Should I Buy Stuff Online or At a Head Shop?

Whether from the pandemic or if they are just going along with the technology, most businesses have some form of an online store. But which choice is the right selection to choose - brick and mortar or online shopping? Read on to help determine whether you should buy online or in-store.

by: Chelsea O. | 06/08/21 1:30PM


Whether you are looking for convenience or just an added level of discretion, online shopping has become a typical norm (and convenience) in society today. With just a few button pushes on your smartphone, you can have your purchase in a matter of days. However, with more businesses opening back up, many people are questioning whether to continue to buy online or to start making purchases again in-store at a headshop.

What Are the Benefits of Shopping Online?

When it comes to online shopping, you cannot beat the selection. Headshops can only hold so many products, while online retailers have entire warehouses filled with products for their users to choose from (and each online retailer can have different options creating an even bigger multitude of options for the buyer). These online retailers can offer a variety of incentives, discounts, or other advantages for those who choose to purchase their items over what their local head shop is able to offer. Other online shopping benefits include (but are not limited to):

Constant Availability

Unlike a headshop that offers specific store hours, online retailers provide 24/7 availability and can be accessed from any location with online capabilities. Some retailers even over next-day delivery on purchases.

Saves Time

While you may not be able to physically touch the product, purchasing online allows the customer to be able to compare products from multiple retailers, look over reviews, and compare pricing without having to drive from one business to the next. Plus you get to avoid crowds and having to wait in long check-out lines to make your purchase.


No Fear of Lockdown

During the worst portions of the pandemic, a variety of lockdown protocols were taken (such as closing all unnecessary businesses). Online stores do not have to shut down during these situations.

Larger Selection

Since space is not an issue with an online store, there is a much larger selection of products for you to choose from than what you will find available at a head shop.


Generally online retailers will have cheaper pricing than a headshop. This is due to the fact of fewer overhead costs to combat.

What Are the Benefits of Shopping at a Headshop?

Headshops offer a very different experience than shopping online. First and foremost, you have the tangible element. Since you have the product in front of you, you can physically pick it up and feel the item and inspect it. This in turn allows the buyer to have a more confident purchase. Other benefits of shopping at a headshop include:

Less Likely to Return

Since you have the item in front of you, you do not have to worry about it not turning out as expected. The size and specifications are able to be seen prior to purchase, so common reasons for returning online purchases are not as relevant.

Immediate Gratification

Unlike online purchases, a purchase from a headshot provides immediate gratification. This is because as soon as you make the purchase, you can start to enjoy it.

The Experience

Another common reason users prefer purchasing at a headshop is for the experience. Many people enjoying going to a physical store and looking around at different items until they find the perfect item.

Should I Buy Online or At a Head shop?

When it comes to online versus your local head shop, the best option really depends on the person. What is the best choice for one person may not be for the next? It ultimately comes down to personal preferences and what makes the customer happy. There is no right or wrong answer. Ultimately, it all comes down to what matters to you (such as pricing, selection, and overall experience).


Are There Any Tips I Should Consider If I Buy Online?

Online shopping offers a variety of advantages, but there are also a few things you need to avoid when making your online purchase. These tips include (but are not limited to):

Never By From an Unauthorized Seller

When making a purchase you should only buy products from authorized resellers or distributors. If you are unsure, you can always write to the brand itself for confirmation (or denial) of a store's status.

Read the Privacy Policy

You should always be cautious when making online purchases. Read and understand the privacy policy and NEVER give out more information than necessary.

Do Not Ignore Deals

Keep an eye out. Many online retailers offer a number of incentives for doing other things (like a discount on your purchase for signing up for the newsletter). Take advantage of these deals.

Take the Time to Research

One of the easiest ways to determine if a company is worth purchasing from is based on how other customers feel. Take the time to not only research the brands and products available from the retailer but also to research the business itself. Reading testimonials will provide you with a better idea of how complaints and problems are dealt with, as well as how the company treats its clientele in general.

Check Out the Store Guarantees/Warranties

Companies that offer guarantees and warranties is a business that wants their customers to truly have an enjoyable experience. It not only shows they want happy customers, but it also provides customers with confidence in the business, their services, and the quality of products they provide.

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