Can Anyone Walk into a Dispensary?

Medical marijuana has paved the way for a modern approach to alternative health. No longer are people having to rely solely on prescription pills or black markets to get the relief that they want. Unfortunately, laws surrounding cannabis are still very restrictive on a federal level. This means that states regulate their own laws around cannabis, and some states have chosen to force recreational users in the black market, which this article will attempt to expose.

by: Anthony E. | 04/17/22 1:30PM


Medical Cannabis vs Recreational Cannabis

Depending on where you live, you will often find both medical and recreational cannabis side by side when you go into a dispensary, if your state laws accommodate both. Medical cannabis is often higher in quality and does not usually carry a state tax. Recreational cannabis is plentiful but slightly lower in quality.

Nonetheless, cannabis remains steadfast in its ability to be adopted by new users who come to cannabis as an alternative treatment to a variety of physical and mental ailments. Medical cannabis is stronger and is usually backed by membership service or those who carry medical cards.

Recreational cannabis can also be strong but is usually produced for commercial market value rather than for connoisseur or medical quality. Both medical and recreational offer benefits to the user that cannot be easily found in other alternative health markets. In fact, many recreational users seek out cannabis for therapeutic reasons and not just for the sake of getting high, though that is also quite common.


Federal Law vs State Law

The federal laws surrounding cannabis are based on a sham, initially favoring the lumber industry but has now reached new sponsors to include the tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industry. The truth is that marijuana is easily produced and cannot be patented, which means there is no money to be made from it in its natural form. People can grow it easily and make their own medicine, which is what they don’t want.

If people were cured of their ailments, pharmaceutical industries would be crushed overnight. Therefore, it remains illegal on a federal level, and why the government does not have your best interest at heart, but instead favors profits over patients. Fortunately, local state governments can regulate their own laws which trump federal laws.

This is true because state policies must be adhered to in order to be regulated, which means federal agencies only get involved when the states fail to uphold their own policies. If you live in a state that has both medical and recreational cannabis legalized, then consider yourself fortunate! If you abide by state law, it is unlikely you will ever be bothered by the feds.

Dispensary Policies

When you walk into a dispensary, you do so knowing that there will be a limit to how much you can buy of any one product. The limits are quite lax currently, though are much more restrictive when it comes to the recreational market. This is because recreational users have no incentive to keep cannabis to themselves, especially when they can make a profit from reselling it.

This paints a bad picture for cannabis and further drags it into the black market. It is a double-edged sword that we simply must live with, as people will find ways to curb authority for the sake of profit. Many dispensaries are aware of the problem and place heavy taxes on the product that closely resembles the high prices you would find on the black market anyway.

This makes it very difficult to resell cannabis and make a profit from it when buying from a dispensary. Aside from having to acquire a license to produce and sell cannabis, dispensaries usually grow their own and make all the profit straight from the source. Most policies state that if you buy cannabis from a dispensary, you cannot share or resell it.


The Future of Cannabis

The truth is that cannabis is a very useful medicine that has helped thousands of people across the globe. It has literally saved lives and has also cost many lives through draconian laws. More and more people are starting to wake up to the truth by realizing how much value the cannabis plant has.

Aside from just being an inebriant and medicine, cannabis is also useful in making everything from clothing to food, and even textiles. One acre of cannabis can produce as much paper as four acres of trees, which makes it very versatile and helpful for the environment. The reality is that laws change with every dead politician. This means that the old ways of thinking are replaced by new ideas from people willing to embrace positive change.

As old politicians who are unwilling to change die of old age, new concepts are considered and eventually tried to see how they affect society. The future of cannabis remains bright, and it is only a matter of time before the whole world sees cannabis for what it really is, which is one of nature’s most effective and safe medicines.

Final Thoughts

When you go to a dispensary, always try to keep in mind that you are not just going to buy weed the same way you would buy a beer at a liquor store. Cannabis deserves to be treated with more reverence and respect. This is because it is truly a natural medicine, unlike alcohol which has resulted in more deaths than any other type of drug.

As adults, it is okay to want to have a good time and get stoned. The problem lies within those who would choose to abuse the plant and get psychologically addicted to it. Cannabis is not a drug in the traditional sense since it does not result in hangovers or physical addiction. Dispensaries do a great service to society by taking risk and offering an alternative to natural health.

The truth is that getting high can be fun when done in a safe environment around people you trust. You must always know your limits and approach cannabis with the knowledge of its healing powers and versatility. The next time you go to a dispensary, thank the person behind the counter for wanting to help you as we continue to fight together for the freedom we are all entitled to.

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