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Blue Glass Bowl Pipes with Chameleon Glass

This great looking hand pipe changes color as it is smoked. Marble grips plus a conveniently placed carb hole make it easy to hold and smoke. A solid choice!
Hand Pipe Options

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  • Product Details

    Glass Pipe Listing Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • Glass Spoon Pipe
    • choice of color accent option

    Spoon Pipe Details

    • Chameleon Hand Blown Glass - Features Chameleon Glass that gives the pipe new colors as it is smoked
    • Length - 3.75 inches long
    • Bowl Head Size - Large bowl piece for deep herb packs
    • Features a 3 marble grips to make smoking easy
    • Conveniently placed carb hole for proper airflow

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    • User Manual

      Is this pipe for me?

      This is a solid, go-to hand pipe. It is just under 4 inches long and has marble grips at the bowl head end - with that, this pipe is easy to hold and handle while smoking, even with smaller or larger hands. The pipe design is not complicated so the cleaning process is somewhat easy compared to some other glass pipes. The airflow is also solid and it is backed up with a conveniently place carb hole. The design is smooth but not crazy, and blue is the dominant color in this design. There are many options in the glass pipe world, even when you break it down to specifically spoon pipes of this size. But if you are looking for glass hand pipe like this, you cannot go wrong here, and you will be satisfied. You can find pipes with glass thickness that varies all over the place, but the glass is a good thickness on this option. It also has a deep bowl for those that like the option to pack something to last an entire cypher.