Pokeball Herb Grinder vs. Lightning Grinder

Herb grinders are one of the most essential accessories comprising any smoker’s repertoire. The right kind of grinder can have a tremendous impact on the quality of your smoke session. But that doesn’t mean that it must be daft or devoid of aesthetic value. In fact, many grinders today are ornamental in nature and quite decorative in one way or another. In this article, we will be going over two novelty grinders that are fully functional and sure to become your next go-to grinder.

by: Anthony E. | 09/28/22 1:30PM


The Pokeball Herb Grinder

Gotta catch ‘em all! The Pokeball Herb Grinder is themed after the hit Japanimation series Pokémon, known for its epic duels between monsters that can only be captured by a Pokeball. This herb grinder is a two-piece compartment that is perfect for simply grinding up your herbs and storing it with no additional chambers.

The grinder has sharp metal teeth that are properly shaped in a diamond formation, allowing for a much better grind that leaves your dry herbs fluffy and minced without turning it into dust. The Pokeball herb grinder has a grinding area of a 1.5-inch diameter with the whole Pokeball measuring 2 and ⅛ inches in length.

The height all around also measures 2 and ⅛ inches all around, making for a perfectly round Pokeball that is perfectly made to fit inside a purse or pocket without taking up room. The bonus is that this herb grinder is smooth and rounded, preventing it from getting caught in anything and leaving an imprint on your clothing.


The Lightning Grinder

The Lightning Grinder is a beautiful 4-piece novelty grinder that has a transparent top so the user can see how fine the herb has been ground up. The four pieces make up three chambers that will grind, store, and collect your dry herb material. This is a popular model grinder out there.

The Lightning Grinder measures 2.5 inches in diameter and 1 and ⅞ inches tall, making it also one of the better stealth grinders. It is perfect for travel and on the go use. It fits neatly inside a purse. What makes this grinder so unique is its irregularly placed diamond teeth. This allows for a more thorough cut that properly minces and chops up your dry herb material.

Unlike other grinders that have cheap or closely spaced teeth, the Lightning Grinder will not leave your dry herbs overly minced. You can see everything that is happening to prevent them from being too fine or too coarse. The Lightning Grinder is perfect for those who want a bit more control without opening the grinder.

Pros and Cons of Each

Both grinders provide their own unique benefits. If you are looking for a grinder that is small and stealthy, then you will find both to be of equal standard, though you might prefer one over the other for aesthetic reasons. While the Pokeball Herb Grinder is simple and only has two pieces, the Lightning Grinder has four and is better suited for more comprehensive grinding.

It is an obvious perk that the Lightning Grinder has a transparent top to allow for a clear view of the herbs as they are being ground up. This allows the user to see whether the dry herbs are being too finely ground or left coarse. The user can decide whether he or she wants to have a certain consistency of dry herbs for smoking, vaping, or even for maceration and extracts.

The only other obvious difference between the two is their respective price points. You are paying slightly more for the Lightning Grinder due to it having more parts and functionality, whereas the Pokeball Herb Grinder is modeled after a famous series, it is much simpler in design and function. Both are stellar grinders, however.


Which Grinder is Better?

Both grinders are functional and affordable, though if you want a grinder that is simple and straightforward, then the Pokeball Herb Grinder is worth considering, especially if you happen to be a fan of Pokémon. The Lightning Grinder is perfect for those who want a little more features and control over their grinding.

If you are looking for a grinder that matches your love of Pokémon, then the choice is clear, though even if you happen to love Pokémon and still want something more thorough, then you would consider giving the Lightning Grinder a try due to it having more chambers for storing your dry herbs and kief.

Neither grinder is better than the other since they both do an exceptional job at grinding dry herbs. Though it goes without saying that looking at your dry herbs as they’re being grounded up really helps. If you plan on storing the pollen that drops from your dry herb material, then you would want to consider getting the Lightning Grinder.

Final Thoughts

Grinders are essential to having a smooth smoke or vape session. Old-school smokers have often just used their fingers to cut up their dry herbs, and only the most dedicated and proficient smokers bothered to use grinders. Using scissors is not recommended either because of the obvious hazard when using them to cut up small pieces, never mind carrying them in your pocket!

Today is different in that having a grinder is almost a necessity for every type of session involving dry herb consumption. By having metal chop and mince your dry herb material instead of fingers mixed with oil and dirt, you get a flavorful vape or smoke profile filled with terpenes. It goes without saying that you will also save on dry herb material by using a grinder.

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