Why Is My Disposable Vape Pen Not Working?

Disposable vape pens go out for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the reason can be obvious. Other times it seems they go out for no apparent reason. The truth is, there is always a reason why a vape pen fails to work. Disposable vape pens in particular can succumb to total failure. If the issue is due to a mechanical fault, then it can simply be returned for a replacement. In this article, we will be going over the many reasons why a disposable vape might fail.

by: Anthony E. | 01/30/23 2:30PM

Chargeable Vapes vs Disposable Vapes

Chargeable vapes can come with their own set of problems. Unlike a disposable vape, chargeable pens come with other components and accessories. This makes them more prone to failure if something goes wrong with one part. While they are still a great choice for most users, disposable pens can be a better option.

If your disposable vape pen stops working, it could be that your vape pen has died. You cannot recharge a disposable vape pen battery. Once the battery goes dead, that’s it. You will have to get a new one at that point. A dead battery is a common cause for a disposable vape not functioning.

Some vape pen batteries just deplete with a long times on the shelf. It is also possible that the battery itself is faulty and just not efficient. If it has to do with the battery, and you have not had it long, replace it. Disposable vape pens can be easily replaced with a new one that works as intended. Chargeable vapes are also great.

Problems With a Vape Pen

One of the most common causes of failure is an internal component going bad. Sometimes you have a disposable vape with a faulty system. The internal electronics could have been inadvertently damaged. In any case, if you know it’s not the battery, it could be something internal. These are hard to diagnose in a disposable vape pen.

Most problems involving disposable vapes are simple to address, nonetheless. If it happens to be the battery, this can be simply returned. The same holds true for a vape that fails to function soon after purchasing or using it. Issues that are due to user error are also common. It is likely you will not be refunded for problems stemming from damage caused by the user.

Other issues that can befall a vape pen internally can be due to humidity. If you live in a damp area, humidity can wreak havoc on internal components. Electronics will still work, though some can short circuit. While this is rare in a disposable vape, it is not impossible. The likely causes will usually stem from just having a faulty vape.

External Causes

Another common cause for a bad vape is due to external temperatures. Fluctuating heat and cold environments can severely impact a vape. If it happens to be too hot, this can damage the internal components. If it is freezing, this can also affect the way a vape works. In fact, this can also affect the vape juice and possibly render it useless.

Water damage is another possibility. If you drop your disposable vape on a puddle or bathtub, it is usually game over. Even if it survived the immersion, your vape juice will be severely impacted and could short out the coil and battery. Extreme humidity can also cause this, though rare. If you leave your vape in a freezing car overnight, you will likely end up with a dead battery.

The extreme heat from direct sun can even melt your vape pen. This can also potentially leach plastics into your vape juice, causing it to taste weird. Internal components like silicones and plastics will also be affected. Never keep your disposable vape in a car overnight. Never leave your vape in direct sunlight.

Vape Juice

One overlooked aspect of having a disposable vape die on you is lack of vape juice. Once it runs out in your vape, the vape dies. This is the way most of these vape pens are supposed to function. Companies are smart to implement this feature to avoid potential injuries. If a vape pen no longer has juice, it can heat up and burn internal components.

The last thing you want is to inhale smoke from a vape pen. This safety feature can be noticed by a light on your vape. While not all of them have this, some do. If the light fails to to turn on, and you’ve had your vape for a while, the juice may be depleted. A disposable vape will stop turning on after the juice runs out to prompt the user to get a replacement.

In any case, once your vape juice runs dry, it is time to throw your vape away. When your vape stops working, it’s either because the battery is dead or the juice is gone. Those are the two most likely scenarios. It can be harder to detect these things when your vape pen has no light indicators. If the light turns on but nothing comes out, this can help diagnose the issue.

Final Thoughts

Disposable vape pens are quick, affordable, and hassle-free. They allow the user to get what they need without having to carry additional accessories. Most disposable vape pens are self contained. They require nothing more than someone to turn them on. In fact, some vape pens are activated upon inhalation.

While some utilize power buttons, others utilize a light or even both. This can help you figure out why a vape pen is not working. If you get a new vape pen and the light does not turn on, you likely have a faulty unit and should reach out to the retailer you purchased it from!