within the tank and are therefore not considered to be harmful.

If you find yourself to have a leak from a disposable vape pen on more than one occasion, then it would be best to reconsider either the brand of vape pen you are using, or to address the environment it is being kept in. This will ensure the integrity of your disposable vape pen for the duration of its life.

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