Do Dispensaries Sell Edibles?

Dispensaries are a popular and efficient way to procure cannabis flower and edibles without the hassle that accompanies an inferior product. Because dispensaries are known for their quality and in-house genetics, unique strains and highly medicinal cannabis graces the shelves with everything from cookies to gummy bears, all ready to leave you feeling fully medicated. This article will go into detail about what types of edibles you can find inside a dispensary.

by: Anthony E. | 05/01/22 1:30PM


Types of Dispensaries

Depending on where you live in the country, you will either come across a dispensary that sells medicinal cannabis products, recreational cannabis, or both. Cannabis has come a long way since the days of prohibition where California was the first state to adopt a more progressive outlook on the medicinal effects of cannabis in the mid 90’s.

Today, you can find dispensaries as common as you could find the nearest McDonalds. While some states have a very limited number of dispensaries that can operate in any given county, other states like California have everything from dispensaries to cannabis smoke lounges. Recreational users often find dried buds and concentrates to be the products of choice, whereas medical patients require something a little different at times.

Most dispensaries carry certain brands that have a reputable track record for being clean and potent. It is always advisable to call and inquire about certain cannabis products and how to use them, especially when it comes to edibles. They can be an incredibly powerful medicine for the newbie if you’re not too careful.


Types of Edibles

Depending on whether a medical patient can smoke or vape, most opt for an edible which contains a precise dosage of cannabis within the product. This can range from a simple gummy bear to a cookie or even a chocolate bar. Each piece contains a certain amount of THC, CBD, or both depending on what you are looking for.

Most of these are reserved for medicinal patients, though there are a few recreational users who can appreciate the unique effects of a high-quality edible. Some dispensaries will only sell edibles to those who possess a medical card, though with recreational states, cannabis products are available to all adults.

Because edibles tend to be plentiful and relatively unpopular due to their prolonged intensity, you will often find dispensaries fully stocked with these items. Aside from solid products that can be eaten, sublingual tinctures also exist that are easier to take for those who cannot properly digest or otherwise consume a solid product.

Dosage of Edibles

You will often come to find edibles in fixed dosages that range from 5 mg to 100 mg or more. These can be broken down in the product by simply splitting or cutting them in half, which can be a convenient way to start out small and work your way up. For new users, you will want to start out with a minimal dose and work your way up, especially if you have no tolerance built up.

A mild effect with no tolerance is between 2 mg to 4 mg. If you smoke or vape 1 to 3 times per week, you can achieve a mild effect from edibles with 3 mg to 7 mg. Heavy users that smoke day to day can achieve a mild effect with 4 mg to 10 mg. Stronger effects can be achieved by doubling or even tripling these amounts, depending on your tolerance level.

Always start out small and work your way up to the desired effect to avoid any unwanted sedation. Edibles can hit much harder than a standard way of consuming cannabis and can even border on being mildly psychedelic. If you want measured consistency when it comes to consuming cannabis, then edibles are the way to go.


Pros and Cons of Edibles

Medical patients who are unable to smoke or vaporize due to underlying health issues will find edibles to be the preferred method of cannabis consumption. Very little goes a long way which can reflect positively on your wallet. Those who are unable to consume edibles due to gastrointestinal issues will find solace in tinctures that can be taken sublingually.

The downside to edibles can be in how long it takes for the body to assimilate the THC content to provide relief from pain and other ailments. Eating a fatty meal prior to this can help the body absorb the cannabinoids much sooner. Either way, you will have to wait a considerable amount of time before you feel the effects, which can be unsettling if you are not used to it.

Because edibles are significantly more powerful, they can have side effects that are unpleasant to sensitive or new users. Care must be taken to always start out at the lowest possible dose and wait up to 2 hours before deciding to take more. This can be a tedious process starting out, though will be worth it upon discovering your tolerance level.

Final Thoughts

Some dispensaries carry more edibles and extracts than actual flower. This is due to current trends and demands in the market. Edibles are not the most popular product, yet, though they are the most efficient in terms of medical strength. Some users find edibles a godsend while others find them a bit too strong.

In time, with the reclassification and regulation of cannabis across the board, you will likely find edibles stocked in supermarket grocery stores in special isles the same way we see liquor and wine products on store shelves. For now, dispensaries are the only way to acquire high-quality and reliable edibles. Never try to purchase edibles outside of a dispensary, as you will have no possible way to accurately gauge the number of cannabinoids in each product.

Edibles might be heavy on the body, though they are the most therapeutic method for achieving pain relief. Some edibles are higher in CBD than in THC, in which case more can be safely eaten. In any case, always strive for maintaining a balance and equilibrium between cannabinoids based on your needs. This will be the most efficient way to use edibles in a therapeutic way.

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