Can Dirty Bong Water Kill You?

Bong water is known for filtering water from the impurities of smoke. This alone can cause health problems if ingested. Depending on how sick or sensitive an individual might be bong water can certainly have adverse effects. Bong water is usually ingested on a dare and not legitimately considered amongst most users. In this article, we will go over how bong water can negatively affect your health. Some can even have fatal outcomes.

by: Anthony E. | 05/03/23 1:30PM


Old Bong Water vs New Bong Water

If your bong water has been sitting inside your bong for a while, it will be risky to consume. Conversely, if you fill your bong with new water but your bong is dirty, this can have the same effect. Your bong will need to be cleaned. If your bong has molds or bacteria, changing the water will do little.

The longer the water sits in a bong, the more likely it will house these organisms. Whether you have old or new water in your bong, you should never consume it. While the water itself may or may not be clean, there is no need to risk it. Always strive to have fresh, clean water in your bong prior to use. Keep it clean at all times.


Dirty vs Dangerous

Just because your bong water is dirty doesn’t mean it’s infected with fungus and bacteria. Either way, you do not want to find out the hard way by drinking it. Water that has been sitting for a long time in a hot and still environment is bad news. Combine water that is potentially tainted with bacteria or fungus with smoke impurities, and you have some nasty stuff.

Why would anyone want to drink this? Most people end up doing so on a dare. The result is always at the expense of the one who does it for the amusement of others. Don’t be that idiot. Save it for those with a penchant for natural selection. Bong water can be just as dangerous if the water is new but in a dirty bong that is infected.

Bong Water Risks

Those with a compromised immune system will be especially at risk for developing serious issues. In fact, you could potentially get very sick. If you ingest water that has mold, bacteria, or has been used by someone who is sick, you are asking for trouble. The risk here is that the water is already dirty from filtering smoke.

If the water is also old or been used by many people, this compounds the risk. If you ingest it or even spill some on a cut, you can risk falling ill. While the bong water itself may or may not kill you, complications can arise from secondary infections. Your best bet is to be smart and not be on the losing end of a stupid joke.


Temperature Matters

Despite bong water being dirty, temperature can play a role in whether it is tainted. Hot or warm water is the perfect environment for most microbes to flourish. Cold water can slow the growth of most fungi and bacteria. This is why food is stored in a fridge. If your bong water is kept constantly cold, you could potentially be home free.

Either way, you still would not want to risk ingesting it. The likelihood is that if you consume bong water, you will be just fine. This is regardless of whether it is hot or cold, old or new. There are plenty of people who have ingested it with no issues. It tastes horrid and should be enough to deter anyone from ingesting it.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that bong water has the potential to kill you. This is especially true if you are particularly sensitive or have a weak immune system. If you are currently sick, this can also pose a problem. If you accidentally ingest bong water, chances are you will be just fine. Those who ingest it willingly usually do it in large amounts.

This is where the problem happens. You will want to steer clear of consuming large amounts of bong water. Those who are old, fragile, sick, or weak will do well to avoid it altogether, even in small amounts. Dirty bong water belongs in the gutter. You will likely survive a gulp of it, but do you really want to risk it and find out?

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