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Blue Glass Pipe - Hand Blown Spoon

A very popular glass travel pipe for use with herbs. This pipe has great airflow and a deep bowl piece for extra packing and big rips.

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  • Product Details

    Glass Pipe listing includes

    • FREE USA SHIPPING - Worldwide Shipping Available Too
    • 1 glass spoon pipe

    Glass Features and Specifications

    • Hand Blown
    • Color Design  Inside-out blue color-changing spoon with dichroic swirl
    • Bowl capactiy  Deep Bowl
    • Carb hole position  Left side of the bowl piece
    • Flute style mouthpiece

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    • User Manual

      Why Buy the Blue Glass Pipe Reason #1 - Amazing Deal This pipe is under $20 and will be discreetly shipped to your front door for FREE. It is tough to beat that deal, especially when this is a quality piece, not some paper thin glass nonsense. You cannot be disappointed with this bowl piece. Reason #2 - Comfortable Grip This spoon pipe is very comfortable to hold and smoke from. It can easily be gripped and maneuvered at will and it has an easy to handle carb cap. Plus the flute style mouthpiece makes it effortless and comfortable to take pulls from. Reason #3 - Compact but Big Bowl This is a 3.5 inch spoon pipe that can fit just about anywhere. But do not be mistaken, it can still be packed with a generous amount of herbs - we have seen larger pipes with smaller bowl pieces. How to Clean the Blue Glass It is very simple to clean this pipe. Just soak it in some sort of 420 cleaner for 5-10 minutes. Continue to soak and scrub the interior with a toothpick or something else to help remove the built up resins. Once satisfied, run the water through the pipe to wash out the resin that has been knocked loose but still remains inside the glass. Continue to run the water completely rinse the glass of any cleaning solutions. If needed, soak the pipe again and repeat the steps, otherwise, let the blue glass dry and then enjoy.