Vaping vs Cigarettes - Expert Breakdown & Analysis

Vaping as a means of quitting cigarettes has become very popular over the years. Intelligent arguments exist for and against vaping, and although there are still questions without answers, there is some clear differences and similarities between vaping and smoking cigarettes.

by: Colby M. | 06/08/20 1:30PM


Is Vaping Worse than Cigarettes

Before we get into the meat of this article, it is important to note what we will be comparing. We will be comparing vaping e-juices with varying nicotine levels to tobacco cigarettes which naturally contain nicotine. The intention of e-juices with nicotine is to wean users off of traditional tobacco products. In terms of the question as to which option is healthier for the consumer, there has been a lot of debate and different views said on the subject. It depends from which aspect the person is making a point. Nonetheless, we will be discussing a few of the implicit pros and cons of vaping in comparison to cigarettes.


What is Vape Oil or E-Juice

So, what exactly is vape oil or e-juice? Is it any different from vape juice? As a matter of fact, these terms are used interchangeably to describe approximately the same substance. Of course, there can be differences in terms of viscosity and ingredient contents, but the gist remains the same. Vape juices or oils usually contain varying levels of ingredients – flavoring, vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, etc. You will find different brands that produce their own e-juices. That said, a lot of these products are super similar in their substance and ingredients.

e-juice empty cartridge with full e-juice cartridges in the backdrop

Benefits of Vaping vs Cigarettes

  1. Ability to Control Nicotine Dosage – A major benefit of vaping is the user’s control over their nicotine dosages. You can find e-liquids with varying levels of nicotine and slowly taper off of higher nicotine concentrations – i.e. 3mg to 0mg.
  2. Save Money – Cigarettes are highly taxed products these days, making them quite expensive. In comparison, vaping e-liquids can save consumers money in the long run with their increased bang for the buck.
  3. Less Smell – We all know how smelly cigarettes can be. Tobacco smoke can penetrate the interior of one’s home as well as clothing. Vaping is an excellent alternative to cutting down on the dirtiness of tobacco smoke.
  4. More Discreet – Since vapor tends to dissipate quickly and smells less, it is more discreet when compared to tobacco smoke. If you have a partner or friend who is sensitive to smoke, vapor may be a less obtrusive alternative.
  5. Tasty Flavors – Although many folks have argued that flavors are what driver underage users to vaping, it is undeniable to state that flavor is a huge draw when compared to tobacco products, even menthol varieties.

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Setbacks of Vaping vs Cigarettes

  1. The Effects of Vape Juice – American consumers have become aware of the dangers of tobacco smoke. That much is clear. However, the research behind the health effects of vaping is still in its earliest stages. While a few studies have been released on the subject, the longitudinal effects of vaping remain to be seen. If you plan on starting to vape, do keep in mind that this alternative is practically brand new, and a lot is unknown as to its health effects.
  2. Ease of Use – As we mentioned, vaping is used to wean tobacco smokers off of their products. That said, the convenience of vaping can be a drawback since it is much more discreet. One can vape inside for example without drawing too much attention. This might be an enabling alternative for some folks.
  3. Known Affects – Tobacco is bad for you, that much is obvious. It remains to be seen if the same can be said for vaping as an alternative.
  4. Need for Electricity – All vaporizers utilize battery systems of some kind. Thus, you will need access to electricity to charge your devices.

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