E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer review

This top rated dry herb vaporizer is sleek, stylish and highly effective. The E-CLIPSE vape has a large, ceramic heating chamber that will heat up super fast. The display screen shows temperature, battery and other information. This vaporizer gets two thumbs up.

by: John Winston | 03/24/17 1:30PM


Those of you who familiar with my writing know that I am a stickler for vaporizers. That is, much in the same way Italians almost always refuse to have any food that is not good, I utterly refuse to continuously using a vaporizer that is not at or above a certain standard.


It is with that high standard in mind that I approach almost all of my vaporizer reviews: How big is it? How hot does it get? Does it have a digital temperature control? How quickly does it heat up the substance, and how long can I reasonably expect the battery to last before crapping out?

These are the sorts of questions I asked before sampling the E-CLIPSE dry herb vaporizer. In retrospect I wish I would have preserved my first time with this vape pen for simply enjoying the experience: The E-CLIPSE is, without doubt, the best all-around herb vaporizer I have ever tried. There are many reasons for this, which I will get into below. But make no mistake: If you go to a vape shop and invest in this product, you are not only investing in a great one, but you may also be investing in the future of vaping itself.

360 view of E-CLIPSE dry herb vaporizer

A Great Herb Vape

When shopping on the market for a vaporizer, it is important to first think about what substance you would like to be vaping. There are any number of vapes available on the market -- everything from singularly dry herb vapes, wax/oil vapes, or a combination of the two. Each person has their own preference. Again, purely as a matter of preference, I tend to stick with dry herb vapes: I find that they offer a much cleaner and less intense outcome, and for me, they tend to make the vaping experience easier, since I feel like I am better able to monitor myself and my vaping experience. The E-CLIPSE obviously fulfills this preference of mine without even really trying.

Small in Size, Yet Sleek Design

One of the issues I’ve encountered with vaporizers -- particularly dry herb vapes -- is a clunky, less-than-convenient size. This is often attributable to the size of the battery, which, in the case of many vaporizers, must be on the larger side in order to accommodate higher heat settings or larger convection ovens. The E-CLIPSE does not have this issue. One of the first things I noticed about the it was just how tiny the thing is: It resembles a small flip-phone, and could easily fit inside a pack of cigarettes (especially if you smoke Virginia Slims or something, which would mean you carry around an extra-large pack.) The tiny body of the E-CLIPSE means that you’ll be able to vape in the most discreet way possible, with no one ever knowing that you’re not holding a small cellphone.

Large Convection Oven

Dry herb vapes tend to come equipped with either of two kinds of heating mechanisms -- combustion versus convection ovens. The difference between the two is essentially the difference between combustion and true vaporizers.For the best experience you should always use a herb grinder to grind up before vaping.

A true vaporizer utilizes a convection oven-- a chamber into which dry herb is packed and air passes through it. The hot air travels through the herb and soaks up the aromas and particles and delivers to the user that sweet vapor that users of vape pens have come to associate with vaporization.

Combustion vapes on the other hand, go about things in a different way. These vapes put their heating elements directly into contact with the dry herb, essentially burning it and producing smoke that travels up through the  E-CLIPSE vape mouthpiece to the user. It is essentially a pipe in vaporizer form.

The most common reason many people prefer vaporization to pipes is because conventional smoking may sometimes have a negative effect on the user’s lungs, since smoking is typically accompanied by carcinogens and toxins. The E-CLIPSE relies on the latest in vaporization technology, ensuring that the user is delivered sweet vapor without having to worry about some of the negative health effects associated with smoking.

It is also worth noting the size of the heating chamber. Because many of the better vaporizers these days require a great deal of power to operate, they often have a larger battery and a smaller chamber in which to place the dry herb. The E-CLIPSE, on the other hand, boasts a solid size chamber in which the owner could fit almost a half-gram of dry herb.

picture of dry herb vaporizer kit

Battery Life

This is one of the only areas of the E-CLIPSE specs that is something of a mixed bag. On the one hand, the E-CLIPSE boasts a battery life of 4+ hours. This is exceptionally long for a true vaporizer, since, because of the level of power involved, vapes often do not have much of a battery life of longer than a few hours.

That lengthy battery life comes at a cost, however: The E-CLIPSE battery charging time can often stretch above three hours, which makes it a less-than-convenient vape to have to charge, particularly if you’re a vaper on the go.


Digital Temperature Control

One of the great things about the E-CLIPSE - indeed, about many modern vaporizers -- is that they utilize a digital temperature control to allow the user to know exactly the temperature at which the dry herb is getting vaped. (Some true vaporizers do not include a digital temperature control, only certain heating settings.)

Celsius. For Americans -- and other ignorant people everywhere -- this often means I have no real idea of how hot I’ve set the vape to vaporize the dry herb. An example of this is how it took me a week of using the vape before I realized I had it on the highest setting!

That being said, one of the biggest selling points for the E-CLIPSE is its lightning-fast heat up time. Whereas other vaporizers can often take over a minute to heat up, the E-CLIPSE will usually take from 30-40 seconds to reach the heat at which its been pre-set. Vape enthusiasts like myself who have dealt with their share of slow-moving vaporizers consider this all but a godsend, and I can’t get enough.

To sum up the E-CLIPSE, the sleek and small style, long battery life, large convection oven, and wealth of heating choices from which to choose make this vaporizer truly one of the best. If you’re a fan of dry herb or vaporizers, you’d be hard-pressed to find yourself one that’s better than this. Happy vaping!

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