Clogged Delta 8 Cartridge: How to Unclog It?

Vaping various oils like delta 8 will ultimately clog your vape cartridge. This can be frustrating, especilly in colder temperatures when it is more difficult to un-clog. Check out this article as we break down this probelm and more!

by: Joe C. | 12/10/21 2:30PM


Using e-cigarettes is great, but they come with some challenges. Cleaning a clogged cartridge is one of those challenges. It is almost impossible for beginners to do it on their own. Sometimes, even a regular user fails the process.

After reading this, you can pronounce yourself as a master caretaker of e-cigarettes. So, stay with us and increase the shelf life of your device.

The cart varieties

There are two types of vape pens based on usage and durability. These are:

  • Reusable
  • Disposable

Both have their advantages. The disposable variety is a ready-to-use vape pen.

It needs no fixing and setting. It does not support refilling and reusability. A chargeable variant is an investment for almost a year. You can suck different flavors out of a single pen. It supports charging and refilling. It needs cleaning and careful handling to boost its life.

There are two more variants of e-cigarettes, depending on their ability to make clouds. These are:

  • MLT or mouth to lung type
  • DL or direct lung type

MLTs have tighter ends, making them suitable for controlled vaping. DLs have loose ends that support the formation of large clouds.

So, in the first step, you need to ascertain which kind of cartridge you possess. Once you have learned it, we can move further.


How to Clear my Vape Cartridge?

Clogged vape carts are not a rare scene. The usage of delta-8 juices allows an affinity to it. So, do not panic! Tackling this issue is simple. You should follow the following guidelines.

Unclogging Disposable Cartridges

There are two conditions. First, your e-cig never worked at all. Second, it was sucking the juice in initially, but later it failed. In any case, the solution is the same. All you need to do is warm up the disposable between your hands. Check the process by sucking the oil. Once you start getting the flavor, you are on the right track.

  • You can also use any other method to heat it mildly.
  • Continued warming and pulling the juice will free the airway.

Unclogging Reusable Cartridges

The clog might arise due to repeatedly assembling the cartridge.

Several people believe in detaching and de-organizing the parts. But it can have negative impacts on the health of e-carts. Mostly replacing the cells can loosen the machine. It can result in a loss of contact between the coil and battery. If you fall in this zone, all you need is to push the lower part together with your fingers. It will align the machine and improve the contract enabling it to work suitably.

Other possible reason is sometimes, the vape oil gets crystallized over the batteries. In such a case you need to clean it later with a cloth. For tough stains, you can make use of alcohol. After this, you can reassemble the parts and get ready to vape.

The delta 8 cartridge can also get blocked because of prolonged usage without any awry habits. For this, poke the airway with a small pin gently. It will clean a part of the passage. You can free it up by rubbing it.

Changing the heat levels, continually

Changing temperature can cause this problem too. You need to set the heat to its lowest for unraveling it. Wait for a few seconds and suck it up. In the push-button battery type, press the button five times rapidly. And press the process button three times. Wait for some time and then inhale.

You can pick any of these methods as per your scenario. If the machine still fails to work, take it to the nearest head shop or contact the seller.

Boost their shelf life

You can adopt the following ways to ensure your vape pen lasts longer:

Keep the pen clean

Three prime zones need your attention. They are the mouth, the cell holder, and the mod pod.

Make sure you remove any gunk out of these areas. It will lower the chances of congestion

Change the coil periodically.

A regular user should change or clean the coil once every two-three weeks. A casual consumer can opt for a time frame of a month. In other words, the peak time should not be more than a month to change the coil. Not sticking to the suggestion can leave you with a burnt taste while vaping. 

Heat can make it bleed.

Never store an e-cig around a heat source. Long-term exposure to hot surroundings can cause a fire. The same thing goes for oil. Store it far away from the sun, stove, car, or phone batteries. Store them at room temperature away from heat.

Store it in the right way.

We often get high and forget to turn it off. It can badly impact your e-cigarette. Carefully check the status of the cart. Always keep it upright. You can use a pen holder to make it stand. Placing it another way can let the oil deposit on the mouth and harden the opening. Stick to these pointers to use your pen for the longest possible time.

Final words

Vaping is hugely popular. But it can sometimes give birth to some problems. Following the suitable measures can enhance the experience.

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