What Will I Find in a Dispensary?

Dispensaries have cropped up across the country in states that have decided to recognize the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant. No longer are people reliant on having to acquire their medicine from the black market. Because black markets have limited competition, prices stay high across the board. Dispensaries have essentially killed those black markets by having high-quality material at half the price or even less, which this article will discuss.

by: Anthony E. | 04/23/22 1:30PM


What is a Dispensary?

Dispensaries are businesses that specialize in providing the local community with high-quality cannabis products, ranging from edibles and flower to cartridges and even topical creams. Most dispensaries operate out of a brick-and-mortar shop located in a district that is usually far away from suburbs, schools, and other personal or federal buildings.

Dispensaries are often licensed to grow and manufacture their own cannabis products, though many operate on consignment and source their product from other producers. To enter a dispensary, most must present both an ID and a medical marijuana card, even if they intend to buy CBD. Since dispensaries are plentiful in some places, prices will be quite low to attract business.

You can also find many deals throughout the week and many also offer membership discounts. In some states that allow for recreational cannabis, you will find that all you need to enter is a simple ID. While some also have websites that can be used to order cannabis products ahead of time, it is usually better to go in person to see what they have since cannabis products can sell out rather fast.


Where Can I Find a Dispensary?

Assuming you live in a state that allows for medical and/or recreational cannabis, you will find many dispensaries sprinkled across your city. One of the best places to look can be online, or in apps such as Weedmaps or Leafly. These pinpoint both location and dispensary menus to give you a better idea of what to expect when you go in.

Because there tend to be multiple places to shop, you will find prices competing for business which makes for a very cheap product. Dispensaries are usually located in places that have relatively heavy traffic and are usually kept far from schools and other institutions where children are present.

Dispensaries that have been around for a while are usually established as reliable in the community, so it would also be a good idea to ask someone you know where you can find the good stuff. Sometimes you may have to travel a distance just to find a reputable dispensary that has high-quality goods, since some of them may be selling product that are mid-grade or worse and are grown in suboptimal conditions.


Who Can Go into a Dispensary?

If you live in a state that caters strictly to medical patients, then you will find that only those who have a valid medical card can enter and purchase products from a dispensary. If you are lucky enough to live in a state that has legalized cannabis for adults, then you might still find that some dispensaries are willing to open the door to recreational customers.

Since it is considered a medicine, many dispensaries are exclusive to the medical community despite being legal for adults. Fortunately, those who have medical cards are not subject to the high taxes associated with recreational sales. Those who go into a dispensary with an ID are permitted to buy products that are allowed for recreation, though are restricted from purchasing medical products.

In time, it is highly likely that adults will be able to go to a corner store to purchase mid-grade flower or even a THC vape cartridge, much like one would go for a pack of cigarettes. Until then, adults may enter certain dispensaries if they present an ID, though can only purchase certain products if they also happen to have a medical card.

What Can I Buy in a Dispensary?

Dispensaries are often fully stocked with products ranging from edibles that contain various amounts of THC and CBD, to dried flower that may or may not be freshly cured. Unfortunately, you will often find flower that has been sitting for months inside a jar that is overly dry. While this is a poor way to store and present cannabis buds, it is the most common.

If you have a medical card when entering a dispensary, you will be permitted to buy anything in the store. It should be noted, however, that there are limits to how much product you can buy at any one time. This is to prevent the resale of the product and to discourage users from setting up shop on the black market.

This is further emphasized in recreational customers that have no medical card, as they are even more restricted in what they can buy and how much, plus it is heavily taxed. When it comes to what you can and cannot buy in a dispensary, always make sure you go to a reputable place and simply ask around.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis has come a long way in recent years. No longer is it the demon weed responsible for turning people into crazed maniacs, as depicted in certain propaganda films such as Reefer Madness. The truth is finally making its way to the fore and being recognized by the medical community. In time, many others will simply come to realize how misunderstood the cannabis plant has been.

With more and more dispensaries popping up around a city, prices are bound to go down as supply far outweighs the demand. More businesses mean more competition, which is also good for the consumer’s wallet. Unfortunately, you will also see small businesses trying their hand in the cannabis market dwindle and fade away.

This is because big companies can afford to outdo the little guy, and with prices being so low, small businesses will not be able to keep up and compete with large scale cannabis farms. It is the way it is, and life must go on. As a consumer, there is no better time in history than to be a part of the cannabis industry.

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