The Ten Best CBD Drinks and Cocktails to Know

There are a ton of CBD drinks available for purchase online or in stores, but not all of them taste great. Because these drinks are often made with hemp-extract, they can also come with a bit of a hemp-after taste. But we’ve shared some more information on our favorite drinks below.

by: Amy B. | 03/19/21 1:30PM


CBD-infused drinks can be a great alternative to alcohol-based drinks in social settings. They have similar relaxing effects, yet too much of them will typically make you feel drowsy instead of nauseous. But just because a drink has CBD infused into it does not mean that it will taste good. In fact, it will most likely taste like plant matter if the drink is not flavorful enough. Lucky for you though, we have compiled a list of some of the best tasting CBD-infused drinks on the U.S. market today.

CBD infused sparkling water for drinking

CBD Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is a trending drink in the U.S. and when it comes to CBD-infused drinks it is no exception. Most CBD-infused sparkling waters also have a variety of flavors infused as well, to make them taste less like plant matter. Some of the most popular versions of CBD sparkling waters are the ones made by Recess. Not only is their website relaxing to scroll through, but their drinks can be even more relaxing to consume. This is due to the incorporation of hemp CBD-extract, American ginseng, L-theanine, and lemon balm. They also offer some delicious flavor infusions, including black cherry, blood orange, coconut lime, peach ginger, pomegranate hibiscus, and blackberry chai. Or, if you can’t decide on one flavor you can order a sampler pack of all of them. Another potential plus to these drinks is that they are made with real fruit and ingredients that are low in sugar and calories.


CBD Beer

One of the most popular West Coast craft beer brewers, Lagunitas, is now making an IPA-inspired sparkling beverage. This drink, called Hi-Fi Hops, tastes surprisingly a lot like an IPA beer but has the side effects of CBD. Hi-Fi Hops drinks are non-alcoholic, zero-calorie, and zero-carb. These drinks are currently only sold in licensed dispensaries in California though since the CBD included is not hemp-based. Also because of this, it comes in two different CBD-heavy of ratios of 18:1 and 5:5.

CBD Juice is a great fix for your thirst and cbd needs

CBD Juice

Vybes makes CBD-infused juice that tastes refreshing. They use hemp CBD isolate as a base for their drinks, with 25mg of hemp CBD included in every 14oz bottle. From there, they add some delicious fruit flavor combinations, including blackberry hibiscus, blueberry mint, ginger lemonade, Honeycrisp apple basil, peach ginger, strawberry lavender, and tangerine turmeric. If you aren’t sure which will taste best though, the mixed pack is a safe bet since it includes every flavor plus a bonus blackberry hibiscus.

CBD Kombucha is a great drink at anytime

CBD Kombucha

Brew Dr, one of the most well-known makers of Kombucha, has also expanded into the CBD-infusion market. They used some of their most popular kombucha recipes and added in 25mg of Oregon-grown hemp CBD extract. The flavors included are herbal Clear Mind flavor, berry packed Superberry flavor, and zesty Ginger Lemon flavor, all of which pair nicely with the flavor of hemp extract.

CBD Seltzers

Dram’s CBD seltzers are great for using in mixed drink recipes, instead of your standard tonic water. This is because they kept their flavors and their ingredients simple. Each seltzer includes 25mg of CBD, organic plants, zero calories, and no “natural flavors” made with synthetic chemical flavoring. Their natural flavors include Beauty Bubbles, Lemongrass, Gingergrass, and Sweetgrass.

Infused CBD tea being poured into your tea cup


CBD and tea seem to go hand in hand, since consuming them can be a relaxing experience. So The Brother’s Apothecary, based in Portland, Oregon, started making tea with CBD from lab-tested industrial hemp. Each tea bag includes 50mg to 60mg of CBD and each bag brews two to three cups of tea. Their tea varieties also have clever names, including Golden Dream, Mellow Mint, Hibiscus, Chai Awakening, Buddha’s Berry, Sensualitea, Oolong Passion, Cosmis Cleanse, Pumpkin Spice Chai, Mystic Kava Root, Mighty Matcha, Coconut Genmaicha, and Breakfast Buzz.

CBD coffee can relax you and make you feel better at the same time

CBD Coffee

Coffee and CBD is another obvious combination. When you combine the two you get the pick-me-up of the caffeine combined with the mellowing effects of the CBD. Green Roads saw that opportunity to combine these two popular items and ran with it. Their coffee is made with American-farmed hemp extract, but the CBD serving will vary depending on the batch. You can try all their types of “hemp flower coffee” by purchasing the sample pack that includes Founder’s Blend, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut roasts.


CBD Lemonade

Mirth Provisions create some of the most popular infused drinks in California, Oregon, and Washington, called Legal Beverages. Since these drinks are not made with hemp-based CBD, they are only sold in dispensaries in states where they are manufactured. But if you are lucky enough to be in one of those states, the Cranberry CBD sparkling tonic is a must-try. It tastes delicious because it is made with Long Beach Peninsula cranberries instead of high-fructose corn syrup.

CBD tinctures come in all shape and size large and small

CBD Tinctures

If you can’t seem to find the right CBD drink that fits your tastes, you can always fall back on a CBD tincture. Depending on if the tincture of alcohol or oil-based, you can mix it into a variety of drinks. Sometimes just a few drops of CBD tincture in your favorite beer is all you’ll need after a long day at work.

CBD cocktails out with your friends feeling good

CBD Cocktails

CBD shots are another good option for adding to any cocktail recipe, instead of a shot of alcohol. They are similar to tinctures but tend to be less concentrated and include a flavor of some kind. A citrus-flavored CBD shot can be the perfect substitute for tequila in a margarita recipe!

No matter which CBD drink you choose to try, it will most certainly be relaxing but it’s also great if it is refreshing. There are new CBD-infused drinks being created almost every day, and it’s all a matter of taste and dose to find the one that you like the best.

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