Are Dry Herb Vaporizers Worth It - Expert Q & A

Thinking about vaping dry herbs? This post will break down exactly why a Dry Herb Vaporizer is worth it. Read and get some pointers from the vaping experts.

by: Emmanual O. | 03/04/20 2:30PM


Since vaping became a big deal in the world of smoke, vapers and vaping companies continue to explore different ways of enjoying the craft. Therefore, devices are inevitably gaining as much popularity as the act itself. One of these is the Dry herb vaporizer. Dry herb vaporizers, as the name suggests, is used for dry herbs only, although some vapes come with varying attachments to accommodate wax or oils in addition to the primary herb function. Preference in the world of vaping remains a valid metric for choice. Some people prefer concentrates and oils to dry herbs, and people are always making choices.


Dry herb vaporizers are worth it because they are usually easy to use. They are easy to load up too, and they work best when through the use of an herb grinder, which grinds your herbs into bits before enjoying them. A list of things makes dry herb vapes a big deal. They use batteries, so you can go for as long as your battery lasts. Also, they have flexibility, fits right in your palm. Sure, you can use virtually any kind of dry herb you choose lavender, peppermint, etc. Besides, dry herb vaporizers provide a clean taste of your herbs if properly prepared with a herb grinder. This article will discuss some qualities that make dry vapes worth it.

Healthier than Smoking Herbs

Healthier than Smoking Herbs

Generally, dry herb vapes operate through convection and use the physics of heat. Convection turns your herbs into their gaseous components, which you then inhale or vape. Convective heat vaporizes your dry herbs so that there is never combustion or carbonization. Those are products of fire and they produce harmful chemicals. So, in addition to being easy to use, dry vapes are safer than outright smoking herbs.

Unlike smoking, the dry herb is not burnt; therefore, exposure to toxins is out of the picture. It eliminates exposure to carcinogens produced during combustion, throat irritation as well as other potentially harmful effects of smoking.

Portable and Easy to Use

Portable and Easy to Use

In the main, dry herb vaporizers exist in two options; portable vapes and desktop vapes. Desktop vapes are the stationary version that typically require a plug-in electric source for heat. These are suitable majorly for indoor use if you don’t think about moving them. After much evolution, the portable vapes came into being.

Portable vapes bring with them convenience and ease. There are many options. You can pack one up before heading out or toss the vape in your pocket for the go. Even though there are many dry herb vapes, all do the same thing, and dry vape pens are your best bet. You can operate these with just one button, and they fit easily into your palm.

Discreet & Smell Less than Pipes

Discreet and Smell Less than Pipes

Another big reason people favor dry vapes is that they produce vapor, not smoke. Vapor is the cloudy essence any vaping extract provides when heated, dry herbs inclusive. It doesn’t linger around as much as smoke will. Instead, they are quick to disperse. You could carry a dry vape in your pocket, and the next guy will know no better. What’s more, you get to enjoy your herbs recreationally without worrying about the neighbors. These limitless devices don’t have the known stench of a pipe.




Of course, there are super-expensive vapes, but they are often worth every penny. Likewise, there are dry herb vapes within the range of $50, and they perform excellently. Since the principal function of the vape is to heat up, produce quality vapor, and give you the most of your herb, you will find one that fits into your budget.

You don’t need to break the bank for something fancy. Any decent dry herb vape will get the job done.

Indoor Use

Indoor Use

Now, this function is not universal for all dry herb vaporizers; however, several factors make it possible. Dry herb vapes don’t use an open flame, so depending on where you are, who you’re with, vaping is sometimes “allowed.” You’re not at risk of setting something on fire; you don’t use flame after all.

In comparison to the regular smoking pipe that produces a lot of smoke, dry herb vapes gradually utilize heat until it reaches an optimal level. This option eliminates exposure to smoke and is ultimately the safer option, at least a lot more so.

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