Why Ice Bongs Offer the Smoothest Pulls

Ice bongs are popular in the smoking and medical community for a variety of reasons. Bongs are known to filter out contaminants found in smoke and offer the user a much better experience in the long run. Though users may be prone to coughing fits after taking a big hit from a bong, there are several benefits over using a joint or a pipe. This article will take a closer look at ice bongs and why they are superior.

by: Anthony E. | 06/24/22 1:30PM


What is an Ice Bong?

An ice bong is typically made of glass and can accommodate ice above the water chamber going down from the main airway. Glass partially blocks the airway creating a catch that can hold ice while allowing air to pass through. Ice metals and drips onto the bottom water chamber, keeping the water cold which will allow for the smoke to be more pleasant.

Ice bongs are typically bigger than smaller bongs as they need to be large enough to hold the ice within its chamber. Some ice bongs have multiple chambers that can hold ice, cold water, and even warm water. The most common ice bongs will have the basic ice catcher and the lower water chamber only.

Unlike a traditional bong that does not hold ice, an ice bong can provide the user with more room to take larger hits. As the smoke passes through the ice and water, it gets filtered and simultaneously cooled down which translates to a much larger hit. This can also mean that you will be more prone to a huge coughing fit afterwards.


Cool Smoke vs Warm Smoke

Smoke that passes from an ice bong into your lungs will likely result in a coughing fit. This is because cold pulls out moisture from the air, and in this case, the smoke. It goes down dry and makes you cough. Though the smoke will be cooled down, allowing for more to be taken, the dryness in the smoke will make you cough your lungs out.

Warm smoke on the other hand is filled with moisture and will result in a very smooth hit. Though it seems counterintuitive to have warm water in a bong with an ice catcher, you would be surprised to know that this is the best combination to have. Water filters out smoke no matter what the temperature is, and so having ice and warm water in the chamber would work very well.

Smoke that has not been cooled down prior to going through warm water will simply come out very hot and result in a coughing fit either way. The key is to cool it down and gently acclimate it to the ambient temperature of the warm water, instead of having hot smoke simply pass-through warm water.

Why Combining the Two is the Best Combo

One of the best ways to combine all these is to have a bong capable of accommodating all three components. If not, then you will want to have the smoke pass through the ice first and go through the warm water last. What this does is cool down the smoke as it goes through the ice, and then as it filters through the water, moisture is reintroduced back into the smoke, allowing for an incredibly smooth and large hit that will be easier on your lungs.

If you have a bong that has dual chambers, then adding ice or ice water to the first chamber is what you want to do, while adding warm water to the last chamber. Smoke will be much more fulfilling and thoroughly filtered which will give you a better smoking session. The experience combining these is unmatched.

If you have an ice bong, try filling up the chamber with ice and then putting warm water in the water chamber and see how this makes a difference in how much smoke you can pull and how much better you tolerate the smoke without coughing as much. Ice bongs offer the smoothest pulls because they are capable of combining the best of both worlds.


How to Prepare an Ice Bong

If you have ever used a traditional bong, then you know how easy it is to use one. An ice bong may or may not be a bit more complex, depending on whether you have one with dual chambers. Start out by filling the chamber with the right temperature of water, filling the ice catcher last with ice.

Make sure the ice is not too small or it will melt fast and get sucked into the water chamber faster. If you have warm water in the chamber, this will defeat the purpose. Always use big chunks of ice that will fit into your bong’s ice catcher. You will want to have your bowl ready ahead of time since these steps might take a bit of time to initially set up.

Once you have everything prepared, light up your bowl and take a slow, drawn out hit and see how combining hot and cold makes a difference in the quality of your smoke. You will notice how you are able to take more as the warm water reintroduces moisture back into the smoke and allows for a bigger hit.

Final Thoughts

Smoke that has been cooled down is great on its own, though over time you will want to have a smoke session without coughing so much. Some people prefer just straight up coldness and that is just fine. Ice bongs are made for that, and you do not want to add hot water to an ice cold bong, as the conflicting temperature will create pressure within the glass.

This could result in the glass bong shattering, which would not be a good thing in the middle of taking your hit. Only add warm water, not hot, and try to add larger chunks of ice to prevent them from cooling down your warm water. If you intend on just using cold water for your session, then you do not have to worry about your bong breaking.

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