What to Know Before Purchasing A Weed Vape Pen

Before purchasing a weed vape pen, it's essential to consider a few key factors. We discuss the different types of vape pens available, the quality and safety of the product, the legal regulations surrounding cannabis use in your area, personal usage habits, and the types of cannabis products you'll be using to choose the most suitable vape pen for your needs.

by: Joe C. | 04/12/24 1:30PM


Weed vape pens are becoming more common among cannabis users. These devices offer a different way to consume cannabis. Before buying one, knowing what to look for is important, as there's more to these pens than what meets the eye. We know that vape pens vary in size, power, and features. The quality of materials used in a vape pen can affect your experience. Similarly, learning about battery life, heating methods, and vapor production helps make a good choice. This guide will cover all essential points to check when buying a weed vape pen.


Top 10 Features to Consider When Choosing A Weed Vape Pen

1. Heating Method

Weed vape pens heat the cannabis in different ways. Some use direct heat, others use hot air, and some use both. Direct heat pens warm up fast and make thick vapor. Think of it like frying food—it's quick but might cook unevenly. Hot air models are more like using an oven. They heat more evenly but take longer. Some try to give you speed and even heating by using both methods.

When you're picking a weed pen, think about what matters most to you. Do you want quick hits, or will you wait for smoother vapor? Your choice here will affect how your weed tastes and how strong the effects are.

2. Temperature Settings

Being able to change the heat on your cannabis pen is important. Different parts of weed turn to vapor at various temperatures. Some devices just have a few settings, like low, medium, and high. Others let you pick the exact temperature. More control means you can fine-tune your experience.

Lower heat usually gives you more flavor but less strong effects. Higher heat can hit harder but might not taste as good. If you like to experiment, look for a pen with many temperature options. If you prefer to keep things simple, a few preset temperatures might be enough.

3. Battery Life

How long your weed pen's battery lasts is a big deal. Nobody wants their device to die in the middle of use. Most CBD vape batteries are measured in milliamp hours (mAh). A higher number usually means the battery lasts longer. But remember, how hot you run your pen and how often you use it also affect battery life.

Think about how you'll use your device. If you use it a lot or don't want to charge it often, look for one with a big battery. Some models, like the Lost Vape Orion Bar, let you swap or use batteries while charging, which can be handy.


4. Materials

The materials your weed pen is made from matter because they affect how long it lasts, how well it works, and whether it's safe to use. Good devices use materials that can handle heat without causing problems. Look for things like stainless steel, ceramic, or special plastics that are safe when hot.

Avoid pens made with cheap metals or regular plastics. These can break down when heated and mix bad stuff into your vapor, making your weed taste weird or even being bad for your health.

5. Ease of Use

A cannabis pen that's easy to use will make your life much simpler. When looking at how easy a device is to use, think about how you put weed in it, how the controls work, how easy it is to clean, and if it tells you clearly when it's ready to use or when the battery is low.

Some have just one button that does everything. Others have screens with lots of info. Think about what you're comfortable with. If you're not tech-savvy, a simpler model might be better. Also, check if it comes with clear instructions. A good user manual can make a big difference, especially when you're just starting.

6. Vapor Quality

How good the vapor is can make a difference in your experience. Good vapor should taste nice and feel smooth when you inhale it. The quality depends on a few things. The way the pen heats your weed, how hot it gets, and what it's made of all play a part. A good device should give you vapor that tastes like your weed, not like burning or plastic.

Some have special features to cool the vapor, which can make it easier on your throat. Think about whether you want thick clouds or something more subtle. Different models, including disposable vapes, produce different amounts of vapor.

7. Compatibility

Different weed pens work with varying types of cannabis. Some work with dry herbs, some with oils, and others with concentrates like wax. Some can handle more than one type. Think about what kind of cannabis you like to use now and what you might want to try in the future. If you only ever use one type, a specialized pen might be best. But if you like to switch it up, a multi-use device could be a good choice.

Also, if you plan to use pre-filled cartridges, make sure the pen you choose fits the cartridges you can buy where you live. Some only work with specific brands or types of cartridges.

8. Size and Shape

How big your weed pen is and what it looks like matters more than you might think. It affects how easy it is to carry around and use discreetly. Small ones are great for putting in your pocket and using on the go. But they might not last as long or have as many features as bigger ones. Larger models might work better and last longer, but they're harder to carry around.

Some are made to look like other things, like regular pens or small boxes. This can be good if you want to be discreet. Others look more obviously like cannabis devices. Think about where and when you'll use yours most often.

9. Price

Weed pens can cost anywhere from cheap to really expensive. But remember, the price tag doesn't always tell you how good one is. Pricier models often last longer and have more features. They might also work better. But that doesn't mean you must spend a lot to get a good one. Consider what features really matter to you and look for a pen with those.

Remember to consider long-term costs, too. Some cheaper ones might need new parts more often, while a more expensive device might save you money over time if it lasts longer.

10. Brand and Customer Service

The company that makes your weed pen is important, too. Good brands usually make better products and treat their customers well. Look for brands that have been around for a while and have good reviews. See if they're open about how they make their devices and what they put in them. This can tell you a lot about whether they care about quality and safety.

Good customer service is equally important. If something goes wrong with your pen, you want to know the company will help you. Look for brands that offer warranties and have easy ways to contact them if you need help. A brand with a good reputation is more likely to stand behind its devices if there's a problem.


Buying a weed vape pen isn't too hard once you know what to look for. Think about what you want: a good battery, a nice vapor, or something easy to use. More expensive pens often work better, but you don't have to spend much. Look at what other people say about different brands. Think about where you'll use it. There are many choices, so you'll probably find one you like. Take your time looking around and pick what feels right for you.