Using the E-CLIPSE Vape at Holiday Office Parties

The holiday season marks the end of a year right. It is a time before the start of a new year, filled with hope for new possibilities and new beginnings. COVID-19 has been a part of everyone's lives and now people are starting to get together once again now that things have settled down. Office parties may or may not be attended with masks, though they signify that things are good enough to socialize with one another. This article will go into detail about using one of the market’s best dry herb vapes at an office party, the E-CLIPSE.

by: Anthony E. | 12/08/22 2:30PM


Features of the E-CLIPSE

The E-CLIPSE is a dry herb vape that comes with useful accessories. The vape kit includes a glass mouthpiece, silicone rings, a USB charger, cleaning brush, packing tool, and a protective box to house your unit when not in use. The E-CLIPSE uses a super-fast heating technology that is unrivaled compared to other dry herb vapes on the market.

A ceramic heating chamber that is cylindrical in shape, 5/8 inches deep and 3/8 inches in diameter allows for a generous amount of dry herb material to be packed within the chamber, allowing for extended vape sessions. The E-CLIPSE dry herb vaporizer has a powerful 2200 mAh battery with full temperature control, able to adjust the heat settings by a single degree from 300F to 435F.


A safety-lock feature also comprises the E-CLIPSE to prevent access to inadvertent power ups when not in use. This vape is able to reach its top temperature within 30 seconds, making it one of the fastest dry herb vapes on the market. This is especially useful when you need something light that will heat up quickly in an office setting.

Why the E-CLIPSE is Ideal for a Holiday Office Party

The E-CLIPSE is one of the most popular dry herb vaporizers on the market due to its reliability and efficiency. Coming in at just 4 inches in length, the E-CLIPSE is ideal for those who want to remain hidden and inconspicuous using a stealthy vape without being noticed. Holiday office parties will have a mix of people that may or may not be cool with vaping.

The E-CLIPSE vaporizer is perfect because the vapors can be light and wispy. You can avoid stinking up furniture or other office garments. If you happen to live in a state where cannabis is legal for recreational use, then the only thing stopping you would be an office policy, like a no-smoking one.

In any case, the E-CLIPSE is perfect for an office party since it is small, quick, and all but unnoticeable. Nobody should notice you using this dry herb vaporizer. Though if you wish to make it on Santa’s good list this year, you best make sure you keep an eye out for those who would prefer you didn’t use a vape inside the office.


How to Use the E-CLIPSE

The E-CLIPSE is very simple to use and takes the least amount of effort to learn. Start out by simply using a high-quality grinder to properly mince and chop up your dry herb material. It also helps if the material itself is of high-quality so that you find yourself needing less hits, especially at a holiday office party!

Lightly pack down the chamber with the material and heat it up to the desired temperature. Always remember that the lower the heat setting, the lighter the vapor will be, making it more ideal in an office setting. The plus side to this is that you will also have more herb to vape in the long run.

The E-CLIPSE vape heats up very quickly so you will want to be ready to take your hit once it heats up. To ensure you get a good hit, you may wish to consider leaving your unit to heat up your dry herb material for a minute as well after it has reached the desired temperature. Once you take your hit, you can blow it out. The small device is unnoticeable and dry herb vapor is as well.

When to Use the E-CLIPSE at an Office Party

If you want to take a good hit but want to remain inconspicuous, you may want to go somewhere isolated for a couple seconds to take your hit. Remember that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, which is why you should go ahead and just go for it if cannabis is legal in your state.

It is highly unlikely you would get reprimanded for taking a hit, though you will want to protect yourself by being alone and not sharing, even if it happens to be a holiday office party. Time your hits and turn on the unit in your pocket to avoid taking it out for all to notice. Once you feel it is warm enough, take your hit quickly and let it out in another direction.

The only people that will know about it are you and Santa. If you find yourself not able to comfortably take a hit, simply excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. You will be safe in there without having to worry about stinking up the place. The smell will be minimal and dissipate quickly after exhalation.

Final Thoughts

Using the E-CLIPSE dry herb vaporizer at a holiday office party is your best bet for success. It is a  small unit with dry herb vaping technology, making it ideal for those quick and stealthy vape sessions. If you plan on using the E-CLIPSE for an office party, always make sure that the unit itself is fully charged prior to going out.

It’s not worth the risk of being noticed vaping only to have no vapor come through your unit! Make the risk worth it, no matter how small it is. This is the perfect vape to bring to an office party because it is very small and concealable, affordable, efficient, and can house a good amount of dry herb material to begin with.

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