Are Vapers and Vaping Welcomed at Music Festivals?

Musical festivals are perhaps one of the most enjoyable outdoor functions you could possibly attend. The warm weather coupled with a welcoming atmosphere is what makes music festivals so ripe with fun. When it comes to vaping and vape users, the venue operators and organizers will post exactly what is and isn’t allowed within the festival itself. Often, especially in an outdoor setting, vapes and their users are more than welcome. In this article, we will be going over this in detail and what you can come to expect when you bring a vape to a music festival.

by: Anthony E. | 07/22/22 1:30PM


Types of Music Festivals

When it comes to music festivals, most organizers want you to have a good time. It is safe to say that most of these events cater to an adult audience. Depending on the type of genre and demographic the target audience is for the music, the venue operators may or may not permit the use of a vaporizer on the premises.

Most of these festivals take place outdoors, making vaping a much more tolerable activity. The events themselves can range from large to small and consist of adult stands that serve alcohol. In these types of music festivals, you are usually free to take your portable vape and puff away to your heart’s content.

Some music festivals, however, feature a much lighter tone and genre of music, such as jazz or even classical. Vaping during one of these performances might be considered rude and looked down upon. You would do well to heed the rules prior to taking your vape pen with you to this type of music festival.


What to Expect

If you happen to go to a venue that has a music festival going on indoors, then it is a sure bet that your vaping will not be tolerated inside. There will likely be a patio of some sort where smokers and vape users are welcome to indulge without inconveniencing anyone. Rules like this are likely to show up on the organizer’s website where the show will be hosted.

Some music festivals have some rather strict security regarding the use of vapes, unfortunately. For instance, you may or may not be able to bring in a single-use disposable vape to a certain venue, though not allowed to bring in a refillable one. If you are caught, you will likely be asked to leave or escorted out.

Each event will have its own rules for what is and is not permitted at the venue. This should all be verified prior to stepping foot on the premises. Some places can be a bit neurotic about the whole thing, such as The Sunset Music Festival. They allow refillable vapes but require the atomizer to be empty upon arrival. Conversely, e-juice must be sealed before entering the venue. As goofy as it sounds, the rules will have to be abided by to avoid getting kicked out.

Where to Find Rules Regarding Vapes

There are essential rules for music festivals and TimeOut magazine breaks them down in this music festival article here. Most venues have websites nowadays that outline what is and is not permissible at any given location. Depending on where the music festival is held, the venue operators will let you know beforehand whether you can take in a vape. Your best bet at that point is to comply and leave a vape in your car.

Word of mouth is also quite reliable when it comes to these types of things, so if you hear that you are not allowed to bring a certain item with you at a music festival, chances are it is accurate. The rules regarding vapes at a venue relies solely on the organizer and venue operators’ discretion.

If you cannot find any information on their website, it is best to ask security or someone else who would be knowledgeable on the use of vapes during an event. Chances are, you will be permitted to take a vape if it is an outdoor thing. If the music is taking place inside, you will likely still be able to bring a vape, but only for use outside.


Vaping E-Juice vs Vaping Weed at a Music Festival

Depending on where you live in the United States, you may or may not be able to bring a vape along with your weed stash. If you are fortunate enough to live in a state where cannabis is legal on a recreational level, then you will likely be able to bring your stash to a music festival and indulge in certain areas. This is especially true for outdoor events.

Even though weed may be legal in your state, if the venue operators explicitly state that weed is not allowed, then you will have to comply since it is considered private property and not public property. Your right to indulge in cannabis can only extend to areas that do not infringe upon the rights of others.

E-juice is much more tolerated but will still fall under the category of being denied if the venue organizer says so. While it is a rather unfortunate thing to be denied access to your weed, it is not worth getting trespassed or worse. Most music festivals welcome weed users with open arms, however. This is good news for most users in legal states.

Final Thoughts

Vapers and their vaping devices are usually welcome across the board. If you live in a state that has outlawed cannabis, you may still be able to bring your e-juice along and enjoy that at a music festival. Rules and regulations vary from state to state and venue to venue, so it is always wise to educate yourself on these rules prior to heading out to a music festival.

If vaping is something you cannot leave home without and you are determined to go to a music festival that does not allow for vaping, then you would be wise to simply stay home or go to another venue that accepts your preferences. Not every venue will be tolerant, despite what the law may say. Always keep in mind that the organizers of the event have the final say.

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