5 Benefits of Using a Vaporizer for Dry Herbs

The move to portable vaporizers from glassware and other devices has been growing rapidly since circa 2011.  Dry Herb Vaporizers have been around for a some time so we have put together some top vaping tips you should know.

by: NY Vape Shop | 04/28/16 2:30PM


The move to portable vaporizers from glassware and other devices has been growing rapidly since circa 2011. Vaporizers have been around for a long time, but mostly in the form of desktop vaporizers or at-home-vapes like the Volcano. As with everything, technology has finally made its way through to the world of pipes and papers. You can now easily vape while traveling and you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

Now that you can get your hands on a portable vaporizer so easily, the question now is, why should I vape?


1. Vaporizing Is A Healthier Alternative To Smoking Your Dry Herbs

Typical smoking methods burn the dry herbs and turn them to ash. When the herbs burn, the chemical composition denatures and releases toxins. Vaporizing, on the other hand, evenly heats the dry herbs just enough to release their aromas without breaking down the actual herbs themselves. After vaporization, the herbs will be a brownish color.


 2. Vaporizers Are Very Discreet And Can Be Used Almost Anywhere

When using a vaporizer, instead of huge smoke clouds, you’ll experience a barely visible, light vapor that dissipates quickly. Even in the short time the vapor is around, the smell is not pungent or familiar. The actual vape unit itself adds to the discretion. Most units can be mistaken for an e-cig and overlooked quite easily. They can also be easily stored and removed from a pocket or bag at a moments notice.



 3. A Vape Is Cleaner And Can Be Very Convenient To Use

A vaporizer can be just like your cell phone. Simply plug it in to charge and you're on your way. Using a vaporizer, you no longer need to concern yourself with lighters or smelly pieces. Simply pack the chamber of your vape and enjoy with the press of a button as you casually stroll in your yard. To clean, just empty out the contents into the garbage with your scraper and a few light taps—no need to worry about a sticky mess so you can place a nice clean vape back in your pocket or bag with confidence.


 4. You No Longer Have To Worry About The Wind

This is a convenience for sure, but we gave this its own number on the list just for our skiers and snowboarders out there. Have you ever tried smoking on the mountain? Between the wind and the wet conditions, it is often difficult and sometimes impossible to light anything. A vaporizer can be used in any condition no matter how windy or damp it is.


 5. Vape For A Better Taste With More Flavor

A vaporizer is designed to evenly heat the dry herbs like a convection oven. This process preserves the actual herbs without breaking them down and therefore allows you to get a pure taste without any of the toxins present under burning conditions.

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