Silicone Downstem vs Glass Downstem

Downstems are essential components to any functional water bong, whether it is made of glass or silicone. Downstems connect the bowl piece to the water chamber so that smoke can pass through to be filtered and collected. Without a downstem, a bong would not be able to function. It’s what allows the smoke to be filtered through the water. Like many other things made of either glass or silicone, each comes with their own pros and cons. In this article, we will break down the differences between the two to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right downstem.

by: Anthony E. | 10/19/22 1:30PM


The Silicone Downstem

Measuring 4 inches long with a half inch diameter, the Silicone Downstem is a solid choice for anyone looking for a hardy and durable downstem that will last a lifetime. Firm yet flexible, the Silicone Downstem is the perfect component to finish off your silicone, glass bong, and even your dab rig.

With the ability to expand and contract, the Silicone Downstem is the most versatile type of downstem that can fit a wide variety of smoking devices that utilize water. It is also very easy to clean and will not chip, crack, or break no matter what you do to it! If you happen to have this inside of a glass piece and it breaks, your downstem will remain intact.

Unlike other downstems on the market that are prone to breakage even when cleaning, you can rest assured that this will never be the case when using a silicone downstem. Available in a variety of 8 different colors, the Silicone Downstem is a great choice for any type of bong or dab rig, especially if your device is in the hands of an amateur.


The Glass Downstem

Sleek, elegant, fragile, and aesthetically pleasing to see when the smoke passes through it, the Glass Downstem is the go-to for most modern setups that utilize water. Whether you have a bong or dab rig, the Glass Downstem makes for a solid choice that is the classic component to finish off a high-quality bong or dab rig.

In fact, our Glass Downstems come in many varieties such as: Universal, Long, and Short. Each one is clear and features a diffuser towards the end to further break up the smoke and allow for a more thorough filtration. Being as how glass is more fragile and slightly more tedious to maintain in terms of cleanliness, you will be surprised to know that they are quite strong and affordable.

Each variety can fit most bongs and depends solely on whether you want a long or short one. Keep in mind that each downstem variety is meant to accommodate a certain type of bong, especially if it is also made of glass. Naturally, you will not be able to fit a short downstem inside a very large water chamber.


Pros and Cons of Each

The obvious perk of having a downstem made of silicone is the fact that it is virtually indestructible. Silicone downstems can also squeeze through tighter holes because of their ability to expand and contract. Being slightly flexible in nature allows them to have more room for versatility when fitting them into a bong or dab rig.

The price point is also a factor to consider as silicone will last you a lifetime without the threat of breaking on you. Glass is great if you want to see the smoke pass through it, though that is the main upside for most downstems made of glass. The additional bonus you get here is the fact that our glass downstems are also diffused.

This allows for more smoke to break up and pass through the water which further enhances the cooling and filtration capabilities. In any case, you will always find that silicone will be the cheaper, most ideal option for long-term usage. It makes for a sound investment and features more in terms of functionality.

Which One is Right for You?

The bottom line is that it really all boils down to a matter of personal preference when choosing the right downstem. Even though glass is the most common and preferred downstem material today, silicone is catching up fast as the most practical and affordable. Glass can also be better in some ways by having the option of diffusion which silicone does not currently offer, yet.

Some silicone downstems might come diffused, though you are likely to find them diffused on glass instead. If you want something that will break apart your smoke to create larger clouds and cooler hits, then glass might be the way to go. Silicone is the preferred option when you want functionality and practicality.

Even though glass does more, it also breaks easily, ruining your investment in the process. It is much better to consider silicone as it will not break on you, ever. Though it will not break up your smoke, it is still a viable option that is more than functional. When choosing the right material, go for one that you are most comfortable with.

Final Thoughts

Downstems are perhaps one of the most overlooked components when it comes to bongs, even though they happen to be the most critical next to the bowl itself. Without a downstem, smoke would not be able to travel through the bong and pass through the water. This is a crucial mechanism that is necessary to deliver a hit.

Technically, you could still use the bong without one, though you would not be able to have your smoke cooled or filtered, thus negating the experience of what a water bong should be about. Water bongs are notorious for delivering huge hits, and with the water to make those hits clean and viable, there would be no point.

Gravity bongs are a great example of a smoking apparatus that does not require water filtration or a downstem to work. In any case, choosing the right downstem for the job comes down to having the right type of bong to begin with. The best combination would always be silicone on silicone, though this can be interchangeable with glass at any time.

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