How to Pick the Right Weed Grinder

Grinders come in a variety of different sizes and materials. Some are electrical while others utilize the assistance of a hand crank. Most are made of some type of metal while budget-conscious users will still be able to find grinders made of plastic. All of these have their place, and in this article, we will be looking at what type of grinders would make for the most suitable to use depending on specific needs and lifestyles.

by: Anthony E. | 06/15/22 1:30PM


Types of Weed Grinders

The most common type of grinder is a manual 4-piece metal grinder. These are very popular for a variety of reasons, one being how cost effective and efficient they are. The truth is that most users who come to cannabis do so for recreational reasons, which makes manual grinders the most popular types of grinders.

Individuals who are unable to manually rotate a typical metal grinder will find better usage from a hand crank grinder or one that is electric. These are notoriously more expensive but quite efficient. Those who suffer from arthritis or are elderly will find using an electric grinder to be the best option.

The best types of grinders are those that can be thoroughly utilized by the user. Obviously, if you have a medical condition that hampers your ability to fully turn a grinder, then using one with an assisted crank would be much more ideal. Most users find that even manual turning can be tedious if your weed is particularly moist and sticky.


Common Grinder Materials

The types of grinders that most users use will be made of metal. This ensures that the grinder itself will last through many uses and with proper maintenance, can also last you a lifetime. There are also weed grinders on the market that are novelty items made of wood, and even stone, though these are a bit more rare and quite expensive.

Some users out there can even find gold plated and blinged-out grinders which are outrageously priced but fulfill an aesthetic pleasure. For the rest of us, you will either end up using a grinder made of metal or plastic, with the latter being better suited for backup and last resort usage. This is because plastic teeth break easily and are more prone to damage from heat and light over time.

Metal grinders will usually be made of nickel, steel, copper, and more durable metals such as titanium. This ensures that the grinder can withstand the toughest herbs without the threat of having broken teeth. Should your grinder happen to fall on a hard surface, you can rest assured that it will live to grind another day. All these reasons make for metal grinders being the most popular.


3-Piece vs 4-Piece Grinders

Most metal grinders will come in either a 3-piece or 4-piece setup. Wooden and plastic grinders will most likely not have these features, being predominantly one-chambered units. For this reason, high-quality grinders will always be made of metal. They are practical and can be suitable for everyday usage.

3-piece weed grinders have two chambers. The upper chamber houses the dry herb and is used to grind it up, while the lower chamber catches it in a crumbled consistency. 4-piece weed grinders are the most effective. These grinders have a third chamber that sits on the bottom and catches the fine pollen that happens to fall through the metal mesh screen.

The best types of 4-piece grinders will usually have a rounded-out bottom which makes scooping out the pollen much easier. Most will simply have edges, however. The added lower chamber is designed to get the most out of your cannabis by collecting the pollen which can be later used to supercharge your bowls and joints.

How to Use a Weed Grinder

Using a manual grinder is very easy, provided you are physically able to use one. If you have carpal tunnel or some other arthritic condition, then using a hand crank or electrical grinder will be your best choice. The premise remains the same when it comes to loading them. Start out by taking only that which you intend to smoke or vape and load it into the top chamber.

Close the lid and manually twist the top piece. This will start the grinding process which will chop and mince your cannabis to a crumbly consistency. You do not want to have your weed turn into dust from over grinding, which makes manual grinders even better by giving all the control to the user. Unlike an electric grinder that can inadvertently over grind your herb, a manual grinder is rotated up until the material falls through the holes, thus eliminating the risk of over-grinding.

Once you have your ground up material, give a small shake and open it up, making sure not to unscrew the last piece on the bottom. This will allow your weed to drop some of its trichomes and fall through the mesh screen to be collected on the bottom chamber. Over time, you can use this pollen to enhance your smoke and vape sessions.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right weed grinder is not as hard as it looks. Some will be quite small and more suitable for users who intend to use them on occasion or for very small smoke sessions. Other grinders are considerably larger and more suited for parties where large amounts are needed for blunts and other smoking modalities.

When it comes to storing your weed, you will not want to leave them inside the grinder for extended periods of time. This is especially true if your grinders are left inside vehicles or other places where temperature fluctuates. Air will also dry out your weed which will make it less than ideal when it comes time to grind it up.

Always use your grinder right before a session and never store your weed in it. When choosing the right type of grinder, always make sure that you will be able to use it. Medical patients will do well to research this and pick a grinder that is assisted and will save them time. No matter what type of grinder you choose, always keep it clean by removing debris and other residues as they build up in the teeth over time.

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