Dry Herb Vaporizers that Produce Smoke instead of Vapor

There are two main categories of dry herb vaporizers. Dry Herb Convection Vapes will gently brown the herbs and create Vapor. Combustion Vapes turn burn the herbs turning them to ash while creating smoke. Learn about these two vapes here.

by: Robert H. | 11/07/19 2:30PM


Dry Herb Combustion Vapes vs Convection Vapes

Vaping has become increasingly popular amongst dry herb enthusiasts across the country for a variety of reasons. However, most people are unaware that dry herb vaporizers can come in two different ‘styles’ or types – either a combustion or a convection dry herb vaporizer. The essential difference between these two types of vaporizers boils down to the way that the dry herb is being vaporized.


Convection vaporizers utilize a gentler heating method that allows the dry herb which should be prepped with a herb grinder, to be slowly vaporized by the hot air. It is much the same as a convection oven system – it is the warm/hot air that slowly, evenly begins to ‘cook’ whatever is inside. The same can be said for a convection vaporizer. In this way, it is important to remember to avoid overpacking as this will reduce airflow and cause uneven heating.

Combustion vaporizers, on the other hand, rely on actually burning the dry herb – much like a conventional smoking pipe like a bong or bubbler with a lighter being used to ignite the herbs. For this reason, combustion vaporizers will produce a puff just like smoking a pipe. This is because the dry herb is actually being burned by a red hot coil inside the vape tank. This will mean that there will be ash left behind, much like other smoking methods. However, it should be noted that a lighter is not needed for these combustion vaporizers – they rely on battery power like a convection dry herb vaporizer, but instead of hot air heating the herbs, it is a super-hot coil.


Smoke vs Vapor

Smoke is going to be a lot harsher than vapor. This is not to say that one is necessarily better than the other but this will certainly be affected by someone’s preferences or priorities for vaping. For example, if vaporizing dry herb for medicinal purposes for pain relief or other symptoms, someone might prefer the less harsh convection vaporizer in order to consume their dry herb. On the other hand, for individuals that prefer to ‘feel the burn’ and like hotter, harsher hits, a combustion vaporizer might combine the efficiency of a vaporizer over traditional bowls and pipes with the same ‘hit’ and taste that they’re accustomed to. Smoke will be produced by a combustion vaporizer and vapor will be produced by a convection vaporizer.


What is a Dry Herb Combustion Vape?

A dry herb combustion vape, as mentioned before, is going to physically burn the dry herb. Here, the herbs are inserted into the heating chamber where they will make contact with the hot coil at the bottom of the chamber – that is where the herbs will burn and create smoke. Combustion vapes can be a more efficient alternative to traditional smoking methods that rely on a lighter or other type of flame source.

Some excellent examples of a dry herb combustion vape would be the AGO dry herb vaporizer, or any box mod vape that comes equipped with an herbal vape coil attachment, such as the Yocan 94F atomizer. A box mod is essentially a powerful vape battery that can be fitted with different vape coil attachments, whether for herb, oil or wax. Many of the herbal attachments for box mods have an exposed coil, used for combusting the dry herbs. However, there are no herbal box mod attachments with ceramic chamber that offer a convection vape experience. As for the AGO Vape, this is a pure combustion vape that will deliver powerful, consistent hits from start to finish. However, if you want to turn it into a convection vape with glass screens, you can do so! Just place a glass screen at the bottom of the chamber to create a barrier between the herb and hot coil – this way the herb will bake from the hot air versus the hot coil!


Why Use an Herbal Combustion Vape?

Technology has progressed at a fast pace and has finally reached the smoking world. While convection vape users may be convinced of the ‘healthier’ option to vape, classic smokers now have the option of having a more advanced way to safely smoke their dry herb. For some folks, vaping has never truly appealed to them because they prefer the flavor as well as the burn of the smoke over vapor. For others, they prefer no ‘burn’ or smoke.


Advantages of a Combustion Vape vs Traditional Smoking Methods

No Lighter Needed

This is probably the single most important benefit to most smokers. Not needing to rely on a faulty lighter or hoping that weather conditions are favorable is probably the largest blessing a combustion vape will provide over a more traditional bowl or pipe. Not to mention that charging and keeping a charge is as simple as connecting a phone into an outlet. Keeping additional batteries and mobile power banks greatly increases the range and usefulness of a combustion vape as well. The next snowboarding trip will be so much more hassle free with a combustion vape.

More Discreet

Simply put, it is much easier to transport, heat up, and use a vape than any other type of smoking device. Even pre-rolled joints require great care to ensure they’re safe and won’t break in a pocket. Not to mention, it’s much harder to put out a joint and place it safely back into a pocket. Most pipes are not designed with a pocket in mind and no one wants to have to put a piping hot chillum into their jeans pocket.

Pre-Packed Chambers

The chamber can be pre-packed prior to leaving the house to ensure the smoothest transition.

Easy to use

Vapes are not complicated at all. While some models contain features better suited to more experienced smokers, the most basic vapes can be operated by anyone.

Fun to Share

Combustion dry herb vape pens are fun and easy to pass around. Especially because they’re less fragile than passing around a hot piece of glass.


Aside from replacing coils, a vape pen will last as long as someone is willing to clean and maintain it. And cleaning is much quicker and less toxic than some of the chemical cleaners needed to clean glass or silicone pieces.


As mentioned before, combustion vapes can be converted into convection with a glass screen. This means that, at the end of the day, a hard decision is not necessarily necessary. They can be swapped interchangeably which cannot be said for traditional smoking pieces.


AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer vs E-CLIPSE Vaporizer

As mentioned before, the AGO is a combustion dry herb vaporizer. The E-CLIPSE on the other hand is a convection dry herb vaporizer. Both certainly have their express advantages. Particularly with the E-CLIPSE vaporizer, there are a variety of advanced features such as temperature control and a powerful battery capacity that might make this advantageous to a particular individual. However, the combustion feature of the AGO might be more appealing to a ‘traditional dry herb smoker’. Keep in mind, there is a price difference and the AGO might appeal more to someone looking to get their feet wet with a first-time vape purchase. There’s always time to try more! Just like with glass, vape enthusiasts will typically begin to amass large collections to cater to all their tastes.

Should I buy a Dry Herb Combustion Vape or Convection Vape?

This is going to ultimately come down to preferences. If someone prefers the heavier, harsher hit of smoke then it is going to be difficult to convince them to purchase and fully enjoy a convection vape – even the ones with temperature controls (like the E-CLIPSE) that might offer harsher hits than other convection dry herb vaporizers. However, some folks prefer the smoother, cleaner feel of a convection vape. Not to mention, there is a little less maintenance involved (in terms of frequency of cleaning) with a convection dry herb vaporizer. This is because, unlike the combustion vape pens, the convection vaporizers don’t create ash like combustion vapes. However, both vapes are not going to require too much cleaning, and both will require most cleaning attention in the vape mouthpiece area. Again, whether you want a combustion or convection vape is a matter of preference, so it is up to you.

Where to Buy Combustion Vapes

You can find combustion vapes almost anywhere from local head shops and smoke shops to online. Here at nyvapeshop.com, there is a tremendous selection of combustion and convection dry herb vaporizers, and all shipping in the USA is FREE, no minimums!

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