Can Disposable Vapes Explode?

There is a pervasive myth surrounding the safety of a disposable vape. Most people assume that disposable vapes pose a health concern in this regard. Some folks think that a disposable vape can explode in your pocket. While this is technically true, the chances of it happening are miniscule. From a financial and logical standpoint, disposable vapes produced commercially are quality tested. This article will go into detail as to why you are highly unlikely to ever encounter an exploding vape.

by: Anthony E. | 02/01/23 2:30PM


Disposable Vape Safety

Disposable vapes are made with the commercial consumer in mind. They are extensively tested before going to market to ensure safety and quality control measures. It is highly unlikely that you or anyone you know will ever come across an exploding vape. Most commercial vapes are run through rigorous tests.

This helps to ensure that they hold well under certain conditions. Going for a reputable brand from a reliable source is the way to go. This will further increase the chance that you will end up with a high-quality unit. Even if you expose your vape to subpar conditions, it is unlikely that it will ever result in an actual explosion.


The Reality of “Exploding Vapes”

All conditions must be considered. If you have ever heard of an exploding vape, it must be taken into context. While extremely rare, an exploding vape can happen. It is such a rare occurrence, however. Even those who wish to intentionally explode a vape may very well fail in the attempt. If you mess with the battery, however, this could technically result in an explosion.

This is highly unlikely to ever happen organically inside a purse or pocket. Huge lawsuits and settlements would be acknowledged worldwide. This just isn’t the case with standard disposable vapes. Those that are in shops are usually trusted enough to be in circulation. The exploding vape scenario is a technical but insanely rare encounter. Do not worry about it.

Technical Malfunctions

While it is true that mechanical failures can make a vape faulty, it rarely results in an explosion. Those who intentionally open and tinker with a disposable vape are the ones at risk. Natural malfunctions due to factory errors rarely result in explosions, if ever. Messing with the battery will increase the chance of injury.

The truth is that even then, you would have to do certain things to make that happen. We will not reveal what those are for obvious reasons. Do not attempt to open a disposable vape, ever. Malfunctions that occur will usually result in a vape acting up or failing to activate at all. Do not fear that they will result in an explosion.


Heat, Fire, and Battery Issues

Exposing the vape to extreme heat can increase the chance of it popping or exploding. This can be due to pressure buildup and other factors. If you toss a vape into fire, even a dead one, it could potentially explode. Messing with the battery is another risk. There is no guarantee that an explosion will happen with any of these. The chances will increase, however.

If you leave a disposable vape inside a hot car, it is unlikely to explode, but it could technically happen. Why risk it? Exposing it to fire is worse, so don’t do it. Touching an exposed battery with something metallic can and has resulted in an explosion. The chances of any of these things happening on their own is very rare.

Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that most mishaps result in user error and ignorance. The chances of having an explosion despite exposing a vape to these extremes is still unlikely. You take a risk by doing so. You are better off simply not doing any of these things. Just keeping your vape in your pocket will not result in an explosion. Exposing the battery or putting in the fire is the riskiest thing you could do.

The bottom line is that they can technically explode. The reality is that they likely never will. Even those who intentionally set out to do so will have a minute chance of success. This does not mean that carelessness should be demonstrated. The risk, however small, is still there. So long as you take care of your disposable vape, you really have nothing to worry about.

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