Dry Herbs In Your House That You Can Vape

If you just got a dry herb vaporizer, know that there is a plethora of other herbs that can easily be vaped, each with their own unique qualities. Here are 10 vape-able dry herbs that you may even have in your house right now!

by: Joe C. | 05/05/16 1:30PM


Dry Herb Types

People that use a dry herb vaporizer usually stick to a favorite herb, but there is a plethora of herbs other than cannabis that can easily be vaped, each with their own unique qualities. Below we will list out and explain 10 dry herbs people like to vape!


Catnip Herbs

Ideal Vaping temperature: 212-302 °F

Catnip induces a relaxing and comfortable buzz, is completely legal and sold fresh in most garden and pet stores.


Passion Flower Herbs

Ideal Vaping temperature: 309°F

Found growing naturally in parts of North America, passionflower is known for its tranquilizing and slightly sedated qualities when vaped.




Ideal Vaping temperature: 266°F

Vaping lavender is known to stimulate blood flow, both antiseptic and antibacterial, act as an anti-depressant, a carminative, and a muscle relaxant in addition to its signature smell.


Lemon Balm

Ideal Vaping temperature: 287°F 



Ideal Vaping temperature 374°F

Known as a tea for its calming properties, vaped chamomile is said to act as a relaxant, promoting sleep and boosting the immune system.



Ideal Vaping temperature: 309°F

Vaporizing of hops induces a mildly euphoric and sedative effect and is often mixed with cannabis for an earthy, spicy and sweet flavor.


Green Tea Herbs

Ideal Vaping temperature:

Vaporizing green tea is said to feel the same as drinking a cup of coffee as the caffeine is efficiently vaporized off the plant; however, it hits the body much faster - perfect for your morning pick me up.




Ideal Vaping temperature: 374°F

Vaporizing Sage is used as a treatment for cold symptoms and relieving a sore throat.



Ideal Vaping temperature: 330°F

In addition to its known minty taste, the effects of peppermint relieve muscle spasms and act as an antiseptic.


Thyme Herbs

Ideal Vaping temperature: 374°F

Thyme, while often paired with marijuana, creates a buzz of its own and, in combination with cannabis, it can make you save bud as it increases its effect.


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