Crafty Vaporizer Review - Storz & Bickel Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Crafty Vaporizer for dry herbs is brought to you by the same people that introduced the original Volcano desktop vaporizer for at home enjoyment. Now get the same quality in portable form.

by: Fletcher R. | 11/05/18 2:30PM

Vaporizer technology is exploding, soon to be a billion-dollar-a-year industry providing an expanding array of devices and experiences. Vaporizers began as stay-at-home devices, employing bags and balloons to hold the vapor, some using whips and tubes to draw it more directly. These provided big vape hits and were perfect for shared use. Soon enough, portable vaporizers appeared. They offered portability and compact design, but in general the vape hits weren’t as strong.

In the short but sweet history of vape technology, two names stand out as stay-at-home legends: the Plenty and the Volcano. These two vaporizers changed the game and helped put vapes on the map. They were well built and provided the best vapor available. They remain on the top of many experts’ go-to list for at home vaping.

Now with the Storz & Bickel on our vape shop, the people who brought you those two giants of the vape world, bring you a portable vaporizer worthy of its predecessors: the Crafty. Instead of the bags and balloons, the whips or the tubing, direct draw vaporizers like the Crafty are perfect for use on the go. And just about none of them are better than the Crafty. It provides the high-quality vape experience in a sleek and portable design; truly the best of both worlds.

The Crafty comes with everything you need to start vaping right away! If you wish to take the extra step please remember to grind up dry herb with a herb grinder!


The Vape Kit Includes:

  • Crafty Vaporizer
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Oil Pad
  • 3x Screens
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Herb Mill (Grinder)
  • Filling Aid
  • Seal Rings
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Charging the Crafty

The Crafty comes with a charger that is both a wall unit and a USB charger, which provides ultimate flexibility to charge the vaporizer just about anywhere and virtually any time. And the Crafty is a charge-through vaporizer, which means you can use it while it’s being charged. If you’re charge-through vaping, you’ll want to let the device get up to about 20% charged first though! Battery life is up to 40 minutes.


Loading the Crafty

Once the Crafty is charged up, it’s a breeze to load and use as one of our best dry herb vaporizers. The lid swivels on and off with a single turn to reveal or conceal the herb chamber. It’s a decent-sized chamber too, especially for a portable, holding about .3 grams of herbs, loosely packed.

Here’s where the cool filling aid comes in. It’s a device which makes sure you can easily and evenly pack your herb chamber. Just screw open the clear plastic lid, which is the top, and fill up the doughnut-shaped chamber with ground herbs. Close the top lid and unscrew the bottom lid, which is orange like the central part of the unit. This helps you to keep from confusing one for the other and trying to use the device upside down. Screw the filling aid into the Crafty (where the herb chamber is). Taking the top off again and removing the central stopper, simply shake the filling aid and the dry herb falls perfectly and neatly into the herb chamber without any mess or waste. Replace the central stopper and the clear plastic top, unscrew the filling aid, and it’s still packed with herb for your next use. Refilling the Crafty is then as easy as screwing the filling aid on, removing the top and middle, and giving it a little shake. It’s a lot handier than constantly grinding and loading by hand, and it does a great job of evenly distributing and perfectly packing herb for a consistently good vape.

Using the Crafty

Once packed, replace the Crafty’s lid with just a little swivel and you’re ready to turn it on. Just hold down the power button for a couple of seconds. It’s that simple. The light turns red and it give off a little vibration, which tells you it’s heating up.

If you want boost mode, a quick increase in temperature, just press the button twice. The red light will blink.

The unit needs only about 60-90 seconds to warm up, and when it’s ready the light turns green and there’s another quick vibration . This is handy if it’s starting up in your pocket or purse, or if you’re sitting with it in your hands and simply forget you’ve started it up. And I imagine invaluable for the visually impaired.

Then swivel out the vape mouthpiece and draw! The hits are excellent, as good as the desktop vaporizers of legend. I got the same kind of smooth-tasting hit, never burned.

Using the Crafty is simplicity itself. There are a lot of great portable vaporizers on the market, many with complicated setting systems. But that can mean a learning curve, figuring out which settings work best, how many times to press the button for one function or another, even learning to read the LED screens. But with the Crafty, it’s point and draw, no muss and no fuss.

It delivers huge vape hits too, bigger than any portable I’ve ever used. And the quality is consistent, which is another huge plus. There’s no hit-and-miss with the Crafty. It works so well with its refined technology, in my opinion. Its designers put their effort into a solid design delivering perfect vape every time, and that’s really the point. The Crafty is flexible too; perfect for vaping herbs but can vape oils and concentrates too.

Cleaning the Crafty

Maintaining a clean Crafty is as simple as using the brush included in the kid to keep the herb chamber clean.

Clean the crafty by starting with the cooling unit top section. Remove the swivel mouthpiece, slide the plate which reads ‘Crafty’ forward and then gently rock the screened base piece apart from the top section. Be careful when doing this. Once the cooling unit pieces are separated, use Q-tip swabs dampened with isopropyl or rubbing alcohol to scrub off any residue buildup. Then reassemble and replace onto the unit.

Remember never to use isopropyl or any liquid anywhere near the interior of the device. Even a tiny drop inside the unit will fry it.


Other Big Benefits

The Crafty conserves. It’s designed to maximize its two most important resources; herb and battery life. Not only does the herb packing tool help prevent herb loss when packing, and seals a travel supply in a non-spill container, there’s minimal herb loss. The Crafty features an automatic shutoff as well, after being idle for 60 seconds, so you don’t waste the tiniest bit of battery life. This keeps the working parts inside the Crafty from being overused unnecessarily too. And the vibration feature reminds you not to forget you’ve turned it on, which prevents having to restart it if you space out. Those three elements combined make the Crafty the most efficient vaporizers on the market, portable or desktop.

The Crafty is compact. I also liked that there weren’t a lot of extra parts to be stored and assembled. A lot of portables have glass mouthpieces or tubes to be screwed on and taken off. They’re also very easy to lose or break, and they’re inconvenient and expensive to replace. But the Crafty’s swiveling mouthpiece is discrete and compact and still perfectly functional.

The Crafty is clever. It comes with a free phone app (for Android or iPhone) that connects to the Crafty via Bluetooth. The app connects to the Crafty via the serial number and you’re off and running. The app can control the default temperature to exactly the temperature preferred (between 104 and 110F). The app can control the boost mode temperature too. In SETTINGS, you can adjust or turn off the vibrating feature and control another of other options. You can even track how many hours of vaping you clock up over time. The app is clear to read and easy to use, and it provides all the control of other vaporizers without cluttering the device.

The Crafty is comfy. A lot of other portable vaporizers are solid, but heavy, which is a drag if you’re carrying it in your pants pocket. But this unit feels light, but also extremely solid. It’s got a lightweight plastic composition (one of the lightest portables currently on the market) and still amazingly well put together! The round shape and size (2.2" x 4.3”, 4.8 oz) makes it comfortable to hold and to carry in your pockets too.

The Crafty is cool. A combination of convection and conduction heating uses 8 defused air jets and heat-conducting materials. Nearly open airflow delivers optimal vape hits. The unique cooling unit top forces vapor through an elongated path, and that lowers its temperature significantly before reaching the sensitive mouth and lungs.

For the very best in portable vaporizer technology, for build quality and ease of use, heavy-hitting vape hits and maximum efficiency, the Crafty really has no equal.

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