Ways To Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer

When it comes to vaping, vape coils are one of the most crucial components. Without them, there is no vape session. Making them last longer is a worthwhile endeavor to get the most out of your investment. Breaking in your new coils and priming them is essential to having them last longer. Without this, you will end up burning your wicks and having a much shorter lifespan on your new coils. In this article, we will go over ways to make your vape coils last longer and how to get the most out of them.

by: Anthony E. | 06/26/22 1:30PM


Priming Your Coils

When it comes to making your coils last longer, priming them is what you want to start out with. This will ensure that your coils will reach their maximum potential without going to waste. You will want to simply soak them for about 10 minutes to allow them to become completely saturated. The wick will have to absorb the liquid and so you want to keep it on there for at least 10 minutes.

You will also want to make sure you put some juice into the ports around the body of the coil’s head. This is where you want to saturate the wick. Take a hit without pressing down on your firing button. This will allow the liquid to seep in further and soak the cotton better. Whatever you do, do not take more than 5 dry hits as this can potentially ruin your coils.

After priming them, it is time to break them in. Take a few small hits at the lowest wattage setting and slowly increase the voltage. This will properly break in your new coils and ensure you get the longest life possible with them. Even though this process is somewhat meticulous, it is undoubtedly easy.


Avoiding Dry Hits

Never take a dry hit where there is no vape juice in the tank and your coil is on. This will burn out the wick and ruin your coils. If your coils are primed, this will buffer the mistake of a dry hit, though if your temperature is excessively high, you will ruin your coils. Always make sure you prime them before using them!

Beware of Low Vape Juice

Another common mistake is taking a hit when your tank is running low on juice. If your temperature setting is high, this will also burn out your coils and destroy the wick. The best method to avoid this is to visually inspect your tank and never let it fall below a quarter full. This will keep your coils in good shape.

No Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is another thing you might want to avoid for maintaining the integrity of coils. If you take multiple hits in quick succession without a break in between, you are likely to overheat your coils and burn out your wick. Wait at least five seconds prior to taking your next hit to avoid this from happening.


Keeping Your Coils Clean

It goes without saying that you will want to keep your coils clean to avoid having them burn out prematurely. Even seasoned vape users can often forget to clean vapes often. The truth is that most users will install a new coil, prime, break the coil in, and then completely forget about it until it is time to replace it. Don’t be that guy.

Coils will inevitably collect gunk, and it is your duty to keep them clean. The good news is that it only takes a few minutes to thoroughly clean your vape coils. Once your tank is low, take it out and open it up to remove the coil. Blow away any leftover juice from the coil and put it under some hot water. Blow off the water and then screw it back onto the vape.

Turn it on and wait until it glows an orange color and then turn it off. Repeat this process until it is thoroughly cleaned off. Doing this will ensure your vape coils stay nice and clean which will significantly extend their lifespan. Most people neglect this part of your coil maintenance and end up spending more money in the long run.

Breaking in Vape Coils

It cannot be overstated that you will have to break in your new coils after priming them. It is worth mentioning again since it is such a crucial step to avoid issues and prolong the life of your coils. After your coils have been thoroughly primed, it will be time to properly break them in. Once they have been saturated with e-juice for about 10 minutes, slowly take a few small hits at the lowest setting.

You will want to do this gradually and work your way up until you are taking full hits. This step should not be rushed or skipped since doing so will ruin the purpose of trying to extend the life of your new coils. Once you have taken a few hits on the lowest setting, turn it up a notch and repeat the process.

Remember to take your time and wait at least 5 seconds in between hits. Do not chain hit a vape or take very large hits at this stage until you have properly broken your coils in. If done right, you will then be able to take a normal hit with a full on vape session. This process does not take very long and is essential.

Final Thoughts

Making your vape coils last longer is something that is mandatory to have a proper vape session. New users will often make the mistake of not knowing about these fundamentals and end up killing your new coils. Always do your research and educate yourself as much as possible before taking on a vape.

There is always a learning curve to these devices and getting to know a vape will allow you to conduct your sessions like a pro. None of these steps should ever be rushed or skipped. If you prime and break your coils, you should have no problem keeping them clean to ensure they last you a really long time.

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