Is it Okay to Vape and Smoke at the Same Time

Most people who vape came from a former lifestyle of smoking. Others came to vaping due to injury or medical necessity. Some are simply enthusiasts. No matter what your position is, there is no denying that vaping, although arguable, can be a healthier alternative. While there are some who want the best of both worlds, there are vapes available that can offer these two modalities. Studies have shown that vaping is a much better experience for your body over smoking.

by: Anthony E. | 09/23/20 1:30PM


Smoking vs Vaping

While both of these remain popular choices for consuming dry herbs, the truth is that smoking anything over time can irritate the lungs. Using a smoking device that incorporates water such as a bong or bubbler can mitigate these issues, however.

Still, there remains a healthier alternative which is vaping. By gently heating up your material below the point of combustion, heat releases compounds that form into a vapor that can be quite therapeutic. This leaves behind carcinogenic tars and chemicals that otherwise would be released by igniting the material.

Most who vape came from a former smoking lifestyle in which vaping offered a smooth transition to a healthier option. Vaping does not irritate the lungs the way smoke can, and the flavor profile is enhanced with a purer taste.

Water Filtration vs Vaping

The use of bubblers and bongs offers a way to filter and cool down the smoke before it enters the lungs. By using cold water and ice, smoke is filtered down through a percolated downstem and sucked through the water. The smoke then passes through the ice catcher and travels through an elongated stem which further cools down the hit.

By the time you inhale, there is nothing but a nice, cooled down hit. This will drastically cut down on the irritation experienced by inhaling hot smoke directly from drawing in a hit from a standard pipe for example. Vaping does away with all that by offering the user a hit that does not contain any smoke.

By the time vapor hits the lungs it is already cooled down compared to a standard smoke hit. While some vapes also use water, the elongated tube from a whip on some desktop vapes are sufficient in providing a very cool hit.

Red and Black Silicone Bong


Combustion Vapes

A combustion vape is the perfect balance for transitioning into vaping from the smoking lifestyle. Combustion vapes offer the user the option to ignite their dry herbs without using harsh chemicals found in lighters, and without having to pay for extra accessories.

Even in high degree winds, a combustion vape will still light. By placing a glass screen upon the heating element, a combustion vape can gently heat up dry herbs to act more like a standard dry herb vape, making transitioning very simple. These are ideal for anyone wanting to experiment with vaporization while still having the option to smoke.

With a vape like this, one can have the best of both worlds, even going back and forth from a vape hit to a smoke hit. Most combustion vapes on the market are highly affordable and make for very quick and stealthy smoke sessions.

Combustion vape with a dry herb grinder


Final Thoughts

Your lungs can only do so much. While vaping can be a much healthier option to smoking, those who choose to combine both may feel the fatigue that is associated with too much going into their lungs.

In fact, taking a vape hit after a smoke hit might even cause one to “cough up a lung” as they say due to having just taken a smoke hit. Combining the two is a personal option, and not everyone who does so will experience anything negative. Caution must be advised however since it is advisable to simply stick with one or the other.

Most come to vaping to get away from smoking, while combustion vapes can offer you the option to choose one or the other. While doing both at the same time might not be the best way to go about it, there is nothing wrong with having either a smoke or vape session separately throughout the day.

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