Benefits of Using a Hand Crank Herb Grinder

The Hand Crank Grinder is great for those with arthritis, weak hands, or anyone looking for an easier way to grind up some herbs. There are many benefits to these sharp, easy to use herb grinders. Learn all about them in this post.

by: Nathaniel C. | 08/28/19 1:30PM


What is a Hand Crank Herb Grinder?

A hand crank herb grinder works just like a hand crank coffee grinder. The hand crank grinds herbs easier than a traditional grinder and delivers perfectly ground herbs. Especially if you vape, it is essential to have a quality grinder. Finely ground herbs vaporize much better than if broken up by hand which often results in little, dense nugs that don’t vape well. A hand crank grinder will save you time and energy, plus provide a much better vaping experience.



Hand Crank Grinder Benefits

Makes Grinding Easier

Using a traditional grinder can be hard on your wrists, especially with dense herbs. Also, if grinding high quality herbs, sticky residue builds up quickly, which makes it even more difficult to twist and grind the herbs. A hand crank delivers the grinding force you get from a traditional grinder with little effort. This makes grinding your dry herbs much easier, even with a buildup of sticky residue.

Easier on the Hands

A hand crank grinder is also more ergonomic than traditional herb grinders. A traditional herb grinder puts your wrist in an extended position and is even worse with large grinders. This can cause wrist and hand pain if you are grinding herbs frequently. Hand crank grinders are ergonomically designed so that you can keep your wrist in a neutral position as you grind. Say goodbye to hand and wrist pain from using an herb grinder.

A Top Choice for Those with Arthritis

If you already suffer from arthritis or wrist pain, a hand crank grinder is a must. They put minimal pressure on your hands, fingers and you are able to keep your wrists in a neutral position as you grind, minimizing wrist pain and the aggravation of arthritis.

Clear Top to Evaluate Progress

Not all hand crank grinders come with a clear top, but many do. How many times have you ground herbs, taken the top off, just to realize that you need to grind more. Either that, or you keep grinding more than you need to because you want to make sure your herbs are properly ground. With a clear top, it is easy to see when you have the perfect grind without having to remove the top of the grinder.

Herb Storage

Any 3-piece herb grinder has herb storage and all hand crank grinders offer this as well. Often hand crank grinders will have a larger storage area than traditional 3-piece grinders which is perfect if you are vaping. You can quickly grind dry herbs and keep the ground herbs in the storage section of your grinder for easy access. This way you do not need to grind new herbs for every re-pack of your dry herb vaporizer.

Kief Catcher

Not all grinders have a kief catcher, but hand crank grinders do. The herb grinder has a fine screen that allows only fine particles like crystals to pass through. Below the screen is another storage area called a kief catcher. As you grind herbs, fine particles will collect in your kief catcher. Eventually, you can collect and pack this in with ground herbs in your dry herb vaporizer for an extra punch, or top it on a bowl in a glass pipe or water bong.

Sharp Blades

Most hand crank grinders are made of top-quality components. Sure, you can find a quality traditional 3-piece grinder with sharp blades, but this is not the case with all herb grinders. Hand crank grinders are sure to have high quality, sharp blades that will not dull over time. This just adds to the ease and quality of grind that hand crank grinders provide.


Sharpstone Hand Crank Grinder

The Sharpstone hand crank grinders is one of the most popular herb grinders. Cut from aircraft grade aluminum, its teeth are ultra-sharp. Combine this with a smooth motion of the hand crank and you get one of the easiest, pain-free grinds. If you are using a dry herb vaporizer, an herb grinder is a must, and the Sharpstone hand crank grinder is a very popular choice among vapers.


Tips for using a Hand Crank Grinder

Hand crank grinders are great but here are just some tips to get the most out of the herb grinder.

Do Not Force the Handle Crank

Hand crank grinders are designed to handle a reasonable amount of force but if it gets jammed from residue or a super dense chunk of herb, do not force the handle. You can break up or move a chunk of dense herb and try again. Or try to free whatever is sticking the grinder using a pick tool, paperclip or something similar.

No Giant Pieces of Herb

Do not just squish a massive dense nugget into the grinder and force the handle. Grinders are meant to mince herbs and you should break up your herbs into reasonable pieces before filling the grinder. Leave some air pockets so the grinder can do its job properly.

Beware of Herb Density

Dense herbs are grinder killers. If you stuff a large, airy flower into your grinder, it will likely get ground no problem. However, a super dense nugget of the same size will surely jam it up. Just break it up into smaller pieces and the grinder will break up your herbs easily.

Reposition the Herbs

Another easy solution if the grinder handle is not turning smoothly is to move the herbs around in the grinder. Leave plenty of open space and see if any chunks are stuck between teeth. If you free them, it will be easier to turn the handle of your grinder.

Where to Buy a Hand Crank Grinder

You can find hand crank grinders in most local head shops and smoke shops. You can compare and find the highest quality grinders including the Sharpstone hand crank grinder here at where shipping within the USA is always FREE, no minimums. Plus we offer a Cash Back Rewards program for FREE!

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