Silicone Herb Grinder Review - Beats All Expectations!

Do not be fooled. We break down this silicone herb grinder which happens to come with metal, razor sharp blades positioned in a new way that vastly improves the efficiency of grinding dry herbs. Learn about it here and start making life a little easier.

by: Greg H. | 10/01/18 1:30PM


Herb Grinder Introduction

Silicone grinders are one of the trendiest herb grinders on the market. The popularity is likely due to their sleek and stylish appearance, coupled with super sharp blades that mince herbs with ease. The exterior is coated with soft silicone material for a soft grip, but the interior is metal with newly designed blades that are super sharp to make grinding very smooth and easy. Grinders are perfect for getting the most out of your dry herbs and not losing any of it or over-burning like you can get with dense buds in your glass pipes. This non-stick silicone is very easy to grip and makes for a very easy grinding experience. You also have customization options when it comes to choosing the color of the silicone coating so that you can find something to fit your taste. This piece is perfect and the herbs are almost effortlessly diced into smaller pieces which creates more surface area that is essential for vaping, and recommended for smoking.



Top Attribute – Super-Sharp Blades

Don’t be fooled here. The exterior of this cool herb grinder may be a soft, comfortable-grip silicone, but the interior is made with hard metal, built with a newly designed blade system that puts grinders from the “old days” to shame. The blades are razor sharp on all sides and they will dice your herbs to pieces, in seconds. In addition to the razor-sharp blades, the positioning of this blades as also been thought about, and optimized grind dry herb more efficiently. If you are looking for a traditional grinder but want some new updates, specifically a better blade system, this meets the mark for sure.


Silicone Herb Grinder Specs


This grinder is 2 and 3/8 inches in diameter. It is 2 and 1/8 inches in height.

4-Piece Grinder

Every 4 piece herb grinder is outfitted with 4 separate pieces that include the top with super sharp blades and a silicone coating. The second piece has more razor-sharp cutting blades, and then there is the component with the pollen screen, and then the pollen catcher at the bottom. The top has 13 razor sharp blades and the bottom part has 9.

Overall Weight

The grinder is not that light despite it being silicone. It is a soft, easy-to-grip material, however, underneath a solid metal with well-positioned, super sharp blades. The grinder is not light, not a brick either, but has some nice weight to know you are dealing with something that can last for years to come.

Grinding Blade Sharpness

As mentioned, the middle grinding piece is outfitted with razor sharp grinding pieces that are guaranteed to provide one of the best grinding experiences you can find. This grinder has an optimized blade design that has been proven to better and it will grind down herbs to a fine, smaller particles very quickly.

Pollen Kief Catcher

Due to the advanced blade design of this particular grinder, it is great for getting a lot of pollen accumulated in the catcher. The silicone material lets you scrape every last bit of pollen without issue.

Silicone Coating

The silicone is non-stick and soft, making it a fun and easy to handle piece of equipment to use in your smoking setup. It is especially good for having around glass equipment, as it will be less likely to cause any damage in the event that you drop the grinder. They also come in a variety of bright, matte colors that will add flare to any setup. The particle catcher layer is also outfitted with non-stick silicone.


How to use the Silicone Razor Sharp Grinder?

This silicone grinder is made up of 4 pieces that are easily separable and come apart and are put back together very easily. Begin by breaking up the nugs into small pieces that fit between the teeth of the grinder piece. Once you have loaded the desired amount into the grinder without overloading it, place the top silicone-covered piece on the top, screw it in, and begin grinding the dry herbs. After some twisting back and forth, unscrew the top piece of the grinder and you will find the smaller, chopped-up pieces underneath in the next compartment. After multiple uses, unscrew the screen part to reveal the bottom catch that collects the tiniest pollen particles.


Maintaining and Cleaning the Silicone Grinder

Grinders do not require much cleaning other than simply making sure it does not become clogged. The great thing about this grinder is that its blades are designed to reduce buildup and optimize how quickly and easily the herbs are chopped and dropped to the next level. By doing this you can reduce the amount of residue buildup over time and improve the productivity of the grinder. You can use cleaning solution to clean the grinder wholly, but this is not recommended as it can damage the coating and silicone lining of the grinder.

Is a Silicone Grinder for me?

Finding the perfect grinder for you is a matter of preference, wants, needs, etc. This silicone herb grinder separates itself from many of the run of the mill grinders you find at smoke shops with the newly designed blade system. The soft exterior is also not something you see everyday. The majority of garden-variety grinders are outfitted with either plastic or simple metal grinder pieces, whereas this grinder is made of soft and easy to grip silicone. When twisting a metal grinder, it may become slippery or greasy, whereas silicone grinders stay smooth and soft throughout their lifespan.

Using a grinder is much easier than just using your fingers. It is faster, does not give you sticky fingers, results in more evenly ground powder, and overall streamlines the smoking experience and makes it much more enjoyable. Using this silicone grinder also gives the added benefit of better longevity and cool colors to customize it with.

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