Is it Better to Fill a Bong with Warm or Cold Water?

Bong water temperatures have remained a hot topic for quite some time. For some people, the temperature of the water inside the chamber is a matter of personal preference. For others, the temperature of the water serves a more practical purpose. In this article, we will be looking into both warm and cold waters, and what they can do during a smoke session.

by: Anthony E. | 02/10/22 2:30PM


The Use of a Bong

The main purpose of any classical bong is to filter out the smoke while providing a huge hit. This is accomplished by way of design. A bong either has a large water chamber or a straight tube. The mouthpiece is usually one long piece connected to the chamber. The bowl is connected through a downstem that goes into the water.

Smoke is then carried through the downstem and into the water where it is filtered and cooled down. The bong is usually cleared by lifting the bowl, allowing the user to take the entire hit. Most users put cold water into their chambers. Some bongs even come with ice catchers, allowing for further cooling of the smoke. This is especially useful for those using a torch lighter or for those with iron lungs who take larger hits.

Bigger hits make for a hotter bowl, which in turn requires the cooling of the smoke to create a more comfortable experience. However, there are users out there who fill their bongs with warm water instead. Why would anyone want to add warm water instead of cooling down their smoke? The practical side to this will be explained in further detail in the next section.


Water Temperatures in a Bong

Cold water is perfect for cooling down a hit, though the downside to this is that it dries out the smoke and can be detrimental to the lungs for long-term use. Warm water reintroduces moisture into the smoke and allows for a much smoother hit. There are bongs on the market which can utilize both warm and cold water.

Ideally, the bottom chamber would be filled with ice-cold water to cool down and filter the hit. As the smoke passes through the second chamber, warm water reintroduces the moisture content back into the cooled smoke and delivers one of the smoothest hits imaginable. This is both practical and healthy for long-term use.

If you were to always use cold water, you will likely cough more often and be more prone to upper respiratory ailments during prolonged use. If you were to just use warm water in your bong, then you will find that your hits are not cool, though they will become much more easily taken and exhaled. In essence, you will reduce the coughing hits you might have after taking a huge rip.


Which One is Better?

Most people will have a bong with just one water chamber, and so the option to put warm and cold water into the bong will not be possible. What you do not want to do is put warm water in the lower chamber with ice in the upper chamber. This will cause you to cough due to the ice sucking out all the moisture and battering your lungs with the cold.

Ice catchers are nice if you prefer your hits cold and don’t mind the occasional coughing fit, though it may be better to fill your bong with warm water, if you had to choose just one. Again, this will all boil down to personal preference, though the evidence shows that warm water filters out the smoke and creates a much smoother hit.

Contrary to what you might expect, taking a hit from a bong filled with warm water will not be harsh or come out hot. The truth is you would have to try it to know the difference. Just as cold water is useful for cooling down a hit, warm water is better at making it smoother. What you do not want to do is fill your bong with hot water though. This will make your hit very unpleasant.

How to Maintain Water Temperatures in Your Bong

When using cold water, ice will help to keep it cool. After a while, you will find the ice melts and your water is no longer cold. This is especially true if your sessions are long or if your hits are huge. A hot bowl will make quick work of ice in a chamber, and you will gradually see the ice melt in your ice catcher.

Warm water is not as easy to maintain since there is no way to manually heat it back up once it is inside the chamber. You cannot place your bong on a stove or warmer because it can shatter. Even though tempered glass can withstand heat, if you have an expensive glass piece, you will not want to place it on your stove top.

All this would do is heat up your bong to a point where even holding would not be ideal. The best way to keep your water warm is to simply empty out the chamber and refill it with warm water. Obviously, keeping your water cold is much easier and is usually the preferred choice. With that said, you should expect to cough more when using cold water.

Final Thoughts

Water filtration through a bong is one of the best ways to enjoy a smoke session. This can enhance the experience and provide a more enjoyable session overall. Bongs are unique for their ability to utilize water, though bubblers are often considered the portable version of a bong with a different structure.

Bongs have more moving parts, such as a bowl and downstem. This makes them a bit more tedious to clean, though because they can provide bigger hits, it is well worth the time and investment. Water temperatures in a bong will always come down to what you like and what you are willing to try.

Cold water is usually fine for most people, while warmer water is better suited for those who want to cough less. Either way, using water in a bong will filter the smoke and provide a much better smoking experience.

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