Rise Dispensary in Manhattan NYC

With the advent of medicinal and recreational cannabis taking the US by storm, it is inevitable that we will eventually come across advertisements and billboards proclaiming the health benefits among other perks when shopping at any one specific dispensary. Meet Rise Dispensary hailing from Manhattan, NY! Here we will be introducing Rise and showcasing the many products and services offered by this dispensary. You will get to know Rise and what sets them apart from other cannabis retailers.

by: Anthony E. | 12/28/22 2:30PM


Welcome to Rise Dispensary!

The goal of Rise Dispensary is to make cannabis available to all, for the many benefits associated with the cannabis plant cannot be understated. Their core values encompass a rigorous application of data-driven science that informs customers and patients of their cultivation approach, making them one of the more prestigious dispensaries in NY.

Their innovative techniques lead the industry of horticultural methods and enable their master growers to push the limits of traditional cannabis practices. Few dispensaries are as dedicated and knowledgeable when it comes to growing cannabis directly. At Rise you can expect a consistent product and reliable brand.

Their aim is to advance wellness through constant curation of their prized genetic library. Rise pushes the limits of well-being towards a brighter future through careful growing and drying techniques. The final curing process produces some of the finest cannabis from award winning strains to the masses.


What They Feature Online

On their site, you will see an option to order from their menu. You will also find resources to help you better understand the products in their catalog and with cannabis in general. They are open every day except for Sundays from 10am to 7pm. Formerly known as Fp Wellness, Rise is located on 2 E 30th St, New York, NY 10016.

They also have an email address and phone number that can be easily accessed on their site. Located in downtown Manhattan, Rise offers customers in-store pickup and hosts a variety of products. Online you will find everything from flower, edibles, and topicals, to pre-rolls, tinctures, vapes, and accessories.

You will also see their latest promotions and rewards for swallowing them on social media and referrals. You can earn points toward future purchases, get access to cool local offers and events, and track your points while managing your preferences in a digital wallet! While you can shop online, you cannot pay by debit or with credit card, as it is cash only for when you pick up.

What They Feature In-Store

Medical patients will be pleased to know that the physical location of this Rise dispensary is wheelchair accessible and has an ATM on site. Free medical consultations online and in-store make Rise a truly compassionate dispensary for medical patients. Inside you will discover an array of different products that will match your needs depending on what you are looking for.

New patients will have to fill out a registration form, which is why you will want to make it easier on your first trip by completing it online prior to your visit. In any case, you will have to make an appointment before heading out to Rise Dispensary, either by phone or online. This creates a smoother process for all and puts the medicine in your hands quicker.

You will also come to find many popular and name brand cannabis products, along with a knowledgeable staff that is eager to help and answer your questions to help you find the best products for your ailments. It should also be noted that this is a medical facility, despite recreational cannabis being legal since 2021 in New York.


Rise Dispensary vs Other Dispensaries

While some dispensaries may look to solely rake profits, Rise has a dedicated staff that wants to help those in need within the medical community. Compared to some other dispensaries, Rise is a comprehensive establishment that cares about its customer base.

You will find more than just products at Rise. You will also come to find an online blog with many resources to help you navigate the world of cannabis and its products. Rise shopping has a points incentive and ongoing promotions throughout the year. They are a great place to shop and discover more about medical cannabis products.

Their dedicated Patient Care Specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you with your inquiries. Online you will find an up-to-date menu with the latest specials and discounts applied to their array of products.

Final Thoughts

Rise Dispensary is simply awesome! They have everything you could possibly ask for in a top-tier cannabis dispensary. Everything is included here to make your experience exceptional. Even though recreational cannabis is legal, Rise dedicates their establishment to medical patients only. Other dispensaries may or may not have exceptional quality when it comes to flower and concentrates, but Rise always rises to the occasion! They simply do not believe in cutting corners and they care about providing you with the best experience.

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