Should I Throw Out My Vaporizer?

There are many reasons why one would consider scrapping their vape. Everything from non-functioning units to buyer’s remorse can constitute a trip to the trash bin. Here we will lay out all the reasons why people throw away their vapes and what you can do to prevent having to do it.

by: Anthony E. | 01/17/22 2:30PM


Types of Vapes and Their Uses

The best vapes are the ones that are well understood. For example, if a new user were to decide on purchasing a popular vape like the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 with the intention of just vaping dry herbs, then the complexities associated with the vape may overwhelm the user – although the only thing to know is that you use different vape cartridges for wax, herb, and oils. While the vape itself may be stellar, the user lacks the knowledge and will to understand the vape to get the most out of it.

While this would not be a valid reason to consider tossing a vape, it is crucial to consider before even purchasing one to eliminate the possibility of buyer’s remorse. 3-in-1 vapes offer the most versatility to the user and would be worthwhile to get fully acquainted with. Other vapes that specialize in just one modality are best suited for users who just want to stick to one mode of vaping.

Desktop vapes, box mods, vape pens, and dab rigs all offer their own unique approach to vaporization, though what matters is what you want out of a vape session and what you are willing to learn to accomplish your goals. Most failures that come from vapes end up being due to user error and can easily be corrected with the right type of knowledge.


Common Issues Associated with Vapes

One of the most overlooked aspects of owning a vape is overestimating its abilities. Users will inadvertently find themselves in a situation where the vape suddenly fails to function. The most common cause for such a thing is failing to properly, or fully charge the vape before taking it out. Since most users will be using portable vapes, this will be one of the most common occurrences.

Other issues that are due to user error are not properly loading their chambers, bad starting material, inputting the wrong heat settings, and general misuse of the product. Accidents are another common occurrence where the outcome could have been prevented with situational awareness. Vape pens are rounded and are known to easily roll off a table if pushed.

Starting out with subpar material can be easily confused with a unit that is not performing up to standards. The truth of the matter is that vapor is best produced by material that can produce good amounts of vapor! If you start out with bad material, you are going to get a bad hit. But what about issues that are not due to user error?

Other Issues Associated with Vapes

Some problems can arise that are out of your control, such as the weather. If you find yourself in an overly humid, hot, or cold climate and attempt to use your vape, you may find that the vape fails to produce the outcome that you are looking for. Vape sessions can be severely impacted by weather conditions. 

Since it is not as easy as just going inside to take a massive hit off a vape, most users are left at the mercy of having good weather to enjoy a proper vape session when vaping outdoors. Hot weather can make vaping very uncomfortable, since vapes tend to get hot on their own. If you have not yet tried it, putting a hot vape to your lips is very uncomfortable.

High humidity can stall a dry herb vape in its tracks by creating an improper vaping environment within the chamber. Conversely, an overly cold environment can negatively impact the battery and create a rather weak vape session in bad conditions. When all aspects of your vaping experience are properly dialed in, you will have the right conditions for a truly wonderful experience.


When to Consider Tossing a Vape

The reality is that only in extreme circumstances would one ever consider just throwing away a vape. The most common scenario where this is a common occurrence is using disposable vapes. In fact, throwing away a disposable vape is what you want to do after it has been spent. When it comes to vapes that carry a deeper price tag, you will want to ensure the integrity of the vape for the long-term.

Sometimes, malfunctions just happen. Always ensure that you get a vape that has safety features such as overcharge protection. Cheap and poorly made vapes will not last you very long. It would be recommended to toss out your cheap vapes for the sake of your health! Unfortunately, bad vapes are encountered, though luckily it is not a common thing.

If you ever find that a vape gets overly hot to the point of physical discomfort, you might first want to try lowering the heat setting. If you find that your vape is still not acting right after adjusting it, then it may be time to consider tossing out your vape for safety reasons. This can be a battery issue that can be potentially hazardous. Vapes that work but do not perform to your standards are not grounds for tossing a vape.

Final Thoughts

Throwing away a vape is not easy. You paid for it, and ultimately wanted it to work. If you find that the vape works but is not up to your standards, consider giving it away to someone who can take advantage of its features. Bad vapes are not common, though if you find a vape that will not work properly after dialing in your preferred settings, then it may be time to either exchange the vape, or get a new model all together, preferably from a new brand. 

Always remember that most problems encountered can be fixed with a little research, and you should always make the effort to know a vape inside and out. This will help you tackle any problem that may come up and get you prepared for replacing worn out parts.

No matter what vape you end up choosing, always treat it right and it will reward you with years of pleasant vape sessions. Always make sure your vape is fully charged and packed with high quality material. With that said, only throw away vapes as a last resort.

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