Is Bong Water Good for Plants

Bong water is known for being rather nasty. It smells bad, tastes bad, and is bad to consume. This goes for animals and plants as well. In fact, because bong water houses many impurities and residual toxins, plants can absorb this. If you consume the plants, you are effectively also consuming the toxins filtered with them. This article will explain why bong water is bad for plants.

by: Anthony E. | 04/12/23 1:30PM


The Quality of Bong Water

If you happen to smoke good herb through a bong, the water will still come out dirty. Bong water stinks and tastes like crap. Just because you have good weed doesn’t mean the bong water will somehow be better in quality. The quality of the water itself is what matters most. If you have good water, you will have better filtration.

Either way, the bong water will not be suitable to feed to plants. In the long-run, your plants will suffer from lack of nutrients. In fact, the residues filtered in the water can actually block nutrients from being absorbed. If you eat the plants grown in bong water, they will likely be of subpar quality.


Why Bong Water Isn’t the Best Option

The only real purpose water has in a bong is to filter out impurities. Smoke is filled with toxins and other debris that can choke up a plant’s roots. Bong water will essentially block proper nutrient uptake. What little benefit bong water may serve will be overshadowed by the impurities.

The viscosity of bong water has an oily texture to it. This can further compound the roots’ inability to soak up nutrients. Imagine biting into a fruit or vegetable grown in bong water. It is kind of gross.

Is Bong Water Good for Cannabis Plants?

No, it isn’t. As previously mentioned, bong water can lock up nutrients and introduce toxins. This can potentially ruin a good strain of cannabis plant. The water in a bong is meant to cool down and filter out the smoke. The water will be filled with carcinogens and other impurities. Your best bet is to simply feed your plants fresh, clean water.

For cannabis plants, you will want to feed it distilled water and slowly introduce nutrients to bring up the EC. Electrical conductivity measures the salts in the water. Too much and your roots get fried. Too little and your plants will fail to thrive. Bong water will just gunk everything up and even ruin your gardening tools.


Bong Water Temperatures

If the bong water wasn’t already nasty, picture dumping hot bong water onto a plant. This is essentially torture. If you want to kill weeds, go for it. If you want to grow foods or cannabis, do not feed it bong water. Especially if it happens to be hot! While users may introduce cold water into a bong, repeated use during a session will make it hotter and hotter.

This is especially true during the summers and with reloaded bowls. Bongs are known for having large bowls. This makes for bigger hits and will warm up the water quicker. Ice cold water can also affect a plant negatively. In either case, refrain from feeding any plant bong water of any temperature.

Final Thoughts

If you want to maim, kill, and torture a weed in your garden, feed it bong water. If you want to grow foods and quality cannabis, don’t do it. Bong water is not good for plants in any amount. It filters out smoke and traps in debris and other nasties. This is why it ends up smelling and tasting horrible. Always feed your plants high-quality water that has not been used to filter out smoke. Despite what you may have heard or read, bong water is not beneficial for any reason.

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