Which Nicotine Vape Juice Level is Best for You?

Finding your ideal nicotine level is important for getting the most out of your vaping experience. Too little nicotine and you will find your sessions to be subpar and unfulfilling. Too much nicotine, and you may find yourself sick to your stomach. While trial and error may be the best tool for gauging your level, it is best to avoid one that will leave you feeling ill or nothing at all. Unlike smoking, vaping delivers a much more concentrated form of nicotine. In this article we will outline how to best find your ideal level of nicotine in vape juice.

by: Anthony E. | 07/18/22 1:30PM


Vaping vs Smoking

The levels of nicotine experienced from traditional smoking is much different from that of a vape. Unlike smoking, vapes deliver consistency when it comes to nicotine dosage. To put it into perspective, if you were to vape a nicotine strength of 0mg/mL, then you would have worked your way down from vaping nicotine and are now nicotine-free. This can be a viable goal to have.

Vaping 3mg/mL is ideal for those who have smoked less than 10 cigarettes a day and are stepping down from much higher nicotine levels. 6mg/mL is ideal for new vape users and those who were formerly light to moderate smokers, or those who were smokers of light cigarettes. 12mg/mL is best for new vapers who were heavy smokers or used unfiltered cigarettes.

As you can see, vaping delivers precision where smoking has none. While it’s safe to say that each cigarette can contain a consistent dose of nicotine, it is not as accurate as a measured dose of vape juice that contains nicotine. When it comes to getting the right amount of nicotine, vaping is the way to go.


Reducing Your Nicotine Levels

While finding the right nicotine level for your vaping sessions is what most people do, some make the goal to eventually bring that number down to zero. The advantage to doing this is that you will get to a point where the vapor no longer hits the back of your throat as harshly and the taste is much smoother.

The way to do this is to do it gradually over time. Lowering your nicotine too quickly will result in you not being able to quite successfully. Let’s be honest, nicotine is addictive, and you need to ease your way off it slowly. If you are on a high nicotine level, try reducing the number of sessions you have first before lowering your nicotine levels in your juice.

Go with the flow of your body and take things slowly. Over the course of a month with reducing your vape sessions, try lowering your nicotine level in your juice to the next lowest tier. Continue with the same amount of vape sessions and repeat this process until you successfully reach 0 in the amount of nicotine in vape juice. If this takes longer, then just go with it.


Sub-ohm Vaping

Vapes that utilize sub ohm require much less nicotine in their vape juice. This is because more vapor volume is produced and requires less nicotine per puff. Reaching a sweet spot with a lower nicotine level is what a sub ohm vape can do. High levels of nicotine are not recommended for use in a sub ohm vape.

Many users find that using one of these vapes has helped to transition them from heavy smoking to vaping. Eventually, lots of them quit using nicotine products altogether thanks to using a sub ohm vape. While not every user will wish to stop using nicotine, it is much easier to accomplish using this type of vaporizer.

Even those who smoked heavily will find it quite surprising when they try a sub ohm vape for the first time. These are the heavy hitters that produce massive amounts of vapor in one single puff. It is highly recommended that you start out with anywhere from 3mg/mL to 6mg/mL of nicotine for these types of vapes.

How to Find the Perfect Level

The first factor to consider is the taste and how it hit the back of your throat. The higher your nicotine levels in vape juice, the harsher it will hit the back of your throat and the more intense it will taste. Lower nicotine levels will produce a smoother and tastier hit. This is especially true if you are using a sub ohm vape.

The next factor to consider is usage. The truth is if you happen to be an occasional vape user, then it would not be such a bad idea to use a much higher nicotine level. Keep in mind that you don’t want to go too high if you are using a sub ohm vape. For this, you will want to keep your vape sessions short to avoid getting hit with dizziness and nausea.

Finally, if you were a heavy smoker in the past, you will find that having a hit from a vape will have to match up with the same intensity or else it will be less than ideal for you. Finding a nicotine level that is on par with providing the same feeling will be paramount to having the right vape juice. Depending on how much you smoked, you will find that vapor is much different and requires less to achieve the same result.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right nicotine level for vape juice can be a bit daunting at first. You will want to avoid vaping at a level that is too high or else risk feeling absolutely terrible. You are better off going low and working your way up than to start out with a high nicotine level. If you find your vape juice is too weak, trying vaping longer sessions or taking bigger hits. If this does nothing for you, then you know it’s time to move up a level.

Some users will eventually want to go off nicotine completely after a while. Remember to pace yourself and not try to go too fast if this is your goal. In time, you will find that you require less nicotine and before you know it, you’ll be nicotine-free.

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