Why Age Verification is Required for Online Vape Shops

New Vaping Laws require all online Vape Shops to use age verification at checkout to mitigate the sales of these products to underage individuals. The process is secure and confidential so do not worry!

by: Mathew H. | 03/26/20 1:30PM


Why do Online Vape Shops have Age Verification at Checkout?

Age verification is now present for online vape shops because online vape shops sell age-restricted products. If you were at a retail store, a clerk would just need to look at your photo-ID. Banks and now the LAW, require online vape shops to have some kind of age verification in order for those retailers to accept payment. This has recently become a legal requirement to prevent minors from purchasing vaping products, which is why it may seem like a new step in the check-out process that you are not used to.


What is the Vape Shop Age Verification?

What is the Vape Shop Age Verification?

Any online vape shop or head shop is now legally required to use a 3rd party age verification service during the checkout process. This has been set in place to help prevent minors from obtaining vaping products. Usually, age verification is instant, the system will simply pull information from information you would already put in to make an online purchase (like your name, credit card information, address, etc). At times, the age verification system may not be able to instantly verify your age, in which case it will need a picture of your photo ID.

Why do Online Vape Shops have Age Verification at Checkout?

What are the steps to go through the process?

For the vast majority of customers, the process is simple and instant. The age verification system pulls information that you would already be putting in to make a general online purchase. This includes your name, address, and information from your credit or debit card. There is nothing more you need to do.

For those that need extra age verification, the steps remain simple. A pop-up will appear stating that more information is needed and that you will need to take a photo of your ID. You can use a webcam to directly take a picture or use a mobile device to upload a photo. You will also have the option to receive a text message with a link that will help you complete the verification process.

Generally, your age verification will be approved within 60 seconds, but that time can vary depending on how many customers are in queue to be verified.

Does every Online Vape Shop have Age Verification?

Yes! It is now a legal requirement for all online vape shops to have age verification in place. Sites that do not will be unable to accept payments.


Is my information secure?

Is my information secure?

Absolutely! The information that you provide is only used for age verification. It is not saved, collected, shared, or sold to 3rd parties.

Any information you provide is stored on a private internal network. That means it does not have any connection to the internet, keeping it safe from outside attacks. The service itself uses 256-bit encryption, so your information is secure.

If you are prompted to provide a photo ID, certain information will be kept so that photo-ID verification will not be required in the future. That includes name, date of birth, and address. Even if you provide a photo ID, it is NEVER stored on any service. Once you have been verified, the photo provided is deleted.

Is there any way around Age Verification for vapes?

Is there any way around Age Verification for dry herb vapes

There is no way to avoid age verification for online vape stores. As it is now a legal requirement, every online vape store will have this restriction (just like how brick and mortar retail stores have to check ID). However, for the majority of people, the standard information provided to make a purchase will be enough to verify age. For those that need to provide a picture of a photo ID, your information is securely stored and your photo is NEVER kept.

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