What is the Best CBD Chocolate and How they work

CBD chocolate is not only delicious, but it can potentially provide more benefits than that. If you’re looking to take CBD edibles for a sense of calm or pain relief, there are a lot of options to consider. There are a few sources and brands to start exploring though, and we’ve outlined them for you below.

by: Amy B. | 04/08/21 1:30PM


If you love chocolate and you love CBD, then you are probably the happiest customer at the dispensary. There are a variety of CBD-infused chocolates available in stores and online for you to sample. They each have their own unique touch and are made with a few different kinds of CBD extract. You should always do your research when trying out a new CBD chocolate bar, and make sure you know exactly what is included before you take a bite. We did some research of our own though and found a few CBD chocolates that you should consider trying.

Chocolate bread cbd being baked

What Is Mixed into the Chocolate?

Although CBD chocolate bars can taste like pure chocolate, that’s not all that’s included in them of course. A CBD chocolate bar is typically also made with one of three types of CBD extract. One of the most common types of CBD is CBD isolate. Although this kind of CBD is considered the purest, purity is not always all that it is cracked up to be. Many believe that CBD is more effective when combined with a few other of the more than 100 types of plant compounds found in hemp. They call this the entourage effect and both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum hemp extract will contain more compounds than just CBD. Broad-spectrum extract will normally always have terpenes included, while full-spectrum extracts include even more.


What Is Mixed into Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract?

A full-spectrum hemp CBD extract also contains a variety of potentially beneficial plant compounds. This is often referred to as “whole-plant medicine” in the world of CBD. But what are you getting when you get the whole hemp plant mixed into your chocolate bar? It is actually less like a salad drenched in chocolate sauce than you might think. Hemp can contain trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, and this can make its way into a full spectrum extract as well. However, don’t panic, there is reason to believe that this can actually enhance the effects of CBD versus dampen them. The terpenes included in the full spectrum extract also play an important role, as they can contain potentially beneficial effects as well. For example, myrcene is known to provide a sense of being calm or acts as a sedative, which can help you fall to sleep a bit easier. So, if you’re looking for the widest range of potential benefits, it might be best to go with a chocolate that has full-spectrum hemp extract listed on the label.

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What CBD Chocolate Should You Get in The Mix?

Since chocolate is one of the most popular treats to dose with CBD, there are also a lot of options when it comes to the flavors and ingredients. Always be sure to look up the third-party test results though for the product you are looking at, to ensure everything included can be easily digested by your body. There are a few brands that stand out though when it comes to chocolate mixtures, and the amount of CBD included in each portion.


Kiva Confections - Ginger Dark Chocolate & Espresso Dark Chocolate

Kiva Confections makes chocolate bars that have an even ratio of 1:1, with 100mg of CBD included in each bar. They are currently sold in Arizona, California, Illinois, and Nevada, but could be available in your state or online soon. The CBD-heavy bar is flavored with ginger or espresso and dark chocolate. They do come off as having a slight taste of hemp as well, but that’s to be expected with a lot of CBD edibles.

Kuza chocolate bar on top of hemp plants

Kuza - Grenadian Dark Chocolate with India Chili

Kuza makes a Grenadian Dark Chocolate bar with India Chili that is to die for. They pack a punch of both spice and 200 mg of CBD per bar. It is made with single-origin cacao from Grenada as well, which is an extra nice luxury when it comes to CBD chocolate bars.

Leif Goods - Dark Chocolate and Black Diamond Flake Sea Salt

Leif Goods makes edibles chocolates with a whole lot of flavor and flare. Their dark chocolate with black diamond flake sea salt is delicious and has 100 mg of CBD per bar. They also make mint hibiscus and peanut butter and jelly bars with a 1:1 ratio. Each of their bars are vegan and fair trade too, which is a potential plus.

To Whom It May - Two-Bite CBD Chocolate

To Whom It May concerns those who take their CBD chocolate bars seriously. They pack punch in a two-bite bar of chocolate, with 10 mg of CBD per bar. They are convenient for dosing here and there, without going overboard. These chocolates are extra artsy, and the packaging is especially pretty. They can make a great gift for a friend who is curious about trying CBD chocolate for the first time.

gron dark chocolate on marle slate with hemp flowers in the background

Grön - Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar

Grön makes a wide variety of chocolate bars, including a dark chocolate CBD bar with sea salt that is definitely worth a try. It has a deep, dark chocolate flavor for those who really love cacao. Their CBD is more unique though since it comes from the southeast Asian evergreen instead of hemp plants. The CBD molecule is the same, but it’s important to note the difference in the source. Each bar has a total of 100 mg of CBD, just enough to last a few days or one rough day.

The best place to start when looking at your options for CBD chocolate is with a lab test. CBD chocolates are not just meant to be a tasty snack but are also delivering a dose of CBD in each bite. It’s important to know where that CBD is coming from and how much is included before you take a bite.

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