What Kind of CBD Will Grandma Like Best?

If your grandma is considering taking CBD for the first time, she may reach out to you with a few questions. What should she take? How much CBD should she take? How will it make her feel? Don’t worry though, we have some answers to her questions outlined for you below.

by: Amy B. | 03/07/21 2:30PM

So, your grandma is interested in trying CBD? And she turned to you, her caring and well-informed grandchild for more information? You’ll want to start by recommending that she asks her physician about how CBD will interact with any medication she is currently taking. If you are not a medical professional, kindly remind your grandma of that fact. Also, remind her that most of what you’ve learned is either from trying it yourself or reading articles on the internet. But, asking others about their experience with CBD is a great place to start! Here is a bit more information that we’ve gathered from trusted pages of the internet to share with your grandma too.


Types of products for CBD use can be a lotion!

Types of CBD Products

There are many types of CBD products available across the U.S., but the majority are made using one of two popular extraction methods with hemp plants. The extraction method used, and the source of CBD should be carefully considered and researched when you're purchasing any CBD product. Both of these factors can make a huge difference in the way the product interacts with your grandma’s body and more specifically, her body’s endocannabinoid system.

Full Spectrum CBD

There are two methods for extracting the compound cannabidiol, or CBD, from hemp plants. One involves using solvents and the other typically involves a rosin press. No matter which method is used though, the end product can include a full spectrum of additional beneficial plant compounds from hemp. These additional compounds, including terpenes, will provide additional effects that enhance the common effects of CBD.

CBD Isolate in white powder form

CBD Isolates

Products made with a CBD isolate only include the cannabidiol compound and nothing extra. Isolating CBD down to a single compound is typically done with CBD in pharmaceutical alternatives, such as medicine to treat epilepsy. However, products that use a CBD isolate do not carry the potential effects of terpenes and other naturally occurring compounds in hemp plants.

Popular CBD Products

Now that your grandma knows the difference between the two most common processing methods for extracting CBD from hemp, she can begin to explore the products made with CBD extract. She could kick it old school and choose to smoke dry herb that has a high CBD content in a joint, pipe, bong, or bubbler. But CBD is now also incorporated into a variety of products to both ingest or inhale. Due to the incorporation of additional ingredients and compounds, not all CBD products will have the same effects on your grandma’s body the dry herb though.

CBD edibles filled with 25mg of thc

CBD Edibles

Each type of edible will hit differently, depending on the dose of CBD included in each piece. Some of the most popular kinds of edibles made include gummies, chocolate, and hard candy because they are easier to break down into small doses. This allows the consumer to take small amounts of CBD over a longer period of time. For instance, an entire pack of gummies could contain 50mg of CBD, but each individual gummy only contains 5mg of CBD. There are also many baked goods, tasty treats, and flavorful drinks that contain CBD. Although a bowl of CBD ice cream sounds like a dream come true, it is more difficult to tell how much CBD you are taking without eating the entire edible. So, until your grandma knows what dose works best for her, she might want to start with an edible that allows her to start low with taking low doses of CBD and take more as needed.


CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are also consumed orally but typically don’t taste as good as edibles. The benefit to tinctures though is that your grandma can better control the amount of CBD she takes. An entire bottle of tincture will usually have far above 50mg of CBD included, but the product does not need to be consumed all at once. For this reason, tinctures are usually preferred by those using CBD for medical purposes. They also contain fewer additional ingredients than CBD edibles. Tinctures will have just a handful of ingredients or as few as two ingredients. Some tinctures are alcohol-based, which can mix nicely with your grandma’s favorite cup of tea or coffee. While other tinctures are created with an oil base, such as MCT oil, and are great for taking CBD sublingually. Most CBD tinctures taste more like plant matter than anything else. But while the taste is not the best, being able to easily and accurately measure out larger doses of CBD is a plus.

CBD topicals in small travel coontainer

CBD Topicals

CBD is also incorporated into many creams, lotions, and body oils to be used as a topical. CBD has different effects though when applied to the skin over being ingested.  Many people use CBD creams, lotions, or body oils to help with localized muscle-related pain or strains. Studies are looking further into the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, and neuroprotective qualities that CBD has.  When applied as a topical, CBD is absorbed through the skin and affects a different set of receptors in the endocannabinoid system than if it were ingested. When applied in this manner, CBD will provide targeted effects and not enter the body’s bloodstream. So, if your grandma is experiencing localized pain in her muscles, it might be worth giving a CBD topical a try.


CBD Oil and Wax meant commonly for a vape pen or dab rig

CBD Oil and Wax

If you can talk your grandma into using a vaporizer, then all the power to both you and her. But without a vaporizer, it will be difficult for her to inhale CBD oil or wax. CBD oil is typically mixed into a ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol to make a disposable vape cartridge. This cartridge can then be vaped with the help of a powerful vape battery. Alternatively, CBD wax can be loaded into a wax pen to be vaped instead of dabbing it. Each method provides more intense side effects, over a shorter period of time. It is the most similar to smoking dry herb but lasts a bit longer than smoking does. It is also the most complicated type of CBD product there is to consume, but it can be worth the initial effort in education.

Now that you can give your grandma an overview of the different types of CBD products there are available, the next step is to just give it a try. Because more research is being done on the scientifically recommended doses of CBD for people, it is up to her to find the right product and dose that will work best. She should remember to start with a low dose and gradually build on it until she finds her optimal effects. Also, encourage her to ask around and see what products and doses her friends prefer. Chances are someone she knows is already taking CBD.

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