Beer Bottle Herb Grinder vs. Pokeball Herb Grinder

Novelty grinders are among the most efficient and functional types of grinders. They often can be more memorable in the minds of its users. It can be easy to forget a traditional grinder for the sake of it being traditional, whereas quirky, fun, and unique pieces tend to stand out in our minds. In this article we will be taking a closer look at two of our popular novelty grinders that are sure to be crowd pleasers.

by: Anthony E. | 11/02/22 1:30PM


The Beer Bottle Grinder

An incredibly useful and compact tool, the Beer Bottle Grinder is a small and stealthy 4-piece grinder that has a storage area capable of keeping up to 3 grams of dry herb material! Packing small with big potential, the Beer Bottle Grinder is only 3 inches tall and has a 1 and ⅛ inch diameter. It is perfect for stealth use.

The top of the Bottle Grinder is made to accommodate your dry herb material. The other chambers grind up to store your kief. The Beer Bottle Grinder is perfect for travel and fits neatly inside a purse or pocket without being conspicuous. Being a novelty piece will make for a great conversation starter.

Make no mistake, this novelty grinder is fully functional and will last you for years to come with the proper care and maintenance. No longer do you have to travel with your dry herb material separately. You can conveniently store everything but a lighter inside your grinder. True to fashion, the Beer Bottle Grinder resembles the more popular alcoholic beverages available out there.


The Pokeball Grinder

Fans of Pokémon will be pleased to know that there is a novelty grinder just for them. The Pokeball Grinder is the perfect replica of a Pokeball. The Pokeball Grinder is round and is perfect for travel and use on-the-go.

The herb grinder measures 1.5 inches in length for the grinding area. It measures 2 and ⅛ inches in total length. The grinder is ideal for fitting inside a purse or pocket without it having a large bulge. The Pokeball Grinder is a convenient 2-piece grinder that easily chops and minces dry herb material without all the fuss.

The Pokeball Grinder is a functional novelty piece that is small, recognizable, affordable, durable, and totally convenient to use. If you are a fan of the Pokémon franchise, and you want something small that you can use quickly, then the Pokeball Grinder is sure to be your next go to grinder for all your smoke and vape sessions.

Pros and Cons of Each

These two novelty grinders are not inherently better than one another. In fact, both of these offer their own unique benefits. Users who favor the Pokémon universe will find the aesthetics of the Pokeball Grinder pleasing. They will also find it to be simple and straightforward, similar to other 2-piece grinders.

Those who want to store their dry herb material on the go without having to stash it in another container will find the Beer Bottle Grinder to be quite resourceful. You can store your dry herbs at the bottom of the grinder and collect kief. And those enjoy popular beverages will find the Beer Bottle Grinder to be particularly cool.

As dry herb material gets minced and chopped up inside the grinder, pollen falls through the mesh screen to collect as a fine dust which is known as concentrate, or kief in this example. Both grinders are quite useful and convenient.


Which Grinder is Better?

Neither one is better than the other in terms of functionality, as they both do what the other does, which is to grind and chop up your dry herb material so that it comes out nice and fluffy. Both grinders are priced similarly and can chop up dry herbs.

It should be noted that to have a good final product after grinding, you should always start out with high-quality dry herbs to begin with. This will ensure that you come out with a nice and fluffy consistency, instead of assuming that the grinders overdid it. Many users are apt to blame everything but themselves in such instances.

Rest assured that these two novelty grinders are among the best types of grinders on the market, despite their novelty appearance. If you want a simple piece that is quick and made for stealth, then the Pokeball Grinder is your next go to, especially if you happen to be a fan of the show. Those who want something fun and compact will find that they can pack and grind everything in one tool with the Beer Bottle Grinder.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when novelty pieces such as these were either too big and bulky, heavy, overly expensive, or gimmicky with no functionality. When you go for any one of our products, you know you are going to get a quality piece.

The sheer convenience of having either grinder at your disposal is paramount to a good smoke or vape session. If you want something small, both grinders will work for you. If you want something to reflect your love of Pokémon, you know what to get. Those who want something to complement their taste in beer will fall in love with the Beer Bottle Grinder. In any case, both have their unique features and can be shown off as compliments to any style!

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