Why You Should Want to Use a 4-Piece Grinder

Grinders are the most effective way to properly chop and mince your dry herb material. Whether you are using cannabis or tobacco is irrelevant to the fact that properly grinded herbs burn and vape much more efficiently. When using a grinder to chop up your herbs, you want to get the most out of it, which is why using a 4-piece grinder is better than using any other type. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the 4-piece grinder and why you would want to use one.

by: Anthony E. | 06/14/22 1:30PM


Parts of a 4-Piece Grinder

4-piece grinders are the most preferred types of grinders due to their efficiency and ability to collect pollen and other concentrates over time. The main parts consist of the top chamber, which houses the grinding teeth that chop up and mince the dry herb, the middle chamber that suspends the ground up material, and the bottom chamber which collects the pollen.

These 3 chambers have four parts that comprise the 4-piece grinder. Other types of grinders might only have the upper and lower portion, eliminating the pollen chamber altogether. These are less than ideal as more product is wasted over time. Most grinders are made of a durable material such as copper, brass, or even titanium.

The top chamber may have teeth that are diamond shaped or even trapezoidal in nature. This makes for a grind that leaves behind a crumbly consistency. The middle chamber typically has a large metal screen with a fine mesh that holds the freshly ground herbs while allowing for pollen and other concentrates to fall through to the bottom chamber. This will usually be rounded out at the bottom to make for easier collection.


4-Piece Grinders vs Other Grinders

What makes 4-piece grinders better than other types is of course their bottom pollen chamber. Other grinders might either lack or contain this bottom chamber, though a quality grinder will usually feature a curved and convex-shaped chamber to allow for easier scooping once enough pollen has been collected.

4-piece grinders are usually manually operated and feature unique gripping on the outer layers to allow for easier turning while grinding material. Some grinders on the market have a hand crank that takes the manual effort out of the equation, making them most ideal for those who suffer from arthritis or other restrictive conditions.

Plastic grinders are cheap and can have teeth that break off easily, making them less than ideal for dry herb material that is particularly dense and sticky. 4-piece grinders are better for this as they allow for more room to grip on the outer pieces. Of all the different types of grinders out there, 4-piece metal grinders are the most popular.

Why 4-Piece Grinders Are the Best

Compared to other types of grinders, 4-piece grinders offer the most in terms of versatility. Pollen and other concentrates are very popular and can only be collected by either using a 4-piece grinder, or manually sifting through dry herb material. If you are going to invest in a grinder, you are better off getting one with 4 pieces.

The price point of any 4-piece grinder will be determined by its size and material. Some grinders are small and perfect for using discreetly to fill up a smaller bowl, while others are much larger and made to break up a significant amount of dry herb material. In any case, it is better to opt for one that has 4 pieces instead of 3.

Without the bottom pollen chamber, grinders will end up leaving all the pollen behind which can be collected instead. This makes for better smoke and vape sessions since concentrates can be added to bowls, making for a more potent and therapeutic effect. If you are going to go for a 4-piece grinder, make sure the bottom chamber is curved with no edges and the teeth in the top chamber are robust and durable.


How to Properly Use a 4-Piece Grinder

Start out by choosing your starting material and making sure it is high-quality. This means that you do not want to fill up your grinder with old, damp, or subpar material. Only grind up what you intend to use immediately, as air and ambient temperature will eventually affect the final product that goes into your bowl or vape chamber.

This can translate to diminished taste and potency. After you have chosen your material, place it into your chamber and close it up. Manually twist the top piece until you can hear and feel the grinding take place. Once you have enough give, open it up to see if it all fell through the holes into the next chamber.

Feel free to lightly shake it up a bit to allow for a small bit of pollen to fall through to the bottom chamber. Once enough pollen has been collected over time, you can scoop this up and add it to other bowls or use them for edibles or other concentrates, such as rosin. If possible, make sure your grinder is made of a durable metal, such as titanium.

Final Thoughts

The best types of grinders are the ones that can be used with little effort and feature the bottom chamber to collect the pollen. Compared to other types of grinders, 4-piece grinders are the most popular and the most affordable when you consider all that they do. Electric and cranked grinders will usually be much more expensive and not always feature a bottom pollen chamber.

It is up to you whether you want to have a grinder with this feature, though it is highly recommended that you go for a standard 4-piece metal grinder. When it comes to how they grind up your dry herbs, always go for one that will leave your material with a crumbly consistency.

The last thing you want is to end up with material that has been turned into dust. Electric grinders are guilty of this, as the user cannot always gauge how their material will end up after grinding it through one of these. Therefore, we feel that using a 4-piece grinder is superior to all the rest.

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