What is Dry Herb Vaporization?

Dry herb vaporization has become a revolutionary way to address health concerns using an alternative method to consuming cannabis as a medicine. Those who were former or current smokers have found a way to mitigate the harmful effects of inhaling dangerous chemicals and particulate matter by switching to vaporization instead. In this article we will be going over what vaporization is, the different types of vaporization methods, and why you would want to consider switching to vaping.

by: Anthony E. | 06/06/22 1:30PM


Dry Herbs Vapes vs Smoking

Smoking used to be the main method that most people could use to consume cannabis and tobacco products. Since then, this has expanded to edibles, topicals, snuff, and now, vaporization. While vaping itself is not a new concept, it has been adopted on a commercial level to provide consumers with an alternative method for consumption.

Dry herb vapes work by gently heating up cannabis flower below the point of combustion to release aromatic compounds that contain cannabinoids and terpenes. This can be tailored by adjusting the temperature, unlike smoking that virtually destroys all the compounds before they can have a chance to assimilate in the body.

Vaping preserves these compounds and allows the body to absorb more of them without destroying them. Vaping produces no smoke and reduces the harmful effects associated with smoking. Many people make the transition from smoking to vaping by adopting a device, such as the AGO, which can go from smoking to vaping without switching or buying anything extra.


Different Types of Dry Herb Vapes

What makes dry herb vapes so popular is their versatility. Some users prefer to use a big, powerful desktop vape, while others with a busier schedule opt for a portable vape. Desktop vapes are perfect for those who are looking for longer vape sessions without the hassle of batteries, while portable vapes are the most popular and allow the user to carry his or her vape.

Some dry herb vapes can utilize more than one modality, making them extremely convenient and versatile. Combine that with the fact that combination 3-in-1 vapes have a price point that is sensible in the long-run. This is because one does not have to invest in multiple devices in order to switch between modalities.

Most dry herb vapes differ in their holding capacity, battery power, aesthetics, and ability to thoroughly vape dry herbs. This is due to whether a dry herb vape uses convection versus conduction. Most dry herb vapes use conduction, while convection vapes usually feature a fan, such as a desktop vape.


How to Use a Dry Herb Vape

Dry herb vapes are some of the easiest vapes to use, since they do not require a steep learning curve. This is true for portable vapes, though desktop vapes might require a little more time to navigate. Start out by measuring your dry herb material and putting it into a grinder until it comes out nice and crumbly. You do not want it to be overly dry or powder-like.

Fill your chamber with the amount you intend to vape and turn it on. You will have the choice of vaping your herb at whatever temperature you choose. The higher you go, the more vapor will be produced. Once the desired temperature is reached, allow the vape to prime by giving it about 2 to 5 minutes before taking a hit.

This will allow the dry herb material in the chamber time to acclimate and reach the desired temperature throughout the material to produce a good hit. Once you have decided to end your vape session, turn off your unit and dump out your material to preserve it for later. You do not want to leave it in a hot chamber because it will continue to vape and diminish your material over time when not in use.

Maintaining a Dry Herb Vape

Whether you have a desktop or portable vape, you will eventually need to clean it out. Unlike a traditional pipe, however, cleaning a vaporizer is not as hard, tedious, or time consuming. Most dry herb vapes will come with a small brush to clean out any debris and particulate matter after a session. It is a good idea to use it after every single session.

Keep in mind that most dry herb vapes do not have the ability to remove the heating chamber, as they are fixed onto the vape itself. The exception here would be if you had a box mod capable of utilizing dry herbs. If you go too long without cleaning out your chamber, you will find it harder and harder to clean out.

Do not use alcohol or any liquids inside your chamber. And it is helpful to clean it out after every session. In time, you may eventually need to replace a screen or a component in order to continue vaping. Keeping your vape maintained is the best way to ensure that you do not have to go without using your dry herb vape if you have to replace a part.

Final Thoughts

Dry herb vaping is one of the most popular methods of cannabis consumption. For medical patients who are unable to hold down foods, vaping is literally a godsend. Dry herb vaping is ideal for those who wish to utilize a modality that does not require too much in the way of money, as most dry herb vapes are suitable for first time users.

When it comes to choosing either a desktop or portable vape, you will have to first take a look at your preferences and choose one that fits your lifestyle. If you are constantly on the go, a portable vape will be most ideal. If you want more power and less replacement parts, then a desktop vape is the way to go.

Desktop vapes plug directly into your wall socket and are not meant to be used for portability, as they are often too big and bulky. The most popular dry herb device would be any type that is portable, as most people prefer the freedom that comes with using a portable unit. No matter what you choose, always be sure to maintain your vape for long term use.

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